Remake Voice Actors Announced


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Cait Sith does but Reeve's voice shouldn't be the same. The joke and surprise is how vastly different their dialects and manner of speaking are. Reeve has a very formal and professional manner of speaking, Cait's is very cute and casual.


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I have to admit, TFS version of Cait Sith always fit closest to how he sounded in my head (which was a much more weasely Bugs Bunny-esque accent and speech pattern).

Reeve.....needs to be more upper class. Posh british or a southern gentlemen, something.....
So is it better to have two different voice actors for Cait and Reeve, or is the ideal solution one actor who can do both voices? I can see benefits to both, so I wonder what y'all think.
For some reason Reeve... or at least Caith Sith, in my head has Scottish accent. Probably because of the name.
Cait Sith should have a Scottish accent because Reeve's mother has one, so you're right to think of Cait Sith having that type of accent. That is, if they are going to use information from On the Way to a Smile.
This is speculation: Since we are going to be seeing Shinra staff soon (and possibly the Turks), we will be able to determine if previous VAs had been replaced. Since the main characters' voices have been changed, I wonder what VAs will the Turks & Rufus?


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They seem to be going for TV talent, so inspired choice would be Michael Rosenbaum as Rufus (he was Lex on Smallville).

Would have to think about the others, but it also depends on where they go with their characters. By today's standards, all of them are fairly cardboard, so I imagine we will get at least slight filling out.


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As long as they find someone who doesn't have such an irritating high-ish pitch voice for Hojo like Paul Eiding did(and I can give the guy marks for not wanting to come back since he hated voicing the guy), it'd be okay. Then again, I'm dreading what the new voice for Hojo in the Remake will sound like.

All in all, it won't be the same for everyone. It find it hard to picture what both Palmer and President Shinra would sound like since neither one nor Heidegger or Scarlet had voice actors before, but while it's unlikely, I can still hear SARGENT as Heidegger, and Rachael Lillis as Scarlet in my head as the best candidates.


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I doubt they'd go for such a highly known name. Even my Rosenbaum pick seems a bit too well known in hindsight.

That being said, maybe they get some of the former voice actors from one of the other FF games. They already got Gideon Emery from 12 to be Biggs after all.

Does anyone know the guy who is now voicing Heidegger?


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So here are my choices (assuming they continue with tv talent rather than professional VAs and not taking into account likelihood):

President Shinra - John Noble
Rufus Shinra - Michael Rosenbaum
Tseng - ??
Reno - Seth Petersen
Rude - Shemar Moore
Scarlett - Cassidy Freeman
Reeve - Thomas Gibson
Palmer - ??
Hojo - Ric Young
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