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What if FF7 was released in December 1997 as...the first part of a Movie Trilogy Instead of a Game?


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Lets say the story of FF7 originated as a Japanese book, or manga/anime etc.

And Hollywood decided to make it a trilogy, with James Cameron as the Director. Part 1 December '97, Part 2 December '98, and Part 3 December '99.

Like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which came soon after.

Ive always said FF7 was my 'Star Wars'. I think it's cultural impact could have been much bigger had it been a mainstream movie rather then a video game with a far more limited audience, especially for the time.

Do you think FF7's story had enough weigh to lift 3 movies? And become iconic like the LOTR trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy etc?

Cloud - Leonardo Dicaprio
Aerith - Winona Ryder
Barret - Ving Rhames
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I feel like this is kinda a Non sequitur sort of question, since the FFVII story was inherently designed with it being a video game as inherent part of its structure. It would have bee a very different beast if had originated from a different medium, so trying to speculate otherwise seems like trying to ask what would Citizen Kane have been like if it had originally been a video game?


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Based on the time romance was super popular. Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, Space Jam.

So I think they'd probably have ended up shipping Cloud with Aerith and just ending things in Midgar with a sort of Fight Club ending.
Leonardo Dicaprio as Cloud. Claire Danes as Aerith. Ming-Na Wen as Tifa. Wesley Snipes as Barret. And Dennis Hopper as President Shinra.

This Christmas... experience the FInal Fantasy............ VII. Directed by Ang Lee. Coming soon to a theater near you.

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Can we expand on who from the 90s would get cast into which roles?
I'll start:
Johnny Depp - Vincent Valentine
Christian Slater - Reno
Robin Williams - Cait Sith
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - Tseng
Keanu Reeves - Reeve (OMG Bruh, it's too perfect)
Brad Pitt - Sephiroth
Wallace Shawn - Palmer
Gary Oldman - Voice AND body of Red XIII, because he can do anything

What else ya got?


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It'd probably flop lol

What made FFVII so memorable was not just it's story, but the fact the story was a video game. If it were a movie it'd at best be a cult classic that would not have left the huge foot print on popular culture the video game managed to do.

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I mean...given that VII is a JRPG, I would expect it to have the 90s Japanese movies aesthetic, rather than it being a Hollywood production of sorts.

So, it'd fade even more away into obscurity.


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I asked AI to imagine Cloud as a live action movie character from the 1990s. This is what it gave me

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