Updating the way we greet newbkins


After greeting Vanuria on her intro thread the other day, I realised that I wasn’t sure what helpful information to give her because I wasn’t aware of the way new folks are greeted when they first sign on and what information is already given to them.

We now have an opportunity to update that greeting for the new year and possibly incorporate any new, bright ideas that this community has to offer. ?

But first, Lex is gonna grab the greeting as is for us. :megusta:

@Lex do yo thang!


I have the welcome message, give us a sec (wow I just misspelt that as sex TWICE)

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It was just updated and approved by this here forum less than a month ago, in case you were wondering


LOL NO!!!!

I mean, I think this is informative, but like we never discussed it from a friendliness point of view, which is what I assumed this thread was about? And like, I love the casual chill tone of the first bit (the bit I didn't write lmao) but like ...? Do you think it's worth there being anything else? Is there any info you wish you'd known when you were brand new that isn't here? Does it seem welcoming enough? Etc, etc, etc.

Like, the discussion we had about it before had a very specific 'yo, is this okay' kinda deal, that doesn't mean we can't all discuss how we wanna be greeting our babies, innit!
Is it the case even with the new forum that new members have to make ten (or is it five?) posts before they can post links and edit their posts? Is there any point when new members are informed of this during the registration process?


The FAQ's desperately need an overhaul for sure. The vast majority of forums will just point a new member to them with a link when they join. Happy to help with updating them.


Same! I haven't looked at them in forever but they were useful when I couldn't figure out wtf was up hahaha.
Cool when I'm home at some point let's dig them out and take a look!


I've seen this message of Crash but I didn't do anything with it beacause I'm lazy and don't really want to be responsible for things like this anymore, :monster:

Carry on, let me know if you need anything from me.
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