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I'm playing the game right now and though I'm causing Drake to die an embarrassingly huge number of times due to my poor platforming skills, I'm having a blast.

Has anyone gotten Drake to say "kitty got wet" after he melee attacks someone? I'm curious to see whether ND actually put that line in the game.
How would you guys like the next Uncharted game? A prequel for the PSP/PS3 or another sequel for the PS3?

Personally, I don't want to see this series on the PSP. Graphics wouldnt be that breathtaking.
Yeah. NEVER! There's so much backstory to be told though. Even after playing the 2nd one, I feel like I don't know much about Drake and co.

Spoilers abound though, careful. This is really pretty cool. Yeah, Adam Sessler's annoying but I can put up with because this is pretty interesting. Naughty Dog's really working its way to being one of my favorite developers.
The way they handle the voice acting and everything is exactly how it should be done and it shows. The games characters are so believable and natural. People talk about Japan doing voiceovers better because they have everyone together in the room. Well Naughty Dog has the voice actors also do the motion capture at the same time and physically act out the scenes. (Heavenly Sword also did this to similar affect)
The result is absolutely flawless, there's also no in-stone script. The actors are encouraged to ad-lib and do what they want with the characters, making them that much more believable. As for the ingame banter, the actors were literally sat in front of footage from the game testers and recorded ad-libbing just what they came up with watching it. Genius.

It really makes me sad that this would be nigh impossible for a dub unless SE REALLY wanted to shell out the big bucks. But it is really unfortunate that we will never have a Final Fantasy character with this level of believability...

More people need this game! To both enjoy it and play with me online. Seriously, its very nearly worth the PS3.


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It definitely is a game everyone should at least play once (and own). :3 I've gone through it 4 times already and, although I'm taking a break, I do plan on playing it again to get all the treasures and whatnot; possibly some more trophies. I'm not usually much of a perfectionist at all and yet I want to do these extra things just to have a chance to play the game again.


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That sequence where you have to maneuver that water scooter up the river avoiding the floating barrels while being shot at


I think it took me 30 tries >_>

Also, is it just me, or are the 'dungeon' parts MUCH scarier than in 2 and 3?? I was down in the dark with my tiny flashlight and all of a sudden there was a guy there trying to shoot me and I almost jumped! (I like it, though! Keeps you on the edge of your seat.)


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Just wait til you're exploring the reseach facility and the underground ruins. they're freeeeeeeeeaky haha. That jetski part is hard especially on Crushing :monster:


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Just wait til you're exploring the reseach facility
Yes thank you I'm there right now. >_> Currently hiding from a bunch of freaks that just keep coming and coming and I'm like - how many waves of these are there??

Edit: I had to look this up. Apparently I'm supposed to run through the entire thing to trap the thingys inside. Oh well... better start running I guess? Don't want to do this all over again >_>

EditII: Cleared it.

Wow this one is SO MUCH SCARIER than the other two :lol:
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I thought the last bits were spooky too. At the time, a lot of people said they didn't enjoy it because it was such a 180 from the rest of the game, but I did.

Indiana Jones did this shit all the time too.

Why, I say we need MORE of it. :monster:


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Hmm. I think #2 and #3 solved the issue of 'alien enemies' better by still making it creepy, but not as jumping-in-the-air scary. So yeah, I do see the criticism that it is too much of an 180. Playing 1 after playing 3 and 2 (in that order) I think the follow ups are both improvements. But that being said... I enjoyed the spooky bits too :desu:


I almost stopped playing at that bit where you have to go to turn the power on because I was bloody terrified. It's been so long since I last played this game but I'll never forget that fear ;-;

I do like that they toned down the fear factor for "supernatural" stuff in 2 and 3 though. I don't think having it in the first one took anything away from the game, but I remember reading posts from other places at the time that were like "WHAT IS THIS I DID NOT SIGN UP TO PLAY RESIDENT EVIL" and such.


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Hoooo shit, guess who's starting the Uncharted series from the very beginning???


Got the collection with games 1-3 the other night after someone at Mr. Lith's work gave him A Thief's End. It's been high time I've played this from the very beginning. I tried the first one when it originally came out, but I never got far. The fact that Nolan North and Troy Baker are going to be at a con in May that I'm going to may have a little bit to do with it. :closedmonster:
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