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Would this be in err, one of the new bizarro splitoff wotsits? (the movies / that series where they have a magic instant transport anywhere thing)


I hope they make him an executive director or something, he should know better than anyone what makes the series work. More so than hip young directors that fuck up the formula to make it appeal to the lens flare loving y00f.

brouhaha lens flare


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I think we have this responsibility to continue to articulate a hopeful, positive vision of the future. I think if anything that’s more important now than it was when The Original Series came out... A positive vision of the future articulated through principles of tolerance and egalitarianism and optimism and the quest for scientific knowledge, to me that’s feels fresh nowadays.

Captain Picard is the hero we need right now. He exemplifies in some ways even more then James Kirk—and I’m not gonna get into the Kirk vs Picard argument because I love Captain Kirk, he was my first captain—but Picard is even more of an exemplar of everything that is best about Star Trek’s vision for the future.
Yup. This series looks to be everything that I want.

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Dystopia is old hat because the world we live in is already shittier or equal in shittiness compared to many dystopias that have been dreamt up.

Half of them have flying cars and lasers for fuck's sake.

The really fucked up dystopias have also been done to death so... yeah.

When they rumored about a bunch of new Star Trek series, I wasn't terribly optimistic, as Discovery has been uneven to say the least. But it's hard not to be excited for anything involving Picard.
I think Discovery was fucking great. A breath of fresh air for the franchise. It was nice to see a Star Trek that had some polish, that didn't pander to its audience (T'pal or whatever her name was pissed me off in Enterprise, Seven of Nine too, but to a lesser extent because she was so good at rinsing the cretins on Voyager).

Discovery's protagonist is probably my favourite of them all. Bit of a Mary Sue but that's standard really. She wasn't thencapt

The second half was a bit rushed though... I mean from the moment the emperor was revealed. After and including that moment I felt they got the pace a bit wrong, they were obviously keen to put a lid on that arc in time for the finale — I think it could have been done with more finesse.

The conclusion especially... it was pretty much pure garbage, I would say. The biggest problem was that the ethical quandary of eradicating a species to save one's own species was completely avoided with a cop out ending. I suppose it was a bit like Mass Effect.

But, like Mass Effect, Discovery was pretty fresh and it definitely left me hungry for more.

I'm a bit of a hipster in that I grew to like DS9 a lot, and I thought Enterprise season 3 was dank and made up for how bad the rest of it was. Discovery needs to have a few more seasons before I can call it my favourite Trek, but if it stays consistent or improves, it will be.

That said, TNG sequel is phenomenal news and I'm genuinely shocked Patrick Stewart signed up for it, I guess he figured out that Shakespeare is dead and being remembered as Xavier would be a worse legacy.

Don't get me wrong, love Shakespeare, but there are other authors and playwrites whose work simply never graduates beyond the stage.


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Captain Picard is the hero we need right now.
I really like that line. I hope it becomes like a tagline or meme or something. Or even gets used in the show itself.

I'm a huge Jean-Luc Picard / Patrick Stewart fan. He was just so delightfully stern and commanding, but still able to be a little silly at the right moments. Although I'm still fond of dark-and-dour themes, something more uplifting is refreshing, especially now. I'm eager to know what they plan to do with this.

As a side-note, I didn't mind Discovery (every time I say ST: D I laugh xD). It's not the best Trek IMO, but there is enough twists and character development to engage me.
I think Burnham is a bit of a Mary Stu (everything is about her!) but she's a great character with her intensity. It's also nice to have a minority lead. And I adore Christopher Pike! Picked the best possible actor to play him.
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