The Matrix FOUR… with Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss


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I'm one of those weirdos that don't hate the fact I recently upgraded my Matrix trilogy from DVD to 4K Blu. Still enjoy those flicks, so I'm stoked for another one! It can only mean neatly choreographed action scenes without shaky cam bullshit.
Only one Wachowski at the helm though? :O

I'm also just stoked for Keanu Reeves being back in an awesome way the past few years. :neo:
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Considering what happens at the end of the third movie, I speculate that this fourth movie will be a midquel. Though if they find a way to explore the timeline after the third movie that'd be great.
Hoping for midquel.

It's really nice to have a film end with
a successful peace treaty
I don't wanna undo or roll back on that.

More Keanu kung fu is always nice, though.


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Could've just made something completely new in that universe, clean slate. I don't quite see the point of this, is not like people were out there clamoring for another movie. I've be a bit intrigued if a Wachowski wasn't involved.
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I'm not familiar with his work, but if Johnathan Groff is an agent, I hope he can replace the expressive face and broad acting range of Hugo Weaving. I can see the potential for a menacing smile in a google image search, but I guess time will tell in regards to the rest. He just looks too mundane, like a background agent in the first film :P.

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As I said on Discord, Lana said the film's themes are more relevant today than ever. I could imagine good directions for a 4th movie to go, especially in regards to themes of truth, hyperreality, disinformation, and revolution etc, but do I trust such to actually be written and put on film? Not so much :p.
All that has come out about Weinstein, Epstein, and how A listers AT BEST look the other way on hollywood's never-ending atrocities for fortune and fame makes any virtuous themes coming out of that place a total joke. Hell, I'm shocked they didn't announce a total Matrix reboot.
Well, yes, @Clean Cut Chaos ... Movies often provide us the fantasy of a happy ever after and/or false hope in regards to eventual justice, while studio heads laugh all the way to the bank. Sounds awfully like the system in place with certain older traditions, which art is said to have replaced :awesome:. There needs to be a movie about that :monster:. Maybe it can be Matrix 4 :awesome:.
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