30 days of FF meme (Spoilers)

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You're Not Alone is up there, as is Great Warrior. But I'm with looney, it has to go to

Or if you're a sound quality snob :monster::


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Favourite FF songs would have to be Dancing Mad, One Winged Angel (specially ACC's Advent One Winged Angel if we are to count in the remixes) and The Dark Messenger.

But in terms of FF theme songs, then Melodies of Life takes it for one million miles. I love this song, it's just beautiful. It can be so sad but cheery at the same time. Really love it.

Battle Theme 2


FFVI's Opening Theme
Terra's Theme
Aria de Mezzo Carretere
Slam Shuffle
Kefka's Theme

FFVII's Prelude
Aerith's theme
Those Chosen By the Planet
Birth of God

The Promised Land
Battle in the Forgotten City
Divinity I
Divinity II

Mission Start
The World's Enemy

Liberi Fatalli
A Sacrifice
Sucession of Witches
Fethos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
The Extreme
The Sucessor
Eyes on Me

The place I'll return someday
Memories Erased in the Storm
The Skies of Alexandria
The Play Begins
Summoning to Destroy Cleyra
Recalling Bahamut
Summoning Alexander
Song Of Memory
The Chosen Summoner
A trasient past/Chamber of One Thousand Faces
Rose of May
Kuja's Theme
Kuja leaving Burmecia
Devil's Ambition
Desert Palace
The fall of Trance Kuja

Yuna's Theme
Calm before the Storm
A Fleeting Dream
Contest of Aeons
Suteki da ne

Loop Demo
Opening Theme

Defiers fo Fate
Blinding Light

FF Music FTW :monster:
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Best song would have to be the entire opera. Search your feelings; you know it to be true.

But honourable mentions to Clash on the Big Bridge, You're Not Alone, Dancing Mad, Terra's Theme (FFVI), and the ending of FFVI. The theme from Terra in FFIX and "Silence Before the Storm" in FFX round out the top of my list of other favourites, at least off-hand, though I could go listing tracks I love from both games for hours if I looked at the entire track listing of all the games.


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Like everybody else, I can't decide which I like better. Each FF had amazing music, so I'll just take the easy route and pick all the versions of The Prelude, The Main Theme, The Victory Fanfare, and The Chocobo Theme. :awesome:

Edit: Nevermind, I pick the remix of The Prelude that plays in Memoria in IX. That was a great tune! But I still say that I can't pick just one. They are all amazing.
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All right, ignoring what the song actually sounds like in game and focusing on composition/melody? My picks from each game:

FFI: Overworld
FFII: The Rebel Army
FFIII: Elia, Maiden of Water
FFIV: Red Wings, Battle With the Four Fiends
FFV: Four Valiant Hearts, Battle on the Big Bridge
FFVI: Terra, Locke, Kefka, Aria de Mezzo Carattere, The Decisive Battle, Dancing Mad
FFVII: Bombing Mission, Anxious Hearts, Main Theme, The Great Warrior, Cid, Judgement Day, Birth of a God
FFVIII: Liberi Fatali, The Landing, The Stage is Set, Ami, Love Grows, Ending Theme
FFIX: Vivi, Crossing Those Hills, Wreckless Steiner, Kuja's Theme, Ambush Attack, Protecting my Devotion, You're Not Alone, Towards That Gate
FFX: To Zanarkand, Song of Prayer, Via Purifico, Ending Theme


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I don't know if should count as the opera because it's basically the same song but Celes's theme from FF6. It's just so magical and beautiful. I would say the opera, but there isn't a vocal version I've found to enjoy yet, because all the Maria's sound over cheesy, and cringeworthy, espically the Black Mages version. So yeah, it has to, go to Celes's theme.

I've found this fanmade version of Celes's theme on youtube, and it's just so beautiful !! But it hasn't got that much views, but I've listened to it on my Tumblr page like, 100,0000 times.



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I should add that the reason the opera is my favourite piece of music is because it is by far the most emotionally evocative marriage of music to gameplay and storyline that I have ever encountered in a game. Sure the graphics accompanying it are only 16-bit and they had to use a synthesizer for the voice in the OST, both of which kind of detract from the in-game effect, but it doesn't matter. Nothing like that had even been attempted before, as far as I'm aware, and I'm not aware of anything like it that's been attempted since either. The fact that you're actually put into the opera as a character and have to participate in a small way by selecting lines only adds to the experience; somehow it reminds me of when I actually used to perform for an audience, even though it's pretty basic stuff. Sure, there are much more interactive music games now, but as far as I'm aware none of them have a story matching anything like FFVI's. It was just a magical section of gameplay merged with music that hasn't ever been equalled.


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Agreed -- and also the other movements of the opera flowed so well with the Locke/Ultros storyline as well.


My favorite party from my favorite game would have to be... Cloud, Red XIII and Yuffie.

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Fave party for fave game(s):
FF7 - Cloud, Red, Vincent
FFT - all monks with Two Swords :awesome: also Orlandu

Other faves:
FFXIII - Lightning, Vanille, Fang (OT3 <3)
FFVI - Sabin, Edgar, Locke, Celes, though I had Celes so buffed up she pretty much solo'd the entire latter half of the game
FFIX - Zidane, Garnet, Steiner, Vivi


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FFVI: Celes, Tina, Edgar, Locke

Because they have the equipment to fuck your shit up. All of them can equip most of the best equipment in the game, and most of them have really useful abilities. (I did not use Morph much, but that's because Tina was usually so powerful by the time she obtained it that it had little value). Celes and Tina have great magic stats as well, so they can magic the crap out of anyone you need burnt to a crisp (admittedly, Relm's innate stat is better, but by the time you get her you'll probably have raised Celes and Tina's stats to above hers with Phantom Beasts). And Steal is possibly the best character-specific ability in the game. At least, it was the one I used the most.

That said, sometimes I will swap one of them out for Wind God Gau. It's hard to argue with Offering + Cat Scratch + Tempest. The only reason I didn't use it more is because it meant I couldn't combine the Offering with a Genji Glove. Retainer was another great rage. Almost half the reason I was upset at losing Leo was not having a character who could perform Shock at will, so having a character that could do it at random was nice. The big downside was by the time you could obtain the Rage, it was a lot less useful, at least compared to how useful it would've been earlier in the game.
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I'm a compulsive member switcher. I don't have a favorite party because if one member has been in the party for too long I get irritated. It's a trend I've had all the way up to XIII.

If I did favor characters in VII, it was only because I was AP farming. So toward end game, I guess the best I can say is that I liked having Cloud and Cid in my team, equipped with their triple AP growth weapons. And then maybe Tifa because of nepotism.

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Favorite party(parties)

FFIV - Cecil, Rosa, Edge, Rydia
FFVI - Celes, Locke, Setzer, Edgar
FFVII - Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie
FFVIII - Squall, Quistis, Selphie (sometimes replaced with Zell)
FFIX - Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Freya
FFX - Tidus, Auron(switched with Lulu//Yuna sometimes), Rikku (THE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS, especially if you can mix the right stuff with Rikku. >:3)
FFXII - Vaan, Balthier, Penelo (and sometimes Fran)


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FFVI - Celes, Edgar, Locke, Sabin
FFVII - Cloud, Cid, Barret
FFVIII - Squall, Quistis, Irvine
FFIX - Zidane, Vivi, Garnet, Steiner/Freya
FFX - Tidus, Auron, Lulu
FFXII - Vaan, Balthier, Ashe
FFXIII - Lightning, Sazh, Vanille (only because I need a Saboteur, Fang when I can get away with it)
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Okay, Best Party for me?

FFVII-Cloud, Yuffie and Vincent(Secret Charaters FTW! :D)
FFX-Tidus, Auron and Yuna(Da Best Characters of da best)
FFXIII-Lightning, Hope and Fang(Hope is still a little douch)


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Skipped Day 03. Simply too many tracks to name. Can't believe no one mentioned 'Festival of the Hunt' from FFIX, though. For shame...

Day 04:

FFIX - Zidane, Steiner, Garnet, Freya.

I loved FFIX's battle system because every character had their own role in the party, with a few middle-of-the-roaders thrown in for good measure (Freya, Amarant etc.)

I much prefer this kinda battle system when compared to the two previous games, where your characters had no unique traits outside of their limit breaks. I enjoy having that structure in place to balance your party.


Steiner provides the muscle, Garnet's the summoner/healer, and Freya... well, 'cos she's awesome and I love her Jump ability.


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^ I agree with this man right here on the battle party system. :cthulhu:
Mine is Amarant/Vivi, Zidane, Eiko, and Freya

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Mine were:

FFVI - Terra, Celes, Edgar and Cyan.

FFVII - Cloud, Vincent and Yuffie

FFIX - Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and Eiko.

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I much prefer this kinda battle system when compared to the two previous games, where your characters had no unique traits outside of their limit breaks. I enjoy having that structure in place to balance your party.

I actually set up my party to have use a specific-role structure, even in games like 7 where anyone can pretty much do anything.

For example, with my Cloud-Red-Vincent team, Red was the 'tank' (equipped/materia'd for maximum attack-damage dealing and health), Cloud was my support guy with a primary focus on buffing/heals, and Vincent was my offensive-magic/summon guy.

I originally started doing this after I started raiding seriously in WoW, go figure :monster:


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Cloud a support guy? That's an interesting choice :P

In FF7 I tend to keep everyone pretty flexible and unspecialized (except Aerith). But in FFXII that's exactly what I do to keep myself from getting overwhelmed by the License Grid.
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