The Lifestream ranks Final Fantasy songs


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In the words of Paddy Ashdown, "The people have spoken but we don't know what they've said." As soon as I suggested that re-running the final might become the consensus choice, nobody else came forward to confirm it. :lol:

I've been thinking about it myself, and as much as I'd like to re-run the polls to get the "right" result, I'm mindful of it being Christmas, meaning that some people might not get the chance to vote due to other priorities. Since I don't want to wait any longer, and since Kuroto has said she would have voted for Not Alone, I'm just going to accept that and leave the results as they are.

That means our top four looks like this:

  1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  2. Not Alone
  3. J-E-N-O-V-A
  4. Liberi Fatali
I will still be asking people to pick their favourite versions of the tracks in our top 32 (ish) for the purposes of putting them all together in a Youtube video, but that can wait until the Awards are done and dusted.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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I just put together a video of the top 10 FFVII tracks from the list. Im still not sure how to do the full vid. Just putting 30 seconds of each felt a bit too cut off, so I left it a bit longer. Then just left the main theme in full. I was planning to put trivia in, but I couldnt find any for a lot of the songs.



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I've started putting together a video of the full top 100. I rendered and uploaded the first 20 tracks just to test the process out, because I haven't done it before. It's unlisted, it can't be embedded, commented on, or anything, because I'm planning to replace it, but if you want to listen, here's the link.

A question for anyone familiar with Windows Movie Maker: why is that faint grey/black border appearing on my video? I haven't selected it, and it's not on the background images I'm using, which are the same resolution as the video (720p).
^It's been a while since I've used Movie Maker. I've tried looking into some potential solutions to this, uploading tests to Youtube numerous times among most things. This test involved putting 3 FF covers next to each other [all three with white borders]---along the lines of your video, just no captions or music is all.
Each image was resized in Photoshop to be 1920x1080, and export settings as well as project settings were set at this scale, as well as at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

So, here's the WMV export from Windows Movie Maker:
It has the same grey border.

Now here's an MP4 and WMV version from a different software, MAGIX:
No grey border.

The original Windows Movie Maker WMV file exported through MAGIX ( exported as MP4 & WMV):
Grey border.

So, it seems like this is just a Windows MM thing (though by no means necessarily exclusive to it), and Google searching the problem seems to only suggest solutions for much bigger black borders.

I have downloaded your video and opened it in MAGIX, and sectioned a fraction of the video to remove the grey border. It's taking a long time to export, so it won't be ready for a while. I'll come back later with any results [heck, if it works without an issue, you can pass all these videos on to me for this processing if ya want :P - of course, assuming the grey border is something you want to be rid of and not just curious as to why it's there]

If you like, what I can do for you is give you my MAGIX Movie Edit Pro software. It's paid software whose serial number can be used for up to three computers [I should still have one usage left; maybe even two]. It's a little dated but easy to use, and if you have decent RAM you shouldn't run into issues creating heavy-loaded videos [though always keep a backup project saved as you go, though I'm sure you know all that anyway].
I can PM you if you're interested - after all, I won't need to save the serial number in case I decide to use it elsewhere. Besides having no other computer to activate it on, I hope to get an upgrade sometime this year anyway :)

Until another easier/quicker solution pops up, this is all I got for now. Hope something here is of help.

Also, just something to point out going forward. No. 89, Steiner's Theme, has the caption "Court Jesters" underneath it.
Other than that, it's a nice layout overall :)
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Thanks for the offer, but I think, seeing as this is my first video project, I can live with the grey borders. Next time I'll use some better software. :)

Thanks for pointing out the Steiner's Theme error as well, I'll fix it.
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