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And after all my moaning I sat down today and finally finished the dam game.
It was awesome when Navarro told Roman to open up El Dorado. :monster:
Vistillian Visty
Loved it. i played the demo a month ago and kicked myself not not playing it before. so the next day i was playing it religiously.
looking forward to the sequel and hope they dont fuck up the movie. (they will)
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That scene's been all over the web for a while now, it's in IGN and gamespot's review, and was released during long before TGS I believe.

All of you tards should be playing the MP demo to see how awesome the game is.
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It received a 21/20. How epic is that?

This game is history in the making.
Look at it's metacritic score. It's got more than 10 raving reviews, hell fucking adam sessler love the game and raved about it in his review, AND his soapbox.


I've seen the videos, and it looks a very high-quality / good game :monster:. Nothing ground-breaking, as the GT review says, but it takes a bunch of existing gameplay and story elements and drags it to a next level. The things I've seen hint at a lot of pre-scripted (and epically looking) events (train.). Not sure if there's actually any gameplay involved in that, but it looks good nevertheless :monster:.
So, have people had the chance to tool around with this game yet? What do you think?

I think it is fantastic, personally my favorite thing is the acting - both voice and motion because the Naughty Dog geniuses thought of the BRILLIANT idea of recording both, together, at the same time. Why more games don't do this (Heavenly Sword did) I have no idea. Everything about the characters is so natural and believable and is actually funny! The last game that had speech as you were playing that made laugh was the Prince of Persia Sands of Time. So well done there.

Everyones seen the graphics of course, they're amazing, but the fact that so many demanding scenes are playable. The train is sweet but a little obvious that its looping, and the fact that railroad crossings ONLY show up when you're in a position to be hit by one is a little ridiculous, but scenes like the hotel being destroyed while you're in it (as in, being repeatedly struck by missiles), the way all the stuff in the building is thrown around the room is incredible. You're being thrown around too, but you are in control. There's another great convoy sequence that I won't spoil but is also really technically impressive.

The game simply plays like an action movie, every bridge you walk across collapses, everything explodes just as you get off/out, the aforementioned train crossings, and because of that, its perfectly fine and works really well, especially with the acting and gameplay.

The guys are still bullet sponges but not nearly as bad as the first game, my only REAL complaint for this game is a complaint I have with the current direction of the industry. The ONLY co-op is online. Why? Why is there no split-screen? Is it that hard? Does it take that much time to program? I'm mainly a single-player gamer, but when I do play with my friends, I will take locally any day of the week and games are just dropping it now and it pisses me off...but that's a different discussion.
I loved everything! Save for the ending

I think it would've been better if Nate didnt have to choose over the 2 girls. Oh and because Chloe>>>Elena. She'll always have Sully I guess LOL. Just my two cents
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Why is there no split-screen? Is it that hard?
The game was built around single player, co-op didn't work when they tried to implement it into the campaign, so they took awesome moments from the main game and modified them for co-op play.
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Co-op is an afterthought is why. Not to mention the visuals are downscaled for mp. Splitscreen can cause a bit hit in performance in games that have heavy visuals like U2 too unless you take a while working to optimize it.
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