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TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs


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@Minato don’t forget that there weren’t many nominations for the early games (V and below). From I to V, there were only 13 songs nominated. The games from the main numbered series that received the least nominations were those first V games.


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Hello everyone, I said I was working on some fun stats for you all to view, and I've finally finished enough to post on here! :joy:

First, here are some interesting stats for Round 2 of the event.
This spreadsheet was put together as a collaboration between Flint and I! :D I asked him how he went about putting the stats together back in 2015, but I'm not very knowledgeable with spreadsheets and formulae yet, so he offered to help out and let me use his old spreadsheet as a template. I put in the data for this year's Round 2, and Flint fixed up the formulae for everything so that it worked together. I hope everyone enjoys browsing these! ^_^ I couldn't have done it without his help.
Tab 1 shows the list of 96 songs sorted by the poll group they were in. It also tells you the votes they received in round 1, who nominated the song, and more.

Tab 2 lists the songs by how many votes they received in the second round and also if they qualified to the final 32. Here you can see that if songs tied in round 2 for most votes, we broke that tie by checking how many votes they received in round 1.

Tab 3 just sorts the list by the game these songs were from, letting you easily see which games had the highest amount of songs in this round. Not very surprised that VII has the most here :P

Tab 4 reveals more on which games were the most favored by the voting pool.
VII is definitely in the lead here, it was favored by 12 people, and had 10 of it's songs qualify for the top 32. IX has the next highest, with 7 songs proceeding on, followed by XV, with 4 songs.

Tab 5 has the group stats for the 8 polls posted. Group 1 was the strongest group based on the votes it's songs received in round 1, while group 8 was ranked the weakest. However, group 4 had the most voters at 19 and most votes at 73, while group 7 had the lowest turnout with 15 voters and only 58 votes.

Tab 6 gets into the fun parts about showing us which games we favored most by the way we voted.
B has the highest percentage of her votes going for a specific game, which is VII, however Channy has the biggest VII bias going by the standard deviation.
Tennyo had the least amount of votes at 8, but she has an impressive stretch of voting for exactly one song from eight different games, giving her the most widespread 'bias', or rather a lack of bias. :D The only person to have more than one preferred game is myself, with IX and X.
Forcestealer had the most of his voted songs go through compared to anyone else, while HylianMoggest had the highest percentage of her votes go towards songs that qualified.
Force and Minato voted for the most games at 13 each. Next was myself at 12 games, and Obsidian Fire at 11.

Tab 7, exactly what it says on the tin: votes by game as % of songs from the game in the event. Here we get to see the only song from Brave Exvius get booted out :monster: Although since it was another Prelude song, I'm sure no one was surprised by that.

Tab 8 shows the voter match!
Those who matched the most in their votes is Carlie (Chloe Frazer) and Philco, with 35.16%. The next highest match is Force and HylianMogget at 30.63%, and 'third place' is Ghost X and Philco with 30.11%.

There will be no stats for round 1 since Fancy as I were still finding our feet and the first several polls do not have public votes. I'm not sure if I'll do extensive stats for the final 32, but I'm leaning towards no; this took a fair bit of time already and I don't want to take on too much since the event will be over soon.

However, this post is not quite finished, nor is my work. I have one more spreadsheet to share, which shows the top 96-100 and top 32 comparisons from 2018 and 2015! I plan on adding in comparisons for the final 16, the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the finals, so look forward to one last update when it's all finished. :)
The reason for 2018's event only having a top 96 is because of the lower pool of songs we had with the nominations, and Fancy and I wanted a defined number for round 2; 96 was the perfect balance for it. I hope you enjoy seeing how these events compared to one another!

Thanks to everyone who's been participating and having fun with this event; it's nearing the end and I'm glad it's been successful. <3


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Flare is the only one with 32 votes who failed to have VII as her favoured game. Please have her scheduled for corrective treatment immediately. :nah:


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Cool work, Flare! It's so interesting to see our biases so plainly laid out :tearsofjoy: Also, at a glance, it kinda looks like we had more songs from all across the board this time, whereas in 2015 it was quite heavy on VII? Super interesting either way!
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