Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros.


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LMAO at Cloud smacking into the screen.

Cloud looks amazing in both costumes, actually, he looks fantastic in the game period. I haven't played a SSB game since the first one for N64(and I adooorrred it). I don't own a 3DS or WiiU, but my sis does and she invited me over to playyyy :awesome:


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I went looking to see if I could find a longer version and only found a lesser quality version and that it's on know your meme with people demanding a deal with it version there as well. I don't think a longer version actually exists, especially if that water slide doesn't continue much longer past what's visible in it.
is the stage with the water slide and comparing it to the gif, I'm pretty sure it went as long as it could.

As for the code, I'd call the regular version : cloudslide : and the deal with it : clouddealwithit : or something similar. : dealwithit : doesn't seem to be taken so that would be a good option too. I added spaces so the image wouldn't retroactively pop up in my post and mess up the readability.


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This is exactly everything that I was hoping for upon posting these images. :awesomonster:

I'm so very pleased right now.

They make a perfect thread (or new page) intro.


X :neo:


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But I'm assuming Zee didn't make it. Forever a mystery.

BTW does anyone have the ability to split that watersliding gif into individual frames?
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: cloudwithit:


It even has a smug smirk at the end frame, :awesome:

(I like the hate / disbelief in that thread with the wheelchair one, too. Off course, the original XIV had err, horsebirds.
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