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Unseen Version of Final Fantasy VII in Newly Uploaded Promo Video

Read Front Page newspost written by Prince Lex.

Huge thanks to koolaidman for sharing this with us.

You all know what this means right? With this lengthy video of high quality pre-release in-game recordings, we need an extensive analysis article for this.
Differences pointed out so far (copied from Lex's newspost) :

1:30 – No one has eyes aside from Cloud.
2:30 – Unused scene with alternate version of the save point.
3:47 – In this and every other battle, the attacks on Cloud only deal 1HP damage.
3:52 – The attack names are not present.
4:14 – Cloud’s magic animation is off-centre.
5:16 – An early version of “Those Chosen by the Planet”.

General differences:
There also appears to be major differences in some of the textures used for monsters, as well as differences in battle formations and encounters. Spot something we didn’t? Come join the discussion, or post your thoughts below.
Prince Lex has been working hard recently, both in the background and with making newsposts. In about three weeks he has written five news entries.
If anybody else out there feels confident about making newsposts, let me know so I have somebody to contact in case a piece of neat info comes up. I personally dislike writing news posts, plus I'm not very efficient at it, hence why we need more people who see it as their task to keep the front page up to date.

Yet again, we keep forgetting in some instances to make a simultaneous forum thread as news is posted. I realised this only just now, hence why I made a separate news thread for this FFVII promo video.

But I also see it as a project thread now. I want the community to stretch their muscles by pointing out the differences they can spot between the promo and the final game. Also, I want somebody to take the lead of making this into a front page feature that will then be linked to in the FFVII: OG Index Page.

I plan TLS to have MANY "Pre-Release Versus Final Game/Title" comparison articles. For this to happen, we need brave souls to get to work. I am too busy with my own projects at present.


Hello there,

lets see more about final fantasy VII, Development of Final Fantasy VII resumed in backward 1995, and appropriate the efforts of about 120 artists and programmers, application Power Animator and Soft image|3D software and a account of added than US$30 million. Final Fantasy VI’s co-director and book writer, Kitase, alternate to absolute and co-write Final Fantasy VII and was anxious the authorization ability be larboard abaft if it did not bolt up to the 3D computer cartoon acclimated in added amateur at the time. Production began afterward the authoritative of a short, beginning tech audience alleged “Final Fantasy SGI” for Silicon Graphics, Inc. Onyx workstations. The audience featured polygon-based 3D renderings of characters from Final Fantasy VI in a absolute time battle.


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That was beautiful!

Seriously can we put that post in "Best of TLS" because I laughed myself half to death reading it.


My favourite part is:

Filthy Bot said:
Kitase, alternate to absolute and co-write Final Fantasy VII and was anxious the authorization ability be larboard abaft

I want to be larboard abaft, whatever it means. It sounds like fun.

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See I thought it sounded highly painful. Just goes to show how little that actually means (that is, it can mean anything) :reapermon:


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'Larboard abaft' sounded to me like an outdated nautical term and whaddaya know....it is!:

An early version of "port" is
larboard, which itself derives from Middle-English ladebord via corruption in the 16th century by association with starboard. The term larboard, when shouted in the wind, was presumably too easy to confuse with starboard<sup id="cite_ref-Norie1847_0-0" class="reference">[1]</sup> and so the word port came to replace it. Port is derived from the practice of sailors mooring ships on the left side at ports in order to prevent the steering oar from being crushed.

Abaft: Toward the stern, relative to some object ("abaft the fore hatch").

It still doesn't make that sentence make any sense though :lol:
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