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I wish I could play 2013. I bought it last year during some sale and was kind of appalled by all the quicktime bullshit, so it made me never want to play the game.


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MGM has lost the rights to the series, meaning it will be rebooted (again) and Alicia Vikander is one and done as Lara Croft.

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I actually forgot they even made another movie after Cradle of Life. Oh well, lets see where that leads.

I wonder what’s going on with that Netflix series? There’s been nothing on it in ages.

Also if anyone’s interested, there’s now a mod loader and model mods available for Legend and Anniversary.


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I really liked the story they told in the 2013 game, it’s a shame the movie didn’t stick closer to that. Think it would have made for a much better film than what we got. Would be interested to know what’s going on with the Netflix series, think Hayley Attwell would make for a good Lara.


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Embracer Group just sold their 'Tomb Raider' rights to Amazon for a deal that we can exclusively reveal as being approximately a 600 Million overall package making it Amazon's second biggest purchase after purchasing the television rights for 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power'. Therefore, this puts into perspective the cost and prices that Embracer maybe looking for.

Expect announcement on thursday when Amazon does their earnings report.
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The remaster is out now, here's a comparison between the original and the remaster:
So much better than the remasters we got on iOS in 2013/2014.

I didn’t see this coming, the creator of OpenLara worked on the remasters:
The remasters so far as I've been playing them are the best remaster I think we've ever got of anything. It is so faithful to the feel and look of the original, which you can verify at any time just by switching engines, and it preserves the original game, while also giving an update that's not just a curiosity. I would consider these new versions to be as if the game has been ported to modern consoles. I mean I know it has been, but as if it was an official release in the same way Sonic 3D blast on Saturn is a version released at the same time as Sonic 3d on megadrive.

I think the closest remaster approach is Halo Anniversary, but the difference there is Halo 1 and 2 remasters are very different in the new graphical design, as if it's a different game, but TR with new graphics just feels like you remember it in your head.

The main difference I've felt so far is I'm convinced they've upped the amount of enemies on screen in parts.

You can also freely move the camera with the right analogue stick even in the old game, kind of like the change to MGS3 subsistence.

They took a route that was very respectful of the original game, basically doing everything the can to improve it subtly, while not really changing anything. There are small additions like light coming through a ceiling that was previously just a texture, an that kind of thing.

It should set the standard for remasters as it preserves the original unlike remakes which sometimes replace it. Even saying, we would not choose to do this now is better than just trying to say it's reprehensible but we're selling it anyway. Makes no sense.

From now on every remaster where possible should be like Mario All Stars on Snes, with the ability to change the engine to Nes at the press of a button. This would be amazing for a Final Fantasy remaster too, which I think would actually be doable IF they collaborated with the fans who have been working to update textures and graphics over the years, or like the Sonic Origins devs who got screwed over by Sega.

Basically hire the people who've been working on these projects for years.

The one sour note is that while a disclaimer may have been warranted, they should not have went so far with it, as to put a note saying the portrayals cause harm and are not supported by Crystal Dynamics is in my opinion, reprehensible for them to sell by their own ethics. It's not a toss up between altering the game or not, but don't say these are inexcusable, harmful etc then sell the game.


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Even saying, we would not choose to do this now is better than just trying to say it's reprehensible but we're selling it anyway. Makes no sense.

-this part was meant to go at the end
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