TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round#2 Poll#3

Of the following songs, which four are the best?

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Fancy comin’ at ya from the Upside Down!!

This is Poll #3 of Round 2 of the TLS Ranks FF Songs event! Please, limit yourself to choosing your top four songs from this list.

If you feel you absolutely must vote for a fifth song, you are allowed 1 Joker Card or a vote for one extra song PER ROUND. In order to utilise this “card”, PM either Flare or Fancy your fifth vote or go ahead and state your choice in this thread.

Song Links:
FFX - Suteki da ne (Instrumental)
FFXII - Eruyt Village
FFVIII - Eyes on Me
FFVI - Battle
FFIX - Immoral Melody
FFVIII - The Man with the Machine Gun
FFIX - Qu's Marsh
FFVI - Terra's Theme
FFVII - Valley of the Fallen Star
FFV - Clash on the Big Bridge
FFXV - Sonmus
FFVII - Shinra Inc.



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She's really not, you know. Holy Cow...

Anyway! The Man With the Machine Gun and Clash of the Big Bridge are easy frontrunners here, also Terra's Theme/FFVI Overworld Theme and Valley of the Fallen Star AKA Cosmo Canyon are favs.


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Eruyt Village, Immoral Melody, Somnus and Shinra Inc. This one was a bit easier! It's gonna hurt seeing Shinra not go through for a second time though :tearsofjoy: it's easily one of my favourite songs from the VII soundtrack, but I guess I'm in the minority with that :lol:


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Eruyt Village, Eyes On Me (feeeeeels), The Man with the Machine Gun (SUCH A GOOD BATTLE THEME, AAAA), and Terra's Theme!

Cba to write up reasons why :monster:
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