Tifa's Appearance in the Remake and Why It Should (or Shouldn't) Matter.

Which rendition(s) of Tifa do you prefer of the following?

  • Advent Children (Complete)! Tifa

    Votes: 19 55.9%
  • Dissidia 012! Tifa

    Votes: 10 29.4%
  • Kingdom Hearts 2! Tifa

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • Blair Armitage! Tifa

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • None of them do it for me tbh.

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • og tifa forever.

    Votes: 6 17.6%

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The creative team wants to put together a video surrounding Tifa's potential appearance at E3 and her appearance in the Remake in general, covering everything from fan speculation, why folks care so much, and finally, what we'd personally like to see.

Since 1997, Tifa has made several appearances in several games (and a film) with her model being rendered in various, often subtle ways. Today, we're going to be taking a look at 4 renditions, including that famous fan render that's been going around since last year by Blair Armitage and I'm asking that you vote for the one that appeals the most to you, disregarding the outfits here and focusing more on the little details like eye colour, muscle definition (or a lack thereof), hair length/style (should one side be pushed behind the ears??)...........bust.........things that make Tifa recognisable as Tifa.

Now you might be thinking, "Why does it matter so much? Why are people fixated so much on appearances?"

And you know what? I totally get it. In truth, the discussion can make me very uncomfortable sometimes especially the way that some folks will talk about TIfa's breasts. She is so much more than her appearances, absolutely, but there is something to be said about the way this topic seems to captivate so many people and provoke so many feelings. So we're gonna dish it out.

Some Renditions in No Particular Order


Same model used here.


you might be thinking
but I've included her because of her noticeably smaller bust and cutesy face lmao. plus, of all the renditions, she has the most noticeably red eyes.


og tifa

Would you prefer that she have red eyes like the OG or could she get away with the dark set she had in ACC? Are you going to roll your eyes if her arms aren't looking ripped? What are your thoughts on all of the bust size conspiracies and does it really matter if her boobies are as big as her head? Let us know your thoughts on this and more, fam!
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You know what, I was arguing with someone on here the other day and they were talking about how they preferred the Advent Children face and i was being dismissive. But now, when I look at that one in the top right, with a bit of dirt on her, I love it. There's something great and determined there, amidst the obvious beauty. I love it.


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Cook did well, I thought. Though for me, it's all about her character as written. Been in love since I was a teenager. Her looks aren't SUPER important to me...

...I say with full knowledge that my wrist literally rests on her boobs on my mousepad.

Yeah I don't think Cook ever sounded breathy. People like to focus on the dilly dally thing which she had nothing to do with it, but I always thought she did very well with the scene where she loses her temper with Cloud.

Per the topic, as I've said before I'm partial to the Dissidia render.
Everybody knows that her rendition from the 10th Anniversary gallery in OG outfit is objectively vastly superior.

I would've poasted that rendition, too. But given that it's the same model used in AC(C) (far as I can tell???) and she was looking down n shit, I decided against it lmao since I wanted her eyes visible. Please consider that the same as the AC when voting tho! :)

hec nah i'll go ahead and edit my first post
oh and thanks everyone for voting! surprised at these results so far, I thought for sure Blair struck a cord with a lot more folks than these results are suggesting so far haha. I wonder how things are gonna look when I asked the discord and twitter.
People do go crazy about that dolphin-tail thing, lol.

But hey the Dissidia render has that, and she has red eyes. And there were plenty of opportunities to see her look "determined" in the Dissidia 012 intro:

The Blair render, eh. The details on the outfit are very good. With the potions and the chocobo keychain and stuff. But the face is all wrong and made the shirt low cut which people have been getting wrong for 22 frickin years


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i wonder if they're going to keep it short for the sake of animating. cuz wasn't that the excuse for her haircut in ac(c)? like 'fuck ya'll this is too much'
I don't think this'll be much of an issue with realtime graphics because there's more acceptance for things like that to be a bit less perfect.
Also, they had Rapunzel in KH3 so there can be no excuse :monster:


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I'd love Tifa to look a bit more no-nonsense and rough-n-tumble, and the AC version captures that well.

It doesn't matter what size her breasts are, as long as they're a) plausible, b) don't have ridiculous anti-gravity slow motion jiggle animations and c) she's not visibly braless because how can you be an effective domestic terrorist when you have back problems??


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A mix between the original and ac (the 10th anniversary would be perfect). I don't care about the size of the breast but if I have to hope that they keep something well that's the hair. After all, in other games like DoA, hairstyles don't seem to be a big deal.
I'd like to see AC Tifa, who looks like she can whup ass. The Armitage design is pretty, but doesn't feel at all like Tifa, more like a model doing a FF7 photo shoot.
Her breasts dont need to be massive, but I think they should be considered large, to keep in line with the original design. Plus all of B's points. No DOA jiggle physics up in this game, please.

Dissidia would be higher up for me, but theres just something about that design in her face that looks off to me :/ I dont know what it is.

Edit: She should also be muscular, she is a martial artist after all!
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I agree with what's been said about Blair's version, but I also want to add that to me she looks a bit whitewashed. Like, a white face prettified with some Asian features. Otherwise it looks fantastic, except the Japanese probably think that body looks like Arnold. (Lightning is buff in their eyes!)

I never really liked the AC version, I'm having problems pinpointing why though. Maybe her face lacks some character. I'd like them to take a slightly new take on the OG version. Keep the outfit, also do keep long legs and big boobs. To me, part of Tifa's character is that you're supposed (?) to see her as sex on legs, then later you realise she's way more than that, and you see her for the loving, protective sweetheart she is.

Tbh I wouldn't mind if they made her a Butterface :monster:

No but really, do anyone even mention in the game ever that Tifa is a beauty?
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