The TLS Awards 2015: Discussion


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And our internets is actually working now so I can help out too.


If everyone's happy with this I can reopen the old polls and re-do the polls from 10-18 that need to be re-done tonight (I'll be sure to bump all the threads too) and Avec can take care of putting up the rest if she's happy to do so? (Or we can split them a bit, either way is fine).

Avec if you need anything done that requires mod powers (like if you make a mistake in a poll) buzz me or whoever on FB and I'll sort it.

Cait Sith

Ugh! As if!
YO lemme nab dat Best Newb, Best Drunk (even though I never advert when I'm drunk or fucked up), MLT Need A Swear Filter (Fuck y'all), and..

GIMME DAT BEST CHEF ONE YO. Also bounciest bewbs. I'm totally cool with poasting n00dz somewhere. I think boobs are oversexualized and shouldn't be such. I'm -pretty- sure my fiancé would think otherwise though. XD


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I don't have anything to poast right now but I'll go make a thread for everyone to post their assets for award consideration. Iirc we had one last year.
Happy to do so, chief. I'll get the rest of the polls up tonight. I've got movie plans this afternoon (STAR WARS), but I'll be back this evening and can take care of it tonight if that's alright :)


Methinks, next year we should either:

* Do nomvotes, they worked well last time we did them IMO, and do it for 2-4 weeks
* Chuck all polls open in one go, again for 2-4 weeks
Holy clams there are a lot of polls left. I will have to break this up into sections - some tonight, some tomorrow. Micah's up this weekend, so I can't neglect him for too long :P

I've submitted the first poll/post. Since there are more than 7 options, I allowed multiple choice. I did not see a way to limit how many votes a person could submit. If there is a way to do this, can a mod please edit that? I mentioned in the post that each person should only vote for 4 people, but you never know if people will pay attention to that, haha.


There's no way to set a limit, we'll just have to manually check them XD. I'll reopen the old polls now then, and re-do the ones from the first 18 that need to be re-done (because they should have been multiple choice).


Done. I've closed the old threads but left the threads in the section in case people want to go back in and check how they voted before.

1-9 were reopened and 10-16 were re-done. 17 and 18 didn't need to be because one was already multiple choice and another had less than 7 options, so those were just reopened.
Ugh, I've already made a mistake with a threat title - for the Art Award, I forgot to add the number of the poll. I.e., it should have been 20) The TLS Art Award. Please forgive my derp, and can a mod fix that for me? :/
double post, sorry - I'm super sleepy and have to be up bright and early for work tomorrow, so I'll get the rest of the polls up tomorrow! Thanks so much for your patience!

Also, I know that I said that I would make a site-wide announcement once all of this stuff was sorted (I meant the banner kind that we use when we want everyone to be aware of something going on), but apparently only people with modly powers can do so. Hate to be a bother, but could someone throw something up for everyone to see, explaining the situation in case some people don't bother to read through all of our discussion here?


Why a 4 vote limit? Never had those before iirc :monster:

Not that I mind, carry on :)
To avoid "I'm voting for everyone" scenarios resulting in no clear top 3 (and to reduce ties). We did have a limit in place on votes in previous years, not sure what the number was though.
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Related: There should be a "Who would you take into a nuclear bomb shelter with you?" award :P.
Carlie, Flare, Howl, Lic, Dawn, Channy... pretty much all the ladies of TLS.

And Joe. Y'know, mix it up a little.


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So not to add any more technical difficulties to the pile but there seems to be a glitch in the "Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life" poll.

Everyone should have at least one vote. :P
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