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Don't think he's aboard an official Starfleet ship. Looks like the federation don't approve with whatever his plan is so he finds a ship and a small crew to help do what needs to be done.




That is all :monster:. It looks a lot more err, tightly wound? Than the other star trek wotsits, that is, smaller cast, stuff like that.

I are intrigue. Shame it's on Amazon though, I dun liek having multiple subscriptions. May need to start alternating subscriptions sometime.


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Dang, really looking forward to this now! Too bad it's stuck behind that silly CBS paywall. I'll just have to wait until it comes out on disc, I guess. Still, it looks great! :D


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Watched the first three episodes today and I like it so far. It's a bit of a slow buildup at the moment as it's taken this long for Picard to actually go to space but finally hearing him say "Engage!" makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

I'm surprised at the amount of smoking and swearing in this though. Never heard f-bombs being dropped in Star Trek. :O
Ugh, so this show is officially in the same trap as every other modern 'event' show. It is amazing how quickly modern TV completely ruined serialization and made me wish for episodic shows again. There's no plan or elegance to it, they just write a story and chop it up, with no thought given to an episode having it's own rising tension, climax, and falling tension. You *can* still do that while having an overarcing plot. Loads of shows have done it, but not anymore. We can't REALLY have anything happen in the episode because we need the climax to be the cliffhanger. "Come watch next week! Surely something will actually happen then!"

I enjoyed the first couple episodes okay. But I am now officially tired of the "Everyone Hates Picard, Now" show (oh and Earth and the Federation suck now, too, obvi). And the preview for this last episode was such a bait and switch. "Silly holographic pop-up ads! Over exaggerated undercover outfits! Surely wackiness will ensue!"


Seven was cool, but the thing with
was so cheap and lazy. And the 'twist' at the end was visible from lightyears away. Talk about denying yourself writing opportunities by just wantonly killing side characters that nonetheless have a lot of history the audience knows about that you could utilize for future stories? Instead we just get a quick shock and immediately move on to barely developing our new characters either. Such a waste.


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I've watched the first couple episodes and I'm not really getting into it as much as I thought. It doesn't really feel like Trek to me, more like something that happens to use some Trek characters and elements. Maybe it's because I'm so used to 90's Trek and never set foot in the newer stuff post Nemesis, I don't know. And I agree with Force, the episode cutoffs seem a bit abrupt, like you're still in the middle of the show and then it's suddenly over without warning or falling tension/resolution.


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I can't with Picard. I grew up watching TNG with my grandparents, probably when season 4 was just airing as I was born in '85. I vividly recall moments from various episodes on their large TV. I've been a Trek fan all my life..... however I couldn't get into Disco for many legit reasons and after learning what was done to
in the latest Picard episode (and
without having Manu Intiraymi reprise the roll[...though TBH given the gore-filled scene and death, I sort of doubt he'd want to return just to have his character killed off
) I think this series is going way too grim and dark... and Alex Kurtzman is indeed ruining Trek. I guess just like Disco, and Nemesis before it, Picard will go into my headcanon of being well.... non-canon.

Looks like I'll just be re-watching TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT forever..... (with hopefully DS9 and VOY eventually remastered before I'm 60).


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Meanwhile I'm just here like "oh this guy was in Voyager too?" :lol:

I totally have no memory of Icheb.

Series could pick up the pace though, isn't it only ten episodes or something?
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