The Legend of Zelda (General)


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The range of emotions the trailer sends you through is really crazy - dread, wonder, excitement, awe.

Every new single ability looks fluid and natural - whatever that ground phasing thing was, for one. But also the flamethrower was really slick.

This also is a good opportunity to take to the skies properly after Skyward Sword’s sky felt limited :monster:
Consider me even more curious. This feels exactly like what a sequel should be.
Omg floating islands?! AHHHH I love sky settings! Pleasepleaseplease deliver in terms of exploration. Skyward Sword’s bland sky world was so disappointing, but maybe this will be what SS should have been? I’m not going to delude myself into thinking there will ever be a Skies of Arcadia 2, but I’ve always been hoping for something to scratch that sort of itch in terms of floating islands + sense of adventure. Cautiously hyped.

I wish the trailer was longer but oh well. Link’s look is interesting. His clothing kind of reminds me of a Team Ico protagonist (specifically the boy from The Last Guardian).

This and Elden Ring are gonna consume my life lol
I'm still kind of holding out hope for Zelda being playable in some capacity, but I know deep down that it's a long shot. Her being totally sidelined would be disappointing, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

I don't know what some people seem to have against the weapon durability in BotW. I was super skeptical of the concept at first, but it worked for the game. Some actual issues, IMO, were the enemy and weapon variety (yeah, there were lots of weapons, but essentially like three? or so movesets).
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