Surprise! Another New Moderator Joins the Fray...


Someone came third in the voting during the previous mod round (by a fairly narrow margin, votes considered), and after mulling it over for a while I decided I'd like to extend modship to this person for several reasons:

- The board and discord will be busier as more news is released
- Time zone considerations
- This person has already proven themselves in other ways, is consistently active everywhere and participates heavily in the creation of TLS content

I discussed with Tres and X who have agreed that it's a good fit.

So folks, please welcome Fancy as a new mod. This won't be much of a change since she's already the Community Manager, it just means she'll have mod powers in every section now rather than just one.






Harbinger O Great Justice
To elaborate on this, X recently traded God's Country for the Heathen Lands of Europe across the Atlantic, so ... :monster:

Also, he's keeping pretty busy with getting his new life in order.


I'm still working US hours, but I've yet to even really get my life set up into a workable state at present. :awesomonster:
My activity is VERY sporadic lately, but as of literally 2 hours ago, I finally have a desk. Still like 2-3 weeks out from having a bed again though.

I am properly stoked to have Fancy around with Moderative capabilities to help out, especially as all of the Remake news is ramping up while I'm in a far from reliable state still. I've got lots of confidence that it'll help us out on Staff a shitton in the long run.

X :neo:
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