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Yeah, AVALANCHE always kind of looked like the type of people to dress themselves in a way they thought "looked cool" rather than really all that functional. I think these current designs we're seeing look great. An excellent cross between adherence to the original design and a more realistic version for the HD age.


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Mister Spooks.
Since these pictures are cropping up, this probably means any embargo on these images is virtually over. I wonder if that means we'll see some of the exclusive stuff in upcoming magazines soon. One can hope...
I see Aerith in that church image.

Also, hope Cloud's redesign is more consistent with the anime-look of the Avalanche members.
I remember, even watching the trailer for the first time, that I found Cloud's overly realistic face to look horribly inconsistent with the more anime-esque features of Jessie and James.
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Thanks a million, hian!
Those are better than the ones I managed to collect so far for my upcoming video.

We're still missing a better and complete shot of the sector 7 pillar platform artwork.
Has anybody spotted one yet?


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Any idea what might be under that blanked out panel, or even what the text says?
I don't remember it being anything important under it if there was anything.
It might just have been artist credits. Certainly wasn't worth remembering if there was anything.
I agree, the shading doesn't look as good as the others either... and also, apparently all the characters from this thing were supposedly redesigned anyway. So even if it were legit it probably doesn't apply.


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Something in the anatomy makes me doubt that it is true. In any case I would be happy 'cause the classic and perfect design :monster:
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