The Last of Us Part II is Zionist Propaganda


After having finished the first one only a few months ago, I am now beyond hyped.

Wonder how long after the first one this is.


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Dear gods. I can't even imagine how amazingly gutwrenching, and emotionally obliterating this is gonna be.

X :neo:


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You can kinda see Ashley jonston's features in the new model, especially her lip movements. It's so subtle.


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Dear gods. I can't even imagine how amazingly gutwrenching, and emotionally obliterating this is gonna be.

So much this. I'm ready for it though.

I do love the switch to Ellie as the main character and the main theme of hate. I've read so many 'dissertations' on the net concerning the game's first ending - I've got no doubt that they can pull off a sequel and build on that even further.


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Hype. :awesome:

I love the Last of Us but it was... difficult to get through. Like a slog, (but not like FF13 was a slog).
A good slog? I dunno how to phase it. Emotionally draining?

I love the bleak setting and world and I'm looking forward to seeing Elle again but I can tell my feels are going to take a hit. :'(

Dear gods. I can't even imagine how amazingly gutwrenching, and emotionally obliterating this is gonna be.

^ That. X-SOLDIER can wurdz better than me. :wacky:


Carlie uploaded our reaction to the reveal if anyone hasn't looked in the PS Experience thread :monster:



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it looks from the first trailer like it will involve murdering a lot of humans which was my least favourite part of the first game :(

i would prefer not to have it descend into 'kill wave after wave of faceless goons' again :(

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She might just be going on a pest extermination no-mercy run. Certainly this was my reaction when I found out we had a breeder living next door.

Maybe a cockroach crawled on her in her sleep.


Some of the reactions to this are excellent

Go to time 1:43:52 for this next one

Ugh I love reaction videos too much.


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After years of having TLOU on my backlog, I decided to finally played it last Sunday.
After 5 days and 13 hours, I finished The Last of Us for the first time. It was pretty good.

Lite Review:

+ It was a well balanced survival game.
+ Good sound design.
+ Good use of linear progession and linear levels.
+ Good use of violence.
+ Winter Level
+/- Joel & Ellie didn't have as much interaction as I would have liked.
- "Terrible shit happens" trope gets overused.
- The first hour is a drag to play.
- They could have being a bit more creative with the Zombie apocalypse tropes.


Hyped for Part II.
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God damn, first part was awesome. Mix of different technologies, interesting stories, charisma of main characters helps you to feel better connection with what is happening. You can associate yourself with main characters of this game and you will find some details or situations which can help you in future live. I hope that Part II will be better or the same with first parts


The quality of writing on that site does not fill me with any conviction that what it has to say is worth a damn, especially since their source is the Daily Star lmfao.

At best the article is conjecture.
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