TLS (and Others lmfao) Rank... The Best VII CHARACTERS in Final Fantasy!!

5 days till closing, lol.

I reckon we're going to kick things off with supporting characters and work our way up from there :)

Remember to state your case for why you're voting the way that you are for an exciting and interesting event!!!

We have 51 supporting characters now... but only ONE can come out on top as the best!!

Oh, and full disclosure here: I'll be implementing the use of seeding for these upcoming polls. Best cinematics was random knockout and I reckon I didn't care for the style. So.. yeah.

That's all I wanted to say I think. ^^ Looking forward to it!
nvm the formatting done goof'd on all three polls when i tried releasing them closely together so polls shall be released as the day goes on, lmao, i'm not crying you're crying ty please go vote!!!!
@Clement Rage @LicoriceAllsorts @Roger

I know you three were having a little back and forth about Reeve and his integrity in the first poll of the Quarterfinals! That thread has been closed and moved now, but I wanted to let you know that if you wanted to continue debating about the merits of Reeve's character, please feel free to do so here. I thought it was a pretty interesting discussion myself. :)

Thank you <3
OK I have some questions about Hojo's "experiment"
1. Did Red XIII know what his role in this experiment was supposed to be?
2. If you were in a prison cell being tortured by another species and a member of that species suddenly appeared in your cell, would you immediately assume it had been sent there to have sex with you? or to torture you some more?
3. Are we so sure he was letting her think he was going to rape her? Or was he getting ready to attack her in case she attacked him?
Mr. Ite
Aeris, you all right?

She seems all right, many ways.

I have a right to choose, too. I don't like two-legged things.

What are you?

An informed question. But difficult to answer. I am what you see.
...You must have many questions, but first, let's get out of here. I'll lead the way.

Cloud... so you did come for me.

I apologize for what happened back there. I was merely acting to throw Hojo off guard......

Now we've saved Aeris, ain't no need to be in this buildin'! So let's get the hell outta here!
As we're wrapping up 'The VII Best... SUPPORTING Characters' event, please consider any antagonists you might've missed (that's our next event) or protagonists (the event after)!

Voting for the baddies will begin early in June. Thanks! Here's a refresher...

  1. Aerith Gainsborough - VII
  2. Amarant Coral - IX
  3. Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca - XII
  4. Auron - X
  5. Balthier - XII
  6. Barret Wallace - VII
  7. Basch - XII
  8. Cecil - IV
  9. Celes Chere - VI
  10. Cid Highwind - VII
  11. Cid Pollendina - IV
  12. Clinque - FFT-0
  13. Cloud Strife - VII
  14. Deuce - FFT-0
  15. Edgar Figaro - VI
  16. Edward ''Edge'' Geraldine - IV
  17. Eight - FFT-0
  18. Faris Scherwiz - V
  19. Fran - XII
  20. Freya Cresent - IX
  21. Galuf Halm Baldesion - V
  22. Garnet - IX
  23. Ignis Scientia - XV
  24. Kain - IV
  25. King - FFT-0
  26. Laguna Loire - VIII
  27. Marche Radiuju - FFTA
  28. Midgardsormr - XIV
  29. Paine - X-2
  30. Prompto - XV
  31. Quistis Trepe - VIII
  32. Quina Quen - IX
  33. Ramza - FFT
  34. Red XII - VII
  35. Rikku - X, X-2
  36. Sabin René Figaro
  37. Squal Leonhart - VIII
  38. Steiner - IX
  39. Tellah - IV
  40. Terra Brandford - VI
  41. Tifa Lockhart - VII
  42. Vincent Valentine - VII: DoC
  43. Vivi - IX
  44. Yuffie Kisaragi - VII: DoC
  45. Zack Fair - VII: CC
  46. Zidane - IX

  1. Algus - FFT
  2. Ardyn Lucis Caelum - XV
  3. Beatrix - IX
  4. Delita - FFT
  5. Dyne - VII
  6. Edea - VIII
  7. Gabranth - XII
  8. Gilgamesh - V
  9. Jenova - VII
  10. Kefka Palazzo - VI
  11. Kuja - IX
  12. Nimbus - FFT-0
  13. Professor Hojo - VII
  14. Rufus Shinra - VII
  15. Seifer - VIII
  16. Sephiroth - VII
  17. The Veritas - FFBE
  18. Ultros - FF
  19. Vayne Carudas Solidor - XII
  20. Yaag Rosch - XII
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