Black Panther

This is actually devastating. Black Panther is the hero America needs right now, and to hear this in the midst of everything... it feels like a huge punch to the gut.

Wakanda forever
Not even hyperbole.

This has actually hit me quite hard. This is so devastating. The fact that he continued to do what he is passionate about whilst struggling with his illness just shows the type of character that he is. He kept it quiet, he kept it personal to him and his family, and he soldiered on. It goes to prove, once again, that people need to be more kind and stop this immediate knee-jerk reaction at lynching people without knowing their story. I remember the really nasty comments when the photos of his weight loss came out. You just don't know what people are dealing with personally.

And yes, this is also a massive blow for representation and having a black superhero to look up to.


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