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The first Zelda game I ever played was Ocarina of Time. Wanna know when I played it? On the Wii U. 😂

So it took me a very long time to play a Zelda game. I liked OoT, but I didn't quite finish it (got very close though). I really liked the look of Breath of the Wild. I didn't think I'd like it, but I kept seeing images and things and getting excited. So I bought a Switch day one (since I loved the aspect) and Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild absolutely blew me away. It instantly became one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. What a game. It brought me out of a gaming lull where I was beginning to tire of the same 'ol big AAA releases. But that game... Wow. I beat it three times, and I completed all 120 shrines twice.

I usually find most open worlds boring and I don't care to explore them like most do. Not so with BotW. The open world was amazing to explore, it felt alive. Anyways, I have never played a 2D Zelda and never been interested in them. I would have much rather have had a BotW sequel (I know that would have been a longshot), but I may give this Zelda a go since it does look like it could be fun. If they ever release Twilight Princess or Wind Waker I will give those a try too because so many people have told me how great they are.


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It would be cool to have the option to toggle between updated visuals and original sprite port. A Link to the Past was my first Zelda game, so I have a lot of nostalgia for that imagery.

It looks like Nintendo is paying attention to Zelda clones that smaller developers are making, which I think is a smart move. A lot of the aesthetic and animation choices in that trailer look a lot like Tunic, which also looks really good imo.

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Anyways, I have never played a 2D Zelda and never been interested in them. I would have much rather have had a BotW sequel (I know that would have been a longshot), but I may give this Zelda a go since it does look like it could be fun.
I'm pretty sure they're working on a sequel at the moment. Their 3D and 2D Zelda teams are usually independent.

Links Awakening is a great place to start with the 2D types. Alternatively A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS is brilliant too.
Thanks to a trick discovered only two weeks ago it is now possible to clear Ocarina of Time without pressing the Start button a single time. Tool-assisted, of course. Absolutely amazing.



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There's something else really awesome hidden in the trailer aside from the game over theme:

Having JUST finally gotten a Switch (something that I was waiting to finish the move before doing), I'm beyond excited to be able to dive in to Breath of the Wild, especially knowing that this is coming – on top of the fact that Mononoke is one of my all-time favourite films, and I noticed those parallels instantly.

Love the tone of the trailer. Darker/weirder, Majora's Mask-esque is what I'm hoping for with the sequel. The only thing stopping me from being fully hyped is if it's the same overworld as BotW. I definitely understand - and was expecting and hoping that they'd use the same engine (graphics/art style, physics system, etc) - but the exploration is really what made BotW great, IMO, and it'd be a big step back for them not to focus on it in the follow-up, as well. I get that it's a huge amount of work to make a whole new open world, though, but it'd be worth the wait, I think. If they do keep BotW's Hyrule setting, maybe they'll do a dark/light world kind of thing?

Looking forward to what more they'll reveal about this in the future. BotW is great game, but, since it's the first game in the series to significantly shake up the classic Zelda formula, it did feel like it could use some refinements (meatier/varied dungeons with not-Ganon bosses, more interesting sidequests), so I'm really interested to see what they do with the sequel.


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...Like, everyone knows that's Ganondorf's corpse, right?

That was Ganondorf's corpse that Zelda and Link discovered.

He's been revived. That energy and shit flowing into him, is Ganondorf returning to life since Calamity Ganon died.

So yeah, this is most definitely a follow up to the war against Ganon.

He's back.

Suffice to say, I'm thoroughly hyped :mon:


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Yeah this was a cool teaser. BotW might be one of my favorite games ever, I had so much fun exploring and shit.

Only thing I missed was some underground dungeons and caverns to explore...with the teaser literally being them underground I hope that's a hint that caves are in for part 2! :P
Ganon's corpse is creepy as hell, man.

Also in related news, the Link's Awakening remake looks hecking cute. LA was my first Zelda, I'm so stoked they're remaking it so faithfully but with a distinct art style!
Really gotta get a Switch at some point but I'm gonna wait until they announce those supposed new models.


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Maybe this sequel will finally put an end to
Demise's curse he had cast after the first Link and Zelda defeated him all those years ago.

Wasn't expecting Ganondorf to suddenly make a returning appearance but...Uh oh! Looks like Link and Zelda will have to fight again, after all their hard work in barely defeating Calamity Ganon after failing 100 years earlier. Looking forward to this game!


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It will never end.

It ends when the Zelda franchise ends.

Hell, the closest thing to a true finale was the ending of Wind Waker. It took the entire destruction of Hyrule and an end to the saga.

But no, the "curse" won't end. Which is why Zelda and Link will always be around to stop him.

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oh my god I haven't even beaten the first Breath of the Wild game because I've been wanting to restart my file because I found out that I missed out on some Lynel weapons for my compendium.

and then Nintendo had the gall to drop this on me?!
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