The Jenova Project: Remake

The problem with speculation about these things is that we have very little information about it. All of these experiments would involve thousands of pages of hypotheses, research results and snarky intradepartmental memos we're not privy to, and all the perspectives we get are biased and unreliable. (Vincent looks up to Lucrecia, Sephiroth hates Hojo, etc.) We don't have much definitive information. The only thing we KNOW Gast has done is mistakenly believe Jenova an Ancient. These experiments are all complex, calculated efforts with many variables. I do believe Lucrecia is the best scientist of the bunch (her thesis was perfectly accurate), but that's mostly headcanon.

Hojo was asked to find someone to lead them to the promised Land. It's not his fault it didn't exist.

It's not immediately illogical to me that Zack was given additional Mako treatments. We've seen Mako have effects on SOLDIER before. A Mako related exposure kicked off Genesis' degradation, turned Sebastian and Essai into Ravens. Having previous exposure to Mako didn't prevent Cloud from cracking in the Lifestream.

Or it could be as simple as having to put a chart on the wall with comparative data on it.

Subject One: Nibelheim Villager.

Subject Two: SOLDIER

Subject Three: Nibelheim villager with similar physical build to SOLDIER.

All these subjects were treated in exactly the same circumstances. That's variables eliminated so they make a good comparative study as to how different subjects interact with the same treatment.
"Even if it would be, "cleaner" doesn't fit anything about FFVII -- neither in design nor construction. The sensibilities and aesthetics of locales (taken in whole or even individually), the characters, the worldviews of the setting, the storytelling itself; they're all hodgepodge and discordant."

This is true. It's messy like life.
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