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Star Trek Discovery

The Mad King

Harbinger of Darkness
Lord Noctis, Caius Ballad, Midnight Rider of War, Quilge Opie
My fiance and I have been watching this show religiously for a while now. It serves as a nice distraction from the stress of day to day life. My fiance is especially enjoying this season I think; Pike and his pilot episode are her favorites. But man, the cliffhanger from last episode was rough


Oh yeah, they're really going all in on the recent movies' asthetic, down to lens flare and shit in some parts. I mean it's a good series on its own but ehh.

I wonder what direction they'll take the upcoming Picard series, I am pretty convinced it'll be a lot quieter.
Recently binge watched seasons 1 and 2 of Discovery together after dropping it a few episodes in when it first aired. I don't love it, I don't hate it. It's just something to watch lol.

Season 2 was a massive improvement over 1 in a ton of ways, especially remembering that there is an entire crew to support your central pillar character. It finally began to feel that there was an actual crew and friendships forming. I quickly ended up completely hating the entire Klingon aspects of season 1, so was relieved to see it stripped right back for season 2. Having said that though, nothing will change my mind about Tyler. I wish they would have just gotten rid of him. Didn't buy into any of that story at all.

I was in too minds about the Enterprise / Pike / Spock inclusion, but Pike was such a great character that was sorely needed that it worked from time to time.

Yeah, the ending was a massive cop-out and such, but at least now we know why no one else has Spore tech lol. After seeing the trailer to season 3, am interested in seeing where they can take this. Like I said, I don't love or hate the show ... but it's at least interesting to watch.
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