Final Fantasy VII – The Original

The Ultimania translations linked here can also be accessed via the Guide Book Translations section.


Review: The FFVII Toshiba DVD
The obscure FFVII DVD released in 1997.
PlayStation versus Toshiba DVD: FMV Analysis

Absolute Steve’s FFVII Guide (Offsite: GameFAQs)
For the most comprehensive guide out there on how to play FFVII and even how to get a perfect save file, look no further!

FFVII Version Guide
A comprehensive look at the discrepancies in content between various releases of the game.

FFVII International 4th Disc Image Gallery
112 images from the bonus disc that is only included in the second (complete) Japanese version of FFVII.

Game Credits – Final Fantasy VII
Includes a commentary about some of the game staff and an overview of the difference in credits across releases.


Dengeki PlayStation Vol.17

Dengeki PlayStation Vol.40

“EGM2 August 1997 issue” scans
Interviewed: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Tetsuya Nomura, Kazuyuki Hashimoto, Yusuke Naora & Nobuo Uematsu.

FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania p. 8-13 “Creators’ Discussion”
Yoshinori Kitase, Kazushige Nojima & Tetsuya Nomura talk about the making of FFVII.

Final Fantasy VII Developer Speaks Out About “The Travelling Salesman”, interview by GlitterBerri.

Weekly Famitsu: FFVII 15th Anniversary Feature

A 12-page coverage of the game’s plot and production history. The FFVII cast interviewed were Kitase, Nomura and Nojima (and two anonymous PR staff).
Yoshinori Kitase Interview
Tetsuya Nomura Interview


Early Material File

From the FFVII Ultimania Omega (2005).
Early concepts for the world, characters and themes.
Character Files: Page 518, Cloud, Barret & Tifa.
Character Files: Page 519-520, Aerith, Red XIII & Cait Sith.
Character Files: Page 520-523, Yuffie, Cid & Vincent.
Worldview & Terminology: Page 523-525
Scenarios & Scripts: Page 525-526
Scenarios & Scripts: Page 527-528
Scenarios & Scripts: Page 528-529
Scenarios & Scripts: Page 528-529 (Part 2)

The Unused Text Series

Text and scenes found within the game code of the retail editions. Complete with in-depth commentary written by Shademp.
Article Index and Term Register
Part 1: Bombing Mission & The Train Ride
Part 2: Sector 7 Slums
Part 3: Train Escape & The Sector 5 Slums
Part 4: Honey Bee Inn – (1) Entrance, Lobby & Dressing Room
Part 4: Honey Bee Inn – (2) Waiting Room & Second Floor
Part 5: Rescuing Aeris, Story Time at the Inn – (1) Wall Market to Shinra HQ Library
Part 5: Rescuing Aeris, Story Time at the Inn – (2) Shinra HQ Library to Kalm
Part 6: Chocobo Farm to Corel Prison – (1) Chocobo Farm to Cargo Ship
Part 6: Chocobo Farm to Corel Prison – (2) Costa del Sol to Corel Prison
Part 7: Gongaga to Wutai
Part 8: Keystone Quest to End of Disc 1
Part 9: Over the Glacier – Attack on Junon
Part 10: On the Highwind – Cloud’s Return
Part 11: Underwater Reactor – Infiltrating Midgar
Part 12: End of Disc 2 – Final Dungeon

Unused Fields of FFVII
Author: Shademp


The Rise of Squaresoft Localization (Offsite)
A fascinating article about the localization of j-rpgs, FFVII included. Provides insight to the translation process and just who handled these monumental tasks.

Gameplay Videos of Final Fantasy VII Demos (Offsite)

GarlandTheGreat’s Playlist contains gameplay recordings for all known FFVII demos, except for the Japanese edition of the Tobal No.1 demo disc, which can instead be viewed here.

Unseen Version of Final Fantasy VII in New Square Promo Video, news item from July 2012.

Max Natural HP/MP Challenge Completed by songsengnim, newspost from March 2012.