Share your PSN/ 3DS/ XBox/ PC ID's: Gotta add em all


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I just want to put out there that if people are adding me through this thread, please include a message saying who you are. I have two "close friend requests" from seaon-12xu and oFA1CODMOTH3Ro, as well as a "real name request" from Ente-11 and I won't accept them until I know who they are. This is the only place where I publicly display my PSN name, so whoever you are, lurker or forumer with a different PSN name, I'll accept as long as you make it known that the request was sent from a TLS person.

This obviously doesn't apply to people like Lith since the PSN name is recognisable.
Yeah, I'm with Lex on this one. I'm not exactly in the habit of adding randoms, I get this a lot as it is. :monster:

A friend from my work team kept trying to add me and I rejected because I didn't know who he was at the time. Then I noticed him as a mutual friend with his real name available... facepalmed so hard. But this is why if you're going to add people (just imho), you should tell me who you are.

...I have enough stalkers. xD


I wouldn't have a problem with it if it wasn't for the fact that they have that "real name" thing now, and I don't really know what people can and can't see. Randoms I don't know putting in a "real name request" is too dodgy. Even "close friend requests" like what are those? What do they get access to?


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Youre all on the wrong console :(.

Xbone: TrueNord47

I mainly play ESO and battlefield 1 online.


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I just re-activated my Steam account SIX YEARS after forgetting the password. I think I downloaded Steam to play the Braid Demo when it came out and promptly forgot about the thing for five years, and now it's as ubiquitous as Facebook. Jeez!

Anyway, I'm mr_ite everywhere I go. Do we have a Steam "Group"?

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PSN: Lumanarem
Steam: Playon999
XBL: Lumanare
Origin: Lumanaremaxima

yeah... pretty much look up Lumanare on, well, ANY major gaming service, and I'm probably there.


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PSN: MultiracialLion
Steam: Multiracial Lion
Youtube: MultiracialLion
Twitch: MultiracialLion

...shocking, I know.

about the only thing different are my battlenet and origin but if you want those you'll need to ask because cba to find them atm


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I decided my last username wasn't dumb enough so i made a new PSN, you can add me at


Will be playing Destiny 2 till it comes out on PC :monster:


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I has praystation CitizenNihilist
I only play ff14 and hzd on it though.

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PSN: sslpftw13 (Vita and Ps3)
Steam: TheWinterAvenger

I am prob the only one who still plays ps3 yet to upgrade but i am
glad everyone around the world finds happiness in new consoles.
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PSN: TekknMikey

If you add me, let me know who you are!
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