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The Legend of Zelda (General)


Well it's a wrong theory, even if I actually like it better :monster:

I did some reading (the wiki and other places) which say that Wind Waker canonises it as an evolution, as well as the official word from Nintendo:

according to the official Nintendo strategy guide, they were originally Hylian children that wandered into Kokiri Forest and were transformed by the mystical powers of the region.
Playing Ocarina of Time and I just accidentally triggered this glitch that I didn't know about before. This might be the first time this has happened to me.

Zelda Wiki

Initially, Link can carry up to 20 Deku Nuts. He can also find two Deku Nut capacity upgrades in the Lost Woods. The first upgrade will allow Link to hold up to 30 Deku Nuts, and the second allows him to hold a maximum of 40. One upgrade can be obtained from the big Deku Scrub in the Forest Stage when Link dons the Mask of Truth. Due to a glitch, this upgrade can only be received before Link obtains the Poacher's Saw, though this was fixed in the 3DS re-release of the game, in which the upgrade can be acquired at any time. The other upgrade can be purchased when Link is an adult and talks to a Business Scrub in a grotto near the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow.
I was so surprised when the Mask of Truth didn't work the way I expected it to. Tried a lot of masks before googling and finding out THE TRUTH. :wacky:

Oh well. I guess in this playthrough I will only be able to carry a maxiumum of 30 Deku Nuts!
Finished my most recent playthrough of Ocarina of Time. Had fun doing some things differently than usual and thus I learned new details, but Majora's Mask remains my favorite.

King Zora will give you a Zora Tunic when you unfreeze him. If you already have a Zora Tunic, King Zora will be a bit startled when you unfreeze him and he realizes you are already prepared. "You're ready for anything, aren't you?" he says (not verbatim) followed by...

BEST MOMENT in this playthrough. XD


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I bought the BotW expansion a couple of days ago...I should probably start playing it soon :wacky:
(a little disappointed that there is no world map expansion...would love to explore new areas again)
OoT revisited: Spent time talking to every NPC while wearing the Gerudo, Zora and Goron masks respectively. For the most part there were stock phrases and reactions. Nothing exciting or revealing, with a few exceptions.

The Goron mask elicited these neat responses from the scientist at the Lakeside Laboratory and from King Zora.
Scientist/Researcher said:
Very interesting! A Goron! Speaking of Gorons, I wonder how my old friend, Biggoron of Death Mountain, is doing?
King Zora said:
Talk about a nostalgia trip! That reminds me of my childhood friend, Biggoron!
If you speak to the boss carpenter's son, who is sitting by the tree at night in Kakariko Village, while wearing the Goron mask he will mention his father speaking about a smith (which Biggoron is).

Biggoron is only present while playing as Adult Link, so these Kid Link allusions to Biggoron are neat, along with establishing character connections that aren't spoken of elsewhere in the script.

Other reactions (paraphrased) :

- King Zora becomes angry and asks "Are you mocking me?" if you come wearing the Zora mask.

- Princess Ruto gets excited if you are wearing the Zora mask, saying roughly "So you finally decided to become a Zora? Are you finally ready to marry me now?"

- Both the Gerudo- and Goron masks made people react as though you were their stern mother. Meanwhile, Talon (of Lon Lon Ranch) reacts with "That reminds me of my wife...actually...it doesn't look like her at all!". Yes, he even says that while you are wearing the Goron mask!
I got Breath of the Wild a couple weeks ago and am enjoying it a whole lot. Being able to freely explore a huge world is pretty much exactly what I wanted from Zelda, and I think the series' formula really needed a change after SS. It was really nice to see that it avoids the overly long intro sequence and hand-holding that have been in recent games. The combat/difficulty is good, too. I'm not used to getting wrecked by enemies in a 3D Zelda, but it's actually really refreshing - I could be wrong, but I don't think many bosses in WW or TP did three hearts of damage per hit (if that) and getting one-shotted by regular enemies was unheard of. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the NPCs - given the setting I was expecting the game to maybe be a bit lacking in that regard, but the typical quirky Zelda NPCs are still there, and they even seem to have schedules and react to the weather, which are neat little touches.

I wish Nintendo would release the amiibo-exclusive outfits as straight up DLC. ~$20-$25 per amiibo adds up, I guess there's always amiibo spoofing. Also, tfw no pink-haired ALttP Link. :(

Minor issue: in the inventory screen, am I being dumb or is there really no way to "tab over" to the different inventory sections without going through a row of the boxes (ie, for meals, ingredients, etc). It's not really too big of a deal since there are shortcuts for some of them, but kind of an inconvenience for going from bows/arrows to ingredients/materials to meals.

Even more minor issue:
Since there's no more sword motion controls, shouldn't Link be a lefty again? :monster:


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I really like that picture! It's so good!


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Every time I boot up Breath of the Wild, I feel that same sense of joy I felt when I would play video games when I was little. Then I remember that one commercial with Robin Williams and his daughter, and realize he didn't live long enough to play it.



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I finished the main game portion of Breath of the Wild and I feel so... empty.


There's so much left to do after beating Ganon, but I am sad the ride is mostly over. There hasn't been a game that's taken me on a trip like this in a very, very long time.

Gonna try the DLC after completing all the shrines. Not sure if I am good enough at the game to get through it though. Even though Ganon was a pushover, I still can't manage to best a Lynel.


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I finished the main game portion of Breath of the Wild and I feel so... empty.


There's so much left to do after beating Ganon, but I am sad the ride is mostly over. There hasn't been a game that's taken me on a trip like this in a very, very long time.

Gonna try the DLC after completing all the shrines. Not sure if I am good enough at the game to get through it though. Even though Ganon was a pushover, I still can't manage to best a Lynel.
By DLC do you mean the Champion's Ballad or the Master Trials? Because I'd go ahead and do the Champion's Ballad whenever you can. The Master trials are a right bastard in the end.
I've found these randomizer playthroughs of OoT to be quite addictive to watch. At the very least watch the beginning of this randomizer seed just to hear what Navi's "HEY!" sound is replaced by. :lol:

The 3D style is really interesting. I like it on its own, but I'm not sure how I feel about it for Link's Awakening, specifically. I kind of think the style would be more fitting for a 3D remake of Earthbound than Zelda. I kind of wish they'd go back to pixel art for top-down Zelda, like something like Minish Cap (IMO the best looking 2D Zelda), but with its own (non-Wind Waker-esque) style. Seems like you usually only see pixel art art in indie games nowadays, though.

I probably shouldn't complain, since I still have yet to finish Link's Awakening :monster: , but I'd rather have an entirely new 2D Zelda than a remake. I mean, ALBW was a really good game and a nice mix between the old and new, but it did feel like they played it a bit safe in leaning on ALttP after the DS Zelda games. Plus, it's been a REALLY LONG time since there's been a top-down Zelda with a proper overworld (not counting ALBW's, since it is based off of ALttP's, and I'm assuming this is a direct remake of LA)... like, Minish Cap came out in 2004.


It looks very similar to A Link Between Worlds for the DS, it retains (in my amateur view) the GB gameplay and feel well enough. 360 degree movement instead of 4 directional.
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