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'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' is coming back!


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Oh man, I am SO excited and I totally think you're right that that's Caleb Dume AKA Kanan Jarrus on the right.

The reason that Anakin & Obi-Wan aren't a part of the Siege of Mandalore is that they get called away at the last moment to go rescue Palpatine – the start of Episode III – which is where we get the scene of the Clone Troopers of the 501st with Ahsoka's helmets gathered to go with her in their stead. It'll be really interesting to see where this leaves its end.

Also, there has been a hint from Sam Witwer that we'll see a moment here where Maul comes the closest he ever gets to breaking out of the Sisyphus character cycle that he's locked in, and oh my GODS I want to know what that is. I'm wondering if we'll get tease hints towards what to expect from the Obi-Wan series or anything about Crimson Dawn.


(Also, sorry that you still have to wait. If you lived close enough, I'd just invite you over. :awesomonster: )

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NPC: Why would you leave?
Ahsoka: The Jedi are supposed to be peacekeepers, not soldiers.

Anakin: Wanna lead clones into combat to retake Mandalore?
Ahsoka: Sure.


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Not really.

The core of the story with Mandalore is that it's been in constant conflict around remaining peaceful vs. wanting to choose a side to help fight back. That's the core of the thematic struggle around the role of the Jedi being corrupted when they became generals of the Republic's army.

Ahsoka finds out about Maul coming back to Mandalore, and what she discovers is what makes her finally reach out to Anakin again. Anakin & Obi-Wan were originally going to go take care of that – but Palpatine gets captured, so they can't go with her. Anakin has Rex and the 501st accompany her to help her stop Maul (hence the designs on her helmet), because he trusts them to keep her safe and wants to show her that he still cares about her.

What's important about the confrontation with Maul is telegraphed in his tone. Maul has been desperate for revenge against the Jedi, and it's his singular defining motivation... but his isn't dripping with anticipation of those events. He's sounds worn out and unsure. Order 66 means the deaths of the Jedi and the Sith getting their revenge... but he's not a Sith anymore. He's an outcast. And we know that Order 66 coming to pass is going to mean that the Inquisitors are going to be just as focused on hunting down and killing HIM now as well. He's the estranged former apprentice of Palpatine – just like Ahsoka is the estranged former apprentice of Anakin. He's at a turning point where his hatred of the Jedi is being shifted towards being hatred of Palpatine and the Sith. He's at a point where he might have been able to actually escape – but he plays the role of Sisyphus, so we know he won't.

He's acting as a mirror for Ahsoka and how she's eventually gonna take up the mantle of being Fulcrum. Interestingly... I sort of like the idea that they have a similar sort of role in that respect the way that Ben & Rey do later on as different reflections of those two's legacies (as I'm still warming up to the things in Episode IX).

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Depends how it plays out, really.

I mean, if Ahsoka concludes during her walkabout that the Jedi were wrong to allow themselves to become generals, and then in the final arc takes command of Clones to free Mandalore because they're under the thumb of a (former) Sith Lord, we kind of have a thematic clash.

Maybe it won't happen.
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