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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #3571

Warn your women and children. Some of the men, too.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #3572
Jesse McCree

I've been juggling between Destiny 2, Overwatch and League of legends. I may go back to pokemon sun to fix my collection later this year or next year.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #3573
Chloe Price

In between the Batman Telltale series and Final Fantasy IX right now. There are others I'm going to every now and again, but Final Fantasy XV (on New Game+) is the biggest culprit.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #3574

I've just finished up on World of Final Fantasy & absolutely adored it! VERY fun game!! Really good story, nothing too hardcore or complicated. Awesome game! I put just over 60 hrs into it & very happy with that figure.

Now, my next time sink is Dragon Age Inquisition.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #3575

I got back to Stardew Valley, I've been sick for the past couple days, it's an enjoyable enough game that is yet to feel like a slog again (even though it is). I'm getting close to endgame now, I think; just need some fish and some pumpkins to finish two of the bundles, the remainder is the stoopit "relationship" ones which will probably be a hecking grind.

Blueberries ftw. I need a shed full of barrels to make them worth moar monies. Actually the grind for wood/stone/etc will probably be the most tedious thing now. I'll also need billions of stone for endgame content spoilers Skull Cavern, haxoring my way down dozens if not hundreds of floors to get to the good stuff. I gathered every plain stone will be iridium at level 300 and below, I'll stuff my farm full of iridium sprinklers and monoculure my way to breaking the game's money counter. Then make everyone my waifu.

It's going to come to the Switch too, an excellent game for that platform imo.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #3576

i decided to try to go through ps3 games i own but hadn't played yet so i have gone through dead space 3

or what i can without a network connection, since my ps3 hasn't really been able to access the psn for months. so those co-op only missions i can't do, which i guess are also meant to flesh out carver's character judging from the trophy description? without that you get like one audio log for backstory and by the end of the game i'm supposed to care about him or something. i didn't :')

i managed to get it to sort of access the network the other day (it let me login but signed me out if i tried to open the store so i had to go through other menus) so i managed to download the dlc codes i had from the game box. i was looking forward to using ration seals to buy more resources, except when i tried it didn't work. which if i had to guess could be either a) it tries to connect to the psn store but still fails even through a game, b) my copy of the game and my psn account's region don't match, or c) my account's region is japan and since no dead space game apart from extraction on the wii was released in japan, there's no content for it to find even if it can connect

the simple solution to these would be to just give you the option of using an ai-controlled partner for the co-op missions or if possible let you solo them, and to let you use ration seals without connecting to a network.

also not turning the game into a cover shooter, that's also an idea to think about while ea never lets you make another dead space
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