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Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Any Animal Crossing fans here? I looked around and didn’t see a thread anywhere for it. If there is one somewhere tucked away, mods feel free to delete this or merge it into that thread.

I just wanted to see if there were any fans here, and if so what did you think about the trailer? I was extremely hyped for this game as a big Animal Crossing fan who has played every entry, and I must say that it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel like the art style looks a bit... off? Maybe that’s just going to take an adjustment since it’s a new game on a new generational console, but it did catch my eye and had me raising an eyebrow. Did anyone else feel the same? Am I just crazy?

And then the other concern I have is that it’s on an island. One thing I always loved about other Animal Crossing entries was being able to travel to an island, but now we are already on an island? So will we be able to travel to like a city or something? Or perhaps just another island, something smaller? Or will this be where the entirety of the game takes place and we will only be able to travel to other friends’ islands? Those are just some questions I have and I don’t believe they’ve been answered yet.

Now what I do know is this - you can have up to eight people live in your town. Four of you can do tasks and things around your town with couch co-op. You can also have up to seven, yes SEVEN, other players online come and visit your town at the same time making it possible to have eight people in your town at one time. All of that is pretty damn cool. They showed it off during treehouse and there are a lot of promising things I saw, so even though it wasn’t quite what I was expecting I’m still excited for it and will be picking it up day one even though I’ll be busy with the remake.


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Although I've been aware of the series for years, I didn't get to play it properly for myself until New Leaf -- and loved it. Super, super addicting, and somehow also pretty relaxing (especially for someone who has anxiety/depression; it seemed to relax at times and distract. Not always, but enough to notice).

So, needless to say, once I heard a new console game was in the makes, I got curious.

The art style... is a bit jarring in ways? I'm not sure what I expected, nor am I necessarily disappointed, either. I did get it pointed out to me that the villagers eyes move with the direction you're looking - which I think is a really cool touch.

I think it's the colour palette that might be throwing me off. A bit less "bright", or it could just be how my laptop viewed it compared to my N3DS.

That's a good question regarding the island. It seems like you'll be able to hang out with friends, but I imagine it'll only be your island or their island. Until a DLC comes out with a "special" place to go to -- which'll probably just be another island. A City sounds really interesting, but what types of games could there be in a city, I wonder?

I didn't see beyond the trailer, so I didn't know about the couch co-op/tasks helping.

I'm curious about how much weight our player will have - since we're not "Mayor" -- but, I think, we are the first person on the island?

I also heard that a villager will actually ask about where they move, as in, "Is this a good spot?" or something like that. Which would be so nice to be able to sort of navigate where you want them to be and have some say in the layout.

Also, kind of thankful for the delay in the game. Not only for the health of the employees, but also because I don't have a Switch yet ^^;

I don't think I'll get the game right away, though (unless some miracle gives me money to spare), as I'm more curious to see it play out to see if it's worth it first. Especially since it'd be my second AC game.


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The crafting system sounds interesting. Hopefully we will have a place to store those materials instead of trying to stuff them into a closet along with everything else.

I wish they would tell us more about amiibo compatibility. Will amiibos work the same way as in New Leaf? I have my favorite villager's card and I would love to move him in right away when I start my new town.

I heard that the player cannot have multiple islands, so I'm guessing they're going to have it as one island per system. That kind of bums me out because I was hoping that we would get one save file per user profile on the Switch. Selfish wish, but I wanted to be able to start over any time without deleting my previous town. Oh well. :monster: The game looks really pretty! All it needs is some more polish to make it look closer to the other AC games.


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I can't wait for March to arrive! New Horizons looks like a nice step-up from New Leaf.

Since the Remake's release date has been pushed back, there is only room for Animal Crossing in March now. (⊙‿⊙✿)

There are also new renders of some of the villagers. Colton looks so cute in his new outfit. Everyone is precious.

A new photo has been spotted in an outdoors ad:

And more character renders have been revealed.
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Just FYI for those who want to play this unspoiled, people are data mining this game right now. Please be on the lookout for spoilers!
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