Zombie Apocalypse RP


alex is dead
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Whilst we're undergoing this section renaissance, I think its as good a time as any to do an interest check/brainstorming session for this project.

Seriously, we've been talking about it for ages. Might as well make a thread about it.


hedgehog pandacat
I am excited to write my character's death and sobsequent transformation into a zombie.

At which point my nicely thought out prose will slowly divulge into a serious of "mruhm.... grgrhakjk.... bbraiinds..... ffdsfllesh...."


We have come to terms
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Take Shame from TWD, remove his crazy, and have him with some kind of skill with either fixing crap or being the "who wants to volunteer" guy.

Yeah, I'm in.

Alessa Gillespie

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no too many i can't walk down the street to get a fuckin gallon of milk without having to suffer their groaning and moaning.


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I just made a Fallout RP character who may or may not actually be approved because of an afk mod

so yeah sure i'm game
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