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Hey just a heads up, even though Fancy said Discord wasn't necessary.

It actually is lol. The vast majority of brainstorming and content requests are housed there, further more the way we developed content is very free form and we try to get as much input as possible for everyone for every project i.e. just because you signed up as an artist doesnt mean we wont value your input on a script etc.

So yeah, if you wanna be on the team you need Discord.

Edit : after you make your discord accounts either PM me, fancy or clay for invites and thanks for joining the team cant wait to see yall online:)
Why not use both, the forum and discord? I mean the only reason I know now about TLS looking for content creators is because of this thread, why not keep the traffic here?


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I think I'm in both discords now, but it doesnt look like i can post in either?

In any case, my experience is mainly in the adobe programs - photoshop for illustrating/painting/animating, flash animation, aftereffects for video editing, and some very basic premier.

I've been procrastinating on updating my actual portfolio but my instagram has some shit right now.

Also I dropped my starbucks on the train trying to compose this message, rip my $5 and my pride :sadpanda:


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I'm interested but you kicked me out of the discord because I didn't like watching a cat get tortured into meowing
My dude, you left voluntarily. I'm also addressing publicly that it's not cool to accuse our community of being animal cruelty apologists over a funny gif of a cat getting annoyed.

OT: Can attest that being an artist for the TLS Creators Circle has been very rewarding. We have so many exciting projects in the works!
Oh hey heads up if you wanted to join and still haven't asked one of the producers ( lex, me, claymore and Fancy) for an invite to the creator discord your goofing son lol .

Please hit us up so we can get the ball rolling :D
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You dang kids and your intertubes

I suspect I am not alone in not being hip enough to plug into the Discord. Lots of exciting activity over there, but I miss too much too often, and trying to scroll up to find the source of a notification, then hunting for the context, it’s all beyond me.
Yeah, that was my big deterrent when I tried looking into it.

The interface reminds me of the mass group AIM chats I partook of back around the turn of the century. Except with multiple tabs -- rather than just the one window -- racking up messages I'd need to scroll back up through to the point where I last read. =P

It's an unsortable mess for me, and I suppose just unsuited to the pace and tone I look for in discussing most things.


It does take some getting used to, but once you're used to it it's fine. Discord has quickly become ingrained as part of internet discussion culture, particularly for fandom/ community setups.

The secret is just to mute everything. You still get notifications when you're directly mentioned and then you can just peruse whatever you like at your leisure. I have 18 servers on discord (3 of them related to TLS, almost all specifically for gaming in some manner).

Anyway, it would be good to see you both on there because the chat is flowing particularly well on the newer TLS server - it's directly linked with the FFVII Remake Reddit now, and the site YouTube channel, so we're drawing in a lot of fresh faces to the community (who are now also joining the board). I kind of understand there's a mild frustration in not being able to "read everything" but you need to treat Discord with a "dip in, dip out" mentality.

It serves as a wonderful alternative to Skype, which we obviously used for years. And before that, there was the IRC <3. Something will likely succeed Discord eventually, but it really just hits all the right notes for a more instant form of communication with the community itself.

Might be worth writing up a thread on how to join the TLS server and maybe some "new to discord?" type instructions with screenshots?

Here have a random screenshot of the new TLS server:



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I am alright with navigating the discord, but the sheer volume of everything makes it a lil overwhelming for me. I've only really used it for small gaming groups n stuff.

It okay though cuz it seems you guys have a good groove going. If any assistance is needed, you are welcome to tag me (I am Astrospook on discord) and I will get to it as best I can :)
To add to Lex's screenshot, here is what your missing out on in the Social Server


It's really starting to pick up steam and there are a ton of new faces showing up regularly now, the FF7R section regularly has atleast 1 or 2 people chatting about it and it would be an absolute treat to get some more of the TLS members, especially really knowledgeable ones like you guys in on the action.

As Lex pointed out, you just have to mess with the settings a little bit so it doesn't overwhelm you and just hop in when you feel like it (this is in regards to the Social server, I will legit kick you if your not QA and mute the Creator server :monster: )

Just mute shit and leave it so @here and @everyone still ping you and your basically set to go. My discord legit never has any +1 or w/e message icons unless im directly or indirectly @'d now and it's pretty easy to navigate. Especially on the creator server where

A) it doesn't have nearly as much volume


B ) You can literally just click a button to jump to posts you were mentioned in
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People generally dont use forums at nearly the same rate anymore lol


And again as far as the content creator team goes, if your not in the creator discord your basically not in the team. It is 100% set up to be the main location where we gather and basically "writers table" the videos, as well as the main location where we gather to do group voice overs and generally brain storm.
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