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TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs


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Right, I think we'll just keep them all in the same polls to make it easiest.

I've updated the OP's list of nominations! @Minato please check to make sure I deleted the appropriate FFII nomination. XD <3

Also, we have one more day for nominations to be open! Unless several people need an extra day or something to nominate, that will be when it officially closes, so be sure to have all your nominations in by then! :) Which reminds me, I need to do mine tomorrow.........
You did! :reptar:


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Unless I'm blind (sorry if that's the case) it appears FFX's battle theme isn't there yet....

So I nominate that and also Seymour Battle pls.
X’s battles theme isn’t there yet, but I do believe Seymour’s battle theme is, but I’ll check when I’m home from work this evening!

Also, Fancy and I are going to extend the deadline for nominations by a few more days to be sure that everyone who wants to nominate has a chance to! So a new tentative deadline is the 28th of August!
Ooh, this is going to be tough.

Mostly covered, I think.

Crisis Core:
Water's Surface


Elfe's theme


Eyes on Me
The Landing

You're not alone!
Dark Messenger


Zanarkand Ruins Theme (Not To Zanarkand, the other one)
Jecht bossfight theme.


1,000 Words



Sunleth Waterscape Theme.
Snow's Theme
Dust to Dust

Archylte Steppe Theme (Sunny)
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@Clement Rage, several of the songs you nominated have already been nominated: Redemption, The Landing, You're Not Alone, Dark Messenger... For X's music, did you mean A Fleeting Dream and Otherworld? If so, those also have been nominated already! Lastly, Sunleth Waterscape.

Which means you still have 12 nominations you can make! You can check the list in the OP, it's being updated frequently to show all the current nominations. :)

@Howl just sayin', FFV has a jammin' chocobo tune..... ;)

Oh also, @Doom Bunneh, Seymour Battle is indeed already nominated. :) I'm adding the regular battle theme to the OP next, though! You've got 19 more songs you can nominate :D
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From this point onward, we’re going to take a moment to prepare Round 1 of the music polls which will commence this coming Friday (31 August). We will post 2 polls a day with each poll lasting for 3 days.

We have 209 songs to vote through, but only one can be the top choice.


— Flarancy
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Question: For the Wildcard Vote we can cast per round. Can that be "cast" on polls that are already closed if they are in the same Round?

IE: the 1st and 2nd polls of Round 1 are closed, but the 5th and 6th polls of Round 1 are still open and you want to cast the Wildcard Vote on a song in the 1st poll.


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Question: For the Wildcard Vote we can cast per round. Can that be "cast" on polls that are already closed if they are in the same Round?

IE: the 1st and 2nd polls of Round 1 are closed, but the 5th and 6th polls of Round 1 are still open and you want to cast the Wildcard Vote on a song in the 1st poll.
Nope, it can only be used for polls currently open! So you can’t tactically save your joker til the last two polls and cast it after everything’s been revealed. ;) Once a poll is closed, there can’t be any more votes placed on the songs in said poll.
On Changing Your Vote...

So, there was a widdle bit of miscommunication between Flare and I concerning whether or not the we would allow members to change their votes. We are, indeed, going to allow members to change their votes, but they will no longer be able to change it directly in the poll. Members will have to instead request their votes be changed in the relevant thread. The ability to request changes will be implemented from Poll #7 onward where the votes will be public in order to allow Flare and I to easily verify that folks are, indeed, changing votes for the songs that they actually voted for and not just trying to take votes away from a song that they’re trying to sabotage. 😛

Sorry for the mix-up! Hope you all understand.

Hello everyone! Flarancy here!

We’ve been hard at work tallying the votes with jokers (and Sasren’s votes!) accounted for. A total of 63 songs made the initial cut,
SURPRISE!! We’ve adding 33 songs to the pool of 63 for a grand total of 96 songs. We chose this 33 by ranking all of the ‘losing’ songs from those with the most votes to those with the least and picked the top 33. Did any favourites you’ve said goodbye to make the cut? You’ll see in the upcoming week!

What You Can Expect

Starting Monday (24/9/2018), we’re going to be posting two polls on a daily basis for four days straight. This will make for 8 polls with 12 songs in each. You will be asked to pick your top 4 songs in each listing, making for a total of 32 winners. From that point on, the rest of the event will play out in a knockout tournament style.

On Jokers

You may use a joker card this round, but there have been misunderstandings that need to be cleared up lmao:
  • You may not use the Joker as an extra vote for a song you’ve already voted for.
  • You may use the joker as an extra, 5th vote in a poll.
  • You may not utilise your joker for a poll that has already closed.
  • You may not utilise your joker more than once or revoke a joker you’ve already used.

The Tournament

Round 3 will go as follows: Song #1 will be pitted against Song #32, Song #2 will be pitted against Song #31, etc, until we’ve narrowed it down to 16 winners. There will be 16 total polls.

Note that every round from this point onward will follow the same format.
  • Round 4 will narrow 16 songs down to 8.
  • Round 5 (The Quarter Finals) will narrow 8 to 4.
  • Round 6 (Semi Finals) will narrow 4 songs down to 2.
  • Round 7 (The Finals) will narrow 2 songs down to 1winner. Here, it will be revealed which song TLS truly rates as best!

Special Note from Flarancy!:reptar:

We just want to thank everyone for being so patient as we’ve been figuring our way through this whole event. Things haven’t always been perfect, but it’s been an exciting learning experience for the both of us and we hope to take what we’ve learnt and deliver on even more spectacular events in the coming future. ^^

Flare says…
“I’m very interested in seeing how the top 32 compare to the previous event ran back in 2015. I plan on comparing the song lists once the tournament style starts and we can see if, and if so how, the forum’s tastes have changed. ;)

Fancy says…
”Sometimes it feels like I’m like wading through waters that are a little too high and everything can get to be so frantic but BRUUUUH I wouldn’t trade a moment for the world. Thanks!”

See you Mondayish/Tuesday for some of you bc timezones :wacky:!
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A thought for comparing this Favorite Song Poll with the one from 2015.

We might want to make a list of all the Final Fantasy game/expansions that came out after 2015 that had songs that made it on the list. I know FFXV wasn't out yet and FFXIV had only 2.0 released at the time (no 3.0 or 4.0 songs to pick from). There's probably some others like FF: Type 0.


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Hello everyone, it’s Flarancy again! :megusta:

We’ve taken some time to tally all the votes from Round #2, and are now here to bring you the top 32 songs that will be in Round #3’s knockout tournament, plus all the info you need to know about how the round is gonna go!

Going by the order of the polls they won in, here are the top 32:

To Zanarkand
One Winged Angel
Aerith’s Theme
Streets of Rabanastre

You’re Not Alone
Vale di Fantastica

Terra’s Theme
Eruyt Village
Valley of the Fallen Star
Clash on the Big Bridge

Apocalypsis Aquarius
Jenova Absolute
The Great Warrior
Dancing Mad

Liberi Fatali
Rose of May
Hunter’s Chance
Omnis Lacrima

Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet
Still More Fighting
Vamo Alla Flamenco

Main Theme (VII)
A Place to Call Home
A Fleeting Dream
Balamb Garden

The Price of Freedom
Dark Messenger
Mount Gagazet
Those Who Fight

The Tournament Rules for Round #3

  • Round #3 starts on Saturday (6/10/2018).
  • There will be 16 polls total, each poll will be open for 3 days, as per usual.
  • 4 polls will be posted each day.
  • Song #1 will be pitted against Song #32, Song #2 will be pitted against Song #31, etc, until we’ve narrowed it down to 16 winners.

The ranking of each song will be determined by their seedings in the previous two rounds. This means song #1 will be the one that has received the most votes thus far, and so on.

Because there’s only two songs in each poll and it’s a knockout tournament, there will be no more Joker cards, in case anyone was wondering. :kermit:

The stakes are getting higher now, and the voting shall get rougher! But that’s all part of the fun, eh? See all you lovelies soon! <3 :joy:

P.S., a note from Flare:
I’m working on the top 32 comparison sheet from 2015 and 2018’s events, so look forward to seeing that soon, and perhaps some more fun stats! ;)
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The same thing can be said for the new games to, interestingly enough. There's no songs from FFXIII, FFXIV, FF: BE or FF: 0. FFXV only managed to get three songs in. It seems our board likes the FFVII - FFXII games the best.

Of course, it might also have to do with how SE's later FF games aren't mainly console games anymore so their latwr games have less overall exposure.
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