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Pro Adventurer
Eruyt Village, hands down! Not a huge fan of Apocalypsis Aquarius, but Eruyt Village? Perfect theme for the Viera. Feels mystical, mysterious, secluded, peaceful, hidden, beautiful...


Wide and Slow
I really love XII's soundtrack but I could never really get on board with Eruyt Village. It's just kinda meh, to me. Apocalypsis Aquarius, on the other hand, hoo boy. Blows my socks off, no matter how many times I hear it. I loooove it. And when I hear the piano I just see Yoko Shimomura clear as day every time <3
Also I was listening to XV's soundtrack to help me concentrate when I was working late the other week and this song was playing during an especially dramatic torture scene I was editing and it just brought it back to me cos it matched well with the badass-ness of that part of the book.
The Engineer
Apocalypsis Aquarius.

If there's one thing Shimomura has always been good at, it's doing remixes. It is rather ammusing that at their hearts, both Hellfire and Apocalypsis Aquarius are remixes of Valse di Fantatisca. Which kinda makes me wonder what the other boss theams of FFXV are like.

Eryt Village has the same problem Street of Rabanaster has for me, there's other FFXII music that is similar that I like better.
Mr. Ite
Apocalypsis Aquarius just has too much Elder Scrolls Theme for me to focus on it.
Coupled with the fact that Dragonborn has better chanting, in a comprehensive language that was invented for the game.

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Paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein AAAAALDUIN JOHHHHHT!!!
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