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Meeting said:
Prince Lex suggested doing another community playthrough.

I would be all for this. I only have I, V, VI, VII, and IX as far as games in between I and IX go, although if someone can tell me how to easily get one of the ones I don't have if we play something else I'd love to participate.

Cthulhu suggested we arrange an Advent Children (Complete) movie night, and Carlie suggested Spirits Within as another film to watch. Cthulhu said he could organise a movie night, but only if others reminded him to do it. Carlie said she could do it too as she already streams things.


Prince Lex wanted to revive drinking nights. Flintlock asked what we would do to attract people to them again. Prince Lex suggested renaming Sephibot into something else, like Aerithbot or Cloudbot, while Shademp offered Mukkibot and Corneobot. Prince Lex said that the bot's functions wouldn't change, but he would need a new personality. Cthulhu said that the previously compiled lists of game questions could be scrapped and restarted. Flintlock agreed to make the changes but pointed out that not many people were drinking when the drinking nights were last held. Prince Lex suggested that trivia or live streams, possibly even the community playthrough, could be held at the same time.

Even just a regular hang-out time would be awesome. I'd like to join in the IRC more often, but I often find myself logging in when no one else is on, so it'd be nice to know of a time when people know there will be people there. I think doing some trivia would be a lot of fun. Maybe we could have dedicated nights for each game or something?

Flintlock suggested a community visit to the Gold Saucer within FFVII. He said that everyone would play the minigames there and report their scores, which would then be converted into points and tallied up. He said that he would try to get people playing simultaneously while Skyping or IRCing, but that people could also play in their own time. Shademp raised the problem of the NTSC and PAL differences. Flintlock said that he would ask people to play on NTSC, but that they could play on PAL if they didn't mind being scored separately. Shademp asked when the event might happen. Flintlock suggested February but said it could be delayed if it clashed with other events.

I think this also sounds like an awesome idea, though I think that Force would probably trounce us all at the snowboarding game :P

Flintlock said he wanted to start a new article series for the front page: lists of "the seven best" or "the seven worst" things from FFVII or the whole series.

Flint, I think this sounds like an excellent idea. I love that we are doing so much more for our front page recently. I don't think they'd necessarily have to be funny, though there's certainly no harm in throwing in the jokes as they fit.

Sounds like this was a good meeting, guys. I hope I'll be able to sit in on the next one!

Cookie Monster

Aaron might be going on some dates.




And, congrats. :monster:


Lol at you for rewriting all my lulzy statements into dead serious facts, :monster:. But, again, thanks for that, Flintlock fhtagn.


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The next meeting is this Friday, the 1st of February. We agreed that it would be at the same time, which is 23:00 in the UK, midnight in Central Europe, 18:00 on the US East Coast and 15:00 on the US West Coast.

Staff, please let me know whether or not you can attend. Everyone (including staff), please let me know if there is anything you wish to discuss or have discussed at the meeting. I'll draw up a meeting plan closer to the time (it will basically be a copy and paste of the last one).

Dana Scully

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I should be around.


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The Man, V
I think I'll be around, unless I forget and take a nap after work and sleep through it. My sleep patterns have been pretty shitty this week.


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I can attend. But maybe we should look at other days than Fridays for this? Sundays, maybe?


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I can attend. But maybe we should look at other days than Fridays for this? Sundays, maybe?
Sure, there's no reason why it has to be a Friday. I was just worried that Europeans wouldn't be able to stay up so late on a "schoolnight".


Great Old One
If we go for a Sunday we can probably start earlier anyway? idk, the timings set for this Friday is 1 am your time so I can see why it's a little late. Midnight is a bit late for me too. Maybe a couple of hours (or more) earlier?

You can put it on the agenda? :P


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Yeah that times ok for me. I may be running a little late as the trains are on strike and my cars in the garage.

I'll just sign in and catch up when i can.

Friday night staff meeting. shouldn't you all be out enjoying yourselves?


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Beyond the fact that 6pm isn't really night, Friday night isn't really a Friday night for me anyway since I work Saturday mornings :(

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I work Monday-Friday, 3-11 p.m. every week. Sometimes a Saturday sneaks in there too, but not too often these days.

With taking a kid to school in the mornings/picking her up before work as well, there will probably never be a good weekday for me. Sorry, folks.


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Beyond the fact that 6pm isn't really night, Friday night isn't really a Friday night for me anyway since I work Saturday mornings :(

Been there, used to get one night a week off when i was doing a season. I'd just rock up hung over as hell when i was 21. No chance of that now.

6pm is not that bad, but the europopper have no excuses:P


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Here's the agenda.

Meeting #2

Date: Friday the 1st of February, 2013
Time: 23:00 in the UK, midnight in Central Europe, 18:00 on the US East Coast, 15:00 on the US West Coast, and so on
Location: #TLS IRC channel
Attending: Flintlock (chair), Dana Scully, Cthulhu, Fangu, manc, Shademp, Prince Lex,
Possibly attending: Rory Williams, Thor
Not attending: Hawkeye, Ryushizake

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Announcements
  3. Status of things discussed at the previous meeting
    - Bots on the forum
    - Changes to the front page
    - Youtube access
    - Community playthrough
    - Post/thread of the month
    - Movie nights
    - Drinking nights
    - Gold Saucer
    - "Top seven" articles
  4. How TLS is doing
    - Front page
    - Forum
    - Social networks
  5. Events on TLS in the past month
    - Start of community playthrough
  6. Events that will happen in the next month
    - Ideas? (moved from "any other business" because this section would be empty otherwise)
  7. Any other business
    - Suggestions, complaints etc
  8. Next meeting
    - Best time and day of the week to hold it
  9. Closing of the meeting


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Minutes of TLS staff meeting #2 - February 2013
A full chat log is available here.

Opening of the meeting
The meeting was opened. Present were Aaron (Rory Williams), Avec (AvecAloes) Cthulhu, Dawnbreaker, Fangu, Flintlock, Kuroto, Odinson (Thor), Prince Lex, Shademp, Satsufeis (Satsugaizake), Tet (Tetsujin) and Username (Morrigan). YACCBS (Dana Scully) also arrived just before the end of the meeting. Flintlock chaired.

Prince Lex might be going to Norway for 10 weeks. Username said that the Dissidia Project was due to start in the next week.

Reminder of what happened at the previous meeting
Bots on the forum: Cthulhu asked if the bots showed a pattern in their first posts, because if so, he could add keywords to the spam filter, but nobody could say. Flintlock pointed out that one of the registration images was broken, Cthulhu said he would fix it later if someone reminded him - consider this a reminder!

Front page changes: Fangu said she hadn't gotten around to making the changes yet, but that she would still do them. She reminded us to update the "happening now" bar when something was going on. Prince Lex said he had done it for one of the FFIX playthrough streams and would do it again. Cthulhu said that the bar would ideally be a system that allowed messages to expire after a certain time, to be queued and so on, but that he couldn't be arsed to write it. Fangu said Wordpress already had such a feature and it wouldn't be too much work to implement.

Youtube access: Shademp said he had got access to the TLS Youtube account but had forgotten to make and upload a particular video. Flintlock asked if he was still planning to. Shademp said he didn't know. Prince Lex remembered that Pixel had asked for help redesigning both the Youtube and Facebook pages. Flintlock said he could help with Facebook but knew nothing about Youtube.

Post of the month: Aaron said he had forgotten about this, but would start it shortly. Flintlock asked how it would be run. Cthulhu suggested looking at the most thanked posts, but then filtering out inappropriate posts before putting it to a vote. Aaron agreed.

Movie nights: Cthulhu said he needed to be reminded to organise them. Username said she'd handle it. Cthulhu said there could be a clash with the FFIX playthrough, but Prince Lex disagreed, saying it just can't be held on Saturdays at a specific time. Flintlock suggested streaming movies on Saturdays after the IX Skyping, because everyone would already be gathered.

Drinking nights: Flintlock and Prince Lex realised nobody had agreed to organise them at the last staff meeting. Prince Lex said he would post in the drinking thread about it to find a volunteer. Cthulhu said they could happen spontaneously without needing to be planned in advance.

Gold Saucer: Flintlock said he'd organise it once the FFIX playthrough was finished. Prince Lex said there was no reason why it couldn't happen simultaneously, but Flintlock said he was worried about players not having enough time.

"Top seven" articles: Flintlock said the first one would go up next week.

How TLS is doing
Cthulhu gave us some stats for the front page in January. Visits stood at 27,057, up from December but down from the previous January. Page views stood at 54,621, up on both December and January 2012.

Cthulhu also shared the most viewed articles from January. Character profiles took the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th places, with the homepage in 1st, Ultimania translations in 3rd and the "LTD is over" article in 7th. He noted that character profiles provide consistent page views for us and wondered if we should change our navigation structure to reflect that. Flintlock asked Shademp for his opinion. Shademp said he said he wanted to resign as Content Manager, but commented that the site's character profiles have all been translations and should remain in the translations section. Fangu said we could keep them where they are but link to them from a separate character profiles section. Shademp said that could work.

Shademp then spoke about why he was resigning his position. He said no passion left for his work and felt like he had been working unwillingly for some time. He wanted to stay as a contributor for some occasional features he may write, but felt someone else should take over. Basically everyone in the chat said that he had done a fantastic job and would be difficult to replace. Flintlock asked who Shademp thought could do the job. He mentioned Fangu, Flintlock and Prince Lex. The first two ruled themselves out, while Prince Lex said he'd like to do it but thought there might be other candidates. Shademp asked how the decision would be made. Thor said that all the staff should have a chance to influence the decision, while Cthulhu said it should be made public. Shademp agreed to make the thread, so we moved on with the meeting.

Events on TLS in the past month
Flintlock said that the start of the FFIX playthrough had been the only real community event of the last month. Fangu said that CameoAmalthea had been streaming Before Crisis, and said that we should make that into a TLS event were it not about to finish. Flintlock said we could ask Cameo to stream some more things for TLS in the future.

Events that will happen in the next month
Flintlock said the playthrough would continue and was probably enough in terms of major events. Cthulhu said we should make a shared OKCupid account for TLS.

Any other business
Flintlock mentioned that there had been a little bit of drama resulting from the picture thread and wondered if that was worth discussing. Username asked why that discussion hadn't been separated from the thread. Cthulhu said laziness. Aaron said he wasn't sure if much could be done to make people get along. Fangu disagreed but said it wasn't worth discussing because most of the people concerned weren't present. Satsufeis noted that some people were annoyed at the rules and thought they should be clarified. Cthulhu said they could be put up for review. Odinson said that the incident seemed to have resolved itself, and Dawnbreaker said she didn't want to discuss it further.

Next meeting
The possibility of holding the meeting on a different day was raised. Nobody seemed to feel strongly either way, so eventually it was decided that Sunday could be tried. Flintlock said it would have to be held earlier, and hoped that some Americans could make it. The date of the meeting was set for the 3rd of March, and a final time will be announced later.

Closing of the meeting
The meeting was closed after one hour and thirty-four minutes.

Alex Strife

Username said that the Dissidia Project was due to start in the next week.

I am confuse.

How is Username related to the Dissidia Project anyway?

Next week we're closing the "applications", and of course there will be work being done in the shadows, but that doesn't mean the story will start being posted next week. Just thought I'd clarify. :)
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