Remake or Reboot of FFVII

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Nah, I'm not a fan of Hojo taking the limelight by making him worse than he already is (not that I think it can be done, nor that SE's going to do it). First off, we already know he's behind almost all the mess that happened, so what would be the purpose? Secondly, Shinra as a whole is responsible and that includes Gast, Hollander, and Lucrecia in the Science Dept in particular. Hojo is not the sole bad guy and it takes away from the story to have the focus on him by bringing his cruelty up a notch/. .


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Yeah,I would want to find a lot of fault with both Lucrecia and Gast especially with the former.I also think number one get rid of Grimoire because he is just a plot device for angst rather than a character.Also if you want angst have it be what was in the original Ulitimania for Final Fantasy 7 which said that Lucrecia only went with Hojo because of some misguided notion that he needed to be pitied.Plus put some emphasis on her competiveness to be a noted scientist in the field.I think one thing with Lucrecia I can see is that she can be competive and is kinda of obsessed with her work as well which should have been the real reason why she shoved away Vincent.

I also think that DOC tried to make her into some Madonna figure when the situation shows she is more morally grey and made some really selfishly stupid decisions that harmed both Vincent and to some extent Sephiroth.

For Hollander I think he has almost the potential to be as bad as Hojo.

It would be okay also to show Gast in a morally grey light and eventually comes to terms that he should have never comprimised his ethical boundraries.
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