DCFFVII Research Thread

What other maps are worth exploring with this hack?
The one that immediately comes to mind is the Warehouse map, which only appears in Extra Mission #32, "Deepground Soldiers". This map is used for that one mission only, and you never got to roam the interior of the warehouse or walk on the roof. Not terribly exciting, but getting to roam the full Warehouse map is one of those privileges that existed in the Multiplayer and I'd like to have that.

This demands that I find the particular addresses for manipulating Vincent's Z-position (using the Z denotation here arbitrarily, since I naturally don't know which the game considers to be X, Y or Z) in that mission. While doing so will be difficult, it's clearly not impossible. Hopefully my flexibility will improve as I learn more about Cheat Engine. It's getting annoying to find addresses that work for only particular zones in the game, so I hope that there are better methods available.

All the other maps I want to visit and explore may or may not actually exist in the game data, apart from being part of the Map ID list. There are a handful of Multiplayer-exclusive maps that were never even used for the Multiplayer's cutscenes, so I have no idea about their status in the post-JORG versions. Either way, I can only hope that one day I'll unlock a way to teleport from map to map.

The Multiplayer map "Valley" is definitely in the data, since it is available via a cutscene and said cutscenes are not pre-rendered (best I can tell).

On to something completely different, I just had some fun confirming MP values using Cheat Engine.

A full MP bar = 100MP.

Data considering Japanese Original

MP Consumption

Transforming into Galian Beast - 51MP

Fire Lv1 - 8MP
Fire Lv2 - 11MP
Fire Lv3 - 14MP

Thunder Lv1 - 12MP
Thunder Lv2 - 15MP
Thunder Lv3 - 18MP

Blizzard Lv1 - 12MP
Blizzard Lv2 - 16MP
Blizzard Lv3 - 20MP

MP Recovery

Stepping on Mako Point - 34MP

Spirit Rations - 20MP
Ether - 50MP
Red Ether - 5, 25, 50, 70 or 100MP
Elixir - 100MP
Elixor - 100MP

Data considering post-JORG, in this case DCFFVII:International

MP Consumption

Fire Lv1 - 14MP
Fire Lv2 - 17MP
Fire Lv3 - 20MP

Thunder Lv1 - 17MP
Thunder Lv2 - 25MP
Thunder Lv3 - 33MP

Blizzard Lv1 - 16MP
Blizzard Lv2 - 20MP
Blizzard Lv3 - 23MP

MP Recovery

Stepping on Mako Point - 34MP

Spirit Rations - 20MP
Ether - 75MP
Red Ether - 5, 25, 50, 70 or 100MP
Elixir - 100MP
Elixor - 100MP

The Bradygames guide got most of the materia values right, impressively enough. One mistake is where the consumption for Blizzard Lv1 reads 17MP, when in fact it is 16MP.

Bradygames uses the JORG value for Ether, 50MP, when in post-JORG the MP recovery is 75. The guide does not mention that Red Ether can restore 50- and 100MP.

The data uncovered for JORG is consistent with the DCFFVII Complete Guide, though it doesn't provide all the values that I now have thanks to the Cheat Engine.
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Well that didn't take long. Warehouse explored!

This time around the address I found made Vincent end up at a given coordinate upon pressing the jump button for his first jump. This is different from the address I found for Extra Mission #44 which changed Vincent's location regardless of his action. In the cheat for Extra Mission #32 I'm not forced to become blind, thankfully. Vincent just transitions instantly from being on one side of the red barrier to being on the other side.

The Warehouse is essentially Edge, if Edge was incredibly rusty and if it wasn't raining. Still lots of lightning and gloomy clouds. The mission here is surprisingly short and you only get to roam a small part. Marked in green, here is where on the map you are allowed to move, minus the objects you can't jump on:


You're not even allowed to complete a full circle of the area! This frustration will not stand, man!

- Imgur Gallery of roaming unlocked Warehouse areas: 77 Images

Apologies again for the broken sky.

These normally restricted areas hold a few boxes and exploding drum cans. None of the boxes contain any loot and are all destroyed with two melee swipes, rather than the standard three swipes (though there are exceptions throughout the whole game).

The definite highlights here are the ladders. From the roof, you can take two ladders from the northwest or two ladders from the southeast to get inside the warehouse. Both of the ladders situated closer to the ground are bugged however.

The northwest ladder is innocent, as it doesn't provide any "Grab On" prompt when you want to climb up the ladder. Climbing down the ladder works just fine, but you won't be giving the option for an ascent. It did not matter if the console was set to Japanese or English, there was no prompt to grab on to the ladder.

The southeast ladder is DANGEROUS. Climbing down the ladder works fine here too, but if you use the "Grab On" prompt then you will be swallowed into the wall, followed by being stuck inside when press up to complete the climb! If you jump at this spot you will be in a state of free fall. Your best option here is to use a save state to rescue yourself, or just press start and leave the mission.

If you hold down when you've grabbed on to the ladder, you can climb through the metal floor and all the way to the ground where the ladder appears to end. Pressing up during your descent may either results in you simply falling down to the ground, or getting stuck inside the wall.











For those who are familiar with screenshots from the Multiplayer, seeing the roof of the warehouse will remind you of the battle against Nero where you are restricted to the roof. He would summon Guard Hounds from his darkness, something he never does in the Single Player. Defeating Nero here would grant you the medal "Emblem of the Black Wings".




Oh, how I wish there had still been NPCs to talk to in the newly accessed areas of Deepground.
I'm with you there. They even left out the Beginner's Machine from the West Lobby. There are numerous defunct terminals about, but they didn't include the Beginner's Machine. Guess that's because it is not part of the environment, but a separate object.

I remain cautiously optimistic that some of the Multiplayer objects exist in the data, be it in JORG or post-JORG.

Speaking of objects, when I was still searching for coordinate addresses, I somehow accidentally unlocked one of the "Omega Mirrors" in the East Lobby.

Omega Weiss will at one point summon a series of these rectangular objects, which will fly at- and attack you if you don't destroy them first. Though during the Omega Weiss battle these objects have more of a shine to them.

One big step forward would be if I learned to properly detect and list Item- and Model IDs. I have found addresses to change the amount of restorative items in your inventory, but they only work if the item is already in my inventory. Much left to learn here.


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After a struggle I was able to roam the Deepground lobbies with Cait Sith, who is available in this map via Extra Mission #43. Explored all the areas fully, and approached all the defunct terminals, in order to confirm if the map holds any more or less secrets than when loaded via Extra Mission #44. I found nothing new.






Moogle Dolls that restore HP are spread throughout the battle area of the East Lobby, where you battle Weiss. On the topic of being able to take your time observing the game's textures, I only very recently noticed that the silver medals in the extra missions have these two sides:



Played around with the graphic settings in PCSX2, but I was unable to solve the issue of the right half of the screen being broken in various ways.

EDIT: Just now found the solution here! :D All I had to do was change to one of the software renderers.
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The green laser-thingies on the floor in Mission #44 had confused me, but before a few days ago I never even noticed they were there.


Turns out that it is by shooting these that you summon the blue walls! That instance when I made this model spawn was NOT a bug from using the Cheat Engine, it was a result of shooting the floor!







The walls act as pretty decent protection against both enemy fire and close-range attacks, but eventually they are destroyed either by you or by the bosses.

MIND. BLOWN. The main reason I never took notice of this is because you quite honestly don't need these walls for protection. Defeating all four Tsviets is very easy, thanks to their extremely low defense and attack stats in this mission.


Thanks to the logical solution you presented JBedford, I found two addresses for adjusting Vincent's position on the Z axis. With this trick I was able to hover beyond the EM barrier in the East Deepground Lobby, land safely on the other side and explore!


The order of images got changed during the upload but I tried to re-arrange most of them properly. The overall journey is from East Lobby, I consider going north but then decide going south to visit the lobbies clockwise. At the end I reach the one accessible basement (North Lobby) and then I revisit Rosso and Azul in the East Lobby for a chat.

- Because the emulation isn't perfect the sky is messed up and the shadowing does not act properly. Keep this in mind when viewing the snapshots. If I can achieve better emulation (I know that this is actually possible) and find a decent recording software for my computer then I will create videos where I roam the lobbies.

- Despite that the East Lobby map shows no paths to the other lobbies, the paths are actually there! You are free to explore ALL THE LOBBIES! You are free to roam all four lobbies! Each lobby has two basements. The door is closed to all basements except for the northeast doorway in the North Lobby: Here you can just phase through the door! :D The programmers forgot to make the door solid.

- When you roam the other lobbies and the basement, your map still stays fixed on the East Lobby. After you cross certain points you'll have to navigate without a map.

- None of the terminals I've approached have any menus that can be unlocked by simply pressing the X button as though they were shops. There are also zero NPCs about in the area. Your only companions are Rosso and Azul. Weiss and Nero get summoned when the battle against them starts. By returning to the East Lobby battlefield from a different direction than what the game expects, you can actually stand right next to Azul and Rosso without being in any danger because the Tsviet Quartet battle hasn't started.

- The address will only work for Extra Mission #44, "Deepground". Ergo it can't be used to explore elsewhere in the game.

- Although the addresses (I have no idea why there are two addresses that do pretty much the same thing) can indeed make Vincent hover, the process of getting past the EM barrier is very wonky and something that I have actually never "seen" happen. When I enter values that makes me pass the barrier, the screen turns mostly black and I have no idea where Vincent is. Presumably the camera loses track of Vincent. In many attempts I can't get Vincent to land on solid ground again, so another error is probably that I have hovered beyond "safe" areas.

Can we have an article about all of this please? I know we've been back-burnering them for a while while the new site gets implemented/ worked on but this is pretty big stuff in the grand scheme of the compilation.

I have zero time to write one right now.
Can we have an article about all of this please? I know we've been back-burnering them for a while while the new site gets implemented/ worked on but this is pretty big stuff in the grand scheme of the compilation.

I have zero time to write one right now.
I will write a news article before the weekend. I just figured out today how to properly record and upload videos of me exploring the lobbies. =)

Due to some technicalities I can't get the videos up as fast as my normal recordings made via the Elgato Game Capture, but very soon I will have recordings online where I explore all the lobbies. These will be embedded in the news article and make the presentation all the better.
News thread written

By using the PCSX2's own recording device, it did not matter that the framerate dropped so heavily on the emulator. The frames and the audio are recorded separately, put together in VirtualDub, and from that you create a video where the framerate and audio appears consistent and normal even though while I was recording the framerate dropped to 20fps.

This also explains why the camera motions are so erratic in the videos. It's already difficult to control the camera using a keyboard instead of a PS2 controller, but when the framerate drops to 1/3 of what it is supposed to be it doesn't matter if you use a keyboard or a controller: Controlling the camera in a smooth fashion is nigh impossible.

Writing the newspost helped me notice the NPCs that were missing from Cloze's maps. Given the amount of work that must have gone into making those maps, I would bet that Cloze did cover all the NPCs that were present when he posted those maps on February 14. I already knew that Black-J was a late invention, so new NPCs popping up is not unheard of. All of this gives us an even clearer view of the Multiplayer's version history.
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Tres directed me to the wonders of the Internet Archive, "The Wayback Machine".
- https://archive.org/web/

I knew that a site like this existed, but I lacked the initiative to type "web archive" into google to see what I might find. :wacky:

Anyway, thanks to the archived pages from this source (often times one and the same time is archived multiple times, so you can observe a timeline for how the page changed over time) I have more DCFFVII Multiplayer sources than before.

- The DCFFVII Multiplayer 'PukiWiki'
Apart from containing some info that can be found elsewhere (and is thus of interest to be cross-referenced with) it compares the features of the five available suits in a more detailed fashion. It does not compare the MP restoration time for each suit.

- Remember ACF.net and the frontpage sites that accompanied it? Well, they exist in archives. Here I found the source for one of the data lists given to me by S&G.

Now that I have a more comprehensive check on the Multiplayer's NPCs, I can tell you that the names "DGS Wizz" and "West-D" don't pop up anywhere outside of DirgeofCerberus.net. "West-D" sounds more like a wrongly written "Este-D". I would say that it's a mistranslation, but in all the screenshots and recordings the NPC names are written in English.

I am taunted by this archived Trailers page where none of the download links work. Here we see yet again links to gameplay footage of the Multiplayer Beta, but the links don't work. I WANT THESE FILES! They must be on somebody's harddrive...SOMEWHERE! >___<

- Daijinn's game blog is archived in a limited format. We only have the previews to each blog entry, all of which concern the version upgrades made to the Multiplayer. The blog entries themselves are gone, not even archived by the Wayback Machine. ;__:

Some more digging reveals that Daijinn is in fact Pierce whom we have seen in numerous Multiplayer recordings! :D We also learn that Pierce is actually a female with blood type A. :monster:

In 2008 she abandoned the Daijinn blog and created the "Pierce Road" blog, but after 2009 the trail gets cold. I have found no contact info, which naturally diminishes our odds of learning if the person still has all that Multiplayer media on their harddrive.

Among the files S&G had was the auto-translated content of a blog that no longer exists, coupled with a series of screenshots from the online mode. I have my suspicions that this is what remains of Daijinn's blog, but I can't confirm the identity of the blogger at this time.

- My record of the official update notifications from the PlayOnline sites is now way closer to completion. I am mostly missing the version update notes from July, August and September, but the Wayback Machine have managed to fill in some blanks and provide some neat images. Finally got it confirmed 100% that the Multiplayer screens with these grey borders come from the PlayOnline reports.

Another neat finding is the "Additional Manual" PlayOnline page. Because the updates made to the Multiplayer made your physical manual incomplete or even erroneous, this online manual with new info existed. Here is the "Additional Manual" in its earliest recorded state compared to its last recorded state. Quite the difference in size there.
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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Is it helpful to your research that update notices like this one specify what new missions were added for Drone, Scout, Trooper and Commander?

By the way, does this calendar of the index not give you most of what you need about July, August and September?

Unrelated, but the message that showed up on the index page for a while after the servers went down is interesting:

DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-&#12301;&#12510;&#12523;&#12481;&#12503;&#12524;&#12452;&#12516;&#12540;&#12514;&#12540;&#12489;&#12395;&#12372;&#21442;&#21152;&#12356;&#12383;&#12384;&#12365;&#26377;&#38627;&#12358;&#12372;&#12374;&#12356;&#12414;&#12375;&#12383;&#12290;
&#12300;DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-&#12301;&#12399;&#12289;&#12300;FINAL FANTASY VII&#12301;&#12398;&#19990;&#30028;&#35251;&#12398;&#12418;&#12392;&#12289;FINAL FANTASY&#21021;&#12398;&#12458;&#12531;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531;&#12539;&#12458;&#12501;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531;&#21512;&#12431;&#12379;&#12383;&#12495;&#12452;&#12502;&#12522;&#12483;&#12489;&#12479;&#12452;&#12488;&#12523;&#12392;&#12375;&#12390;2006&#24180;1&#26376;26&#26085;&#12395;&#30330;&#22770;&#12373;&#12428;&#12390;&#20197;&#26469;&#12289;&#12510;&#12523;&#12481;&#12503;&#12524;&#12452;&#12516;&#12540;&#12514;&#12540;&#12489;&#12398;&#12469;&#12540;&#12499;&#12473;&#12395;&#12362;&#12356;&#12390;&#12399;&#12289;&#12518;&#12540;&#12470;&#12540;&#12398;&#30342;&#27096;&#12363;&#12425;&#27096;&#12293;&#12394;&#12372;&#24847;&#35211;&#12434;&#12356;&#12383;&#12384;&#12365;&#12394;&#12364;&#12425;&#12289;&#35201;&#32032;&#36861;&#21152;&#12420;&#12496;&#12521;&#12531;&#12473;&#35519;&#25972;&#12395;&#21169;&#12435;&#12391;&#21442;&#12426;&#12414;&#12375;&#12383;&#12290;

2006&#24180;9&#26376;29&#26085;24&#26178;&#12434;&#12418;&#12387;&#12390;&#12289;&#26412;&#12469;&#12540;&#12499;&#12473;&#12434;&#32066;&#20102;&#12392;&#12373;&#12379;&#12390;&#12356;&#12383;&#12384;&#12365;&#12414;&#12375;&#12383;&#12364;&#12289;&#12469;&#12540;&#12499;&#12473;&#38283;&#22987;&#20197;&#26469;&#12289;&#30342;&#27096;&#12392;&#12392;&#12418;&#12395;&#27497;&#12435;&#12391;&#12371;&#12425;&#12428;&#12383;&#12371;&#12392;&#12434;&#24515;&#12424;&#12426;&#23305;&#12375;&#12367;&#24605;&#12358;&#12392;&#20849;&#12395;&#12289;&#20170;&#24460;&#12392;&#12418;&#12289;SQUARE ENIX&#12398;&#12479;&#12452;&#12488;&#12523;&#12395;&#12372;&#26399;&#24453;&#12356;&#12383;&#12384;&#12369;&#12428;&#12400;&#24184;&#12356;&#12392;&#23384;&#12376;&#12414;&#12377;&#12290;

&#29305;&#12395;&#12289;&#12300;AC&#12301;&#12300;BC&#12301;&#12300;DC&#12301;&#12392;&#32154;&#12356;&#12390;&#12365;&#12383;&#12300;COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII&#12301;&#12471;&#12522;&#12540;&#12474;&#12398;&#12418;&#12358;&#12402;&#12392;&#12388;&#12398;&#12479;&#12452;&#12488;&#12523;&#12300;CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-&#12301;&#12418;&#30528;&#12293;&#12392;&#38283;&#30330;&#36914;&#34892;&#20013;&#12391;&#12377;&#12290;&#12371;&#12385;&#12425;&#12418;&#26159;&#38750;&#12372;&#26399;&#24453;&#12367;&#12384;&#12373;&#12356;&#12290;

&#12381;&#12428;&#12391;&#12399;&#25913;&#12417;&#12390;&#12289;&#12300;DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-&#12301;&#12510;&#12523;&#12481;&#12503;&#12524;&#12452;&#12516;&#12540;&#12514;&#12540;&#12489;&#12395;&#12372;&#21442;&#21152;&#12356;&#12383;&#12384;&#12365;&#12289;&#26412;&#24403;&#12395;&#26377;&#38627;&#12358;&#12372;&#12374;&#12356;&#12414;&#12375;&#12383;&#12290;&#12414;&#12383;&#12356;&#12388;&#12363;&#12393;&#12371;&#12363;&#12391;&#12362;&#20250;&#12356;&#12391;&#12365;&#12427;&#12371;&#12392;&#12434;&#39000;&#12387;&#12390;&#12290;

&#12503;&#12525;&#12487;&#12517;&#12540;&#12469;&#12540; &#21271;&#28716; &#20339;&#31684;​
I'm just going to go with Google's translation rather than doing a better one since it's already pretty clear (I did correct the name at the end, though, as it got that wrong):

DIRGE of CERBERUS - FINAL FANTASY VII - "Thank you for participating in multiplayer mode.

"DIRGE of CERBERUS - FINAL FANTASY VII -" has been released on January 26, 2006 as the first hybrid FINAL FANTASY hybrid title titled FINAL FANTASY under the world view of "FINAL FANTASY VII", since multiplayer In mode service, we received various opinions from users, we have been working hard to add elements and balance adjustment.

We have terminated this service on September 29th, 2006 at 24 o'clock, but I am pleased from my heart that I was able to walk with everyone since starting the service, and in the future I would like to introduce you to the title of SQUARE ENIX I hope you find it hoped.

In particular, another title "CRISIS CORE - FINAL FANTASY VII -" of "COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII" series continued with "AC" "BC" "DC" has been steadily under development. Please also look forward to here.

Then again, thank you very much for participating in "DIRGE of CERBERUS - FINAL FANTASY VII -" multiplayer mode. I hope to see you again someday.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase
Is it helpful to your research that update notices like this one specify what new missions were added for Drone, Scout, Trooper and Commander?
It is indeed helpful. Any info on what was changed with the version updates, no matter how tiny, is valuable information.

By the way, does this calendar of the index not give you most of what you need about July, August and September?
It gives a great deal, but not everything. While the news index does preview many version updates before they actually happen, usually talking about the new maps, changes to team battles and highlighting a few new missions, the complete version update posts are lost. See July 18, August 17 and September 7 posts. These were archived too late.

That said, if I ever find the translation aid to clean up my Multiplayer Archives feature I will make do with what information we have. There is no particular amount of information that I "need", as the quest is simply to find as much as possible.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase
Thanks for confirming the identity! I have long wanted to see Kitase's parting message to the players of the online mode. I had seen this message mentioned in Michui's blog, but before the Web Archives I thought we'd never actually get to read it.
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Ravynne Nevyrmore

that one Lucrecia fangirl
Hey guys, I just stumbled upon the front page article in an ironically timely manner here. Cool to see people still taking an interest in Dirge of Cerberus... The Tumblr and deviantART fandom communities have all but written it out of their memories and I often feel like I'm one of the the only ones still even acknowledging it as a part of canon anymore. =\

Anyway, I noticed the call for translation help at the end of your article and just wanted to make sure you knew of the multiplayer translations that were done by a kind soul named Souya on LiveJournal and I obtained the posting rights to and posted years ago when I was still an admin here:
Dirge of Cerberus: Online Mode Events 1-6
Dirge of Cerberus: Online Mode Events 7-12

Dunno if those were the translations you were looking or, but I know it's easy for old stuff to get lost and buried here. (Ironically, it was looking for those very posts that led me to drop by today, hah.)
Browsing the Web Archives for yet another digging-binge has uncovered more.

- Thanks to a link in Michui's blog, I found out that three blog entries from Daijinn's blog have been preserved.
January 26
February 5
September 10

The September 10 entry is of the greatest interest because it gives an outsider's perspective on the "Deepground Assault" event where teams competed to be given the title of the strongest in Deepground.

Under the tag "Game" you can find the previews to, presumably, all of Daijinn's blog entries that relate to Dirge of Cerberus (and more).

- dcff7info.net disappeared only a few months after the Multiplayer, but some treasures have been preserved.
-- Getting Started: How to find your way at the start of the game. Thanks to this we now have a full composite map image of the East Lobby as it appeared in the Multiplayer, and I now know what features each terminal type had.

Terminal - Shop

Terminal - Troop Administration: Register Troops

Terminal - Entry: Enter Battle or Mission

Terminal - Ranking: Check your Rank

-- Screenshots: We find a thumbnail version of this picture from before Argento's helmet was removed. That's neat. The only large-scale version of all these screenshots that can be unlocked is this one.

These images of the Event Viewer (nvm how tiny they are) for the PlayOnline scenes are nice to have.



This shows us how the list in the Event Viewer gradually expanded.

- Team_2ch group blog. The group is mentioned and linked to in many of the DCFFVII Multiplayer sites. Among its players were nekomimi, aka binnsennto, aka Pochi. They used the site dc.jpn.org to upload multimedia, and an extension of dc.jpn.org is the aforementioned Dirge of Cerberus pukiwiki.

Among the uploaded data I found an awesome rarity! 30 images from the Beta version of the Multiplayer, 28 of which show MENUS! The images has you scroll through the medals, shop and items for an unprecedented look at the menu text from this version. Here is a download link.

- Beta Images, Zip File

Absolutely awesome! While we do get to see the description to all the medals in those snapshots, we know that at least one more medal existed in the Beta Multiplayer.



The medal icon to the most right does not exist in the final Multiplayer, though I haven't confirmed if the name and description matches anything from that version.

- Trivia: Numerous blogs write that for the final hours of the Multiplayer, 300 or just below 300 people showed up. Since this number has popped up in roughly 3-4 sources by now, I am confident about the high veracity of this number.

Thanks for the thought. I am already deeply familiar with the online mode translations. If you have the contact info to anyone who might be interested in translating for the Multiplayer Archive project, please let me know.
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Link to "Shera Hatch Room" post so that it is not neglected in the research thread

I have now made a video where I explore the Warehouse map which, again, normally only allows you to explore this green area:

The motions of Vincent and the camera are now way more smooth thanks to me finally figuring out how to connect my PS2 controller to the PCSX2. By using the Lilypad plugin, I can now properly use the analog sticks to decide the pace at which I move Vincent and the speed I move the camera. With this the smoothness of the recording was improved way more than I expected!

EDIT: Remembered that I had actually seen the NPC name "Wizz" outside of the list on dirgeofcerberus.net.

In this here screenshot from the Beta version (South Lobby) of the Multiplayer:

Here the NPC is "DGT Wizz" instead of "DGS Wizz" like in the list on dirgeofcerberus.net.

In the screenshot below (West Lobby) we see the player in conversation with an NPC who looks nothing like the NPCs we have seen in the final Multiplayer. By the looks of how his text is displayed, this may have even been a voiced line.

I am confident that the name "Wizz" was thusly taken from the Beta Multplayer. The second NPC who never appears outside of the aforementioned list is "West-D", so that's likely another Beta exclusive.

The Character Creation page lists an item that has never appeared elsewhere: The Revo Guard-Relief. It is possible that this is another Beta exclusive item. Presumably then there should have existed a Guard-Relief accessory that could be upgraded to the Revo Guard-Relief, both of which sound like the Multiplayer equivalent of the "Cerberus Relief" used in Single Player.
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What a wonderful few hours I just had. :D After following this tutorial on the Cheat Engine's Memory Viewer, I was able to unlock items into my inventory.

The only item that I *know* to exist that I am yet to unlock is the Death Penalty gun. It is possible that dozens of unused items may still exist. There are hundreds of millions of invalid Item IDs from what I can gather and it is only by locating certain "islands" of valid Item IDs that I have found so many items already. Death Penalty is a difficult item to find in the game's memory because it hasn't been associated with any of the islands I have found thus far.

Here is a quick run-down of the unused items I found, as they are listed in DC:International with the console set to English. I will investigate JORG soon enough, and DC:International on a Japanese setting. For this post I will be ignoring the unused duplicate items and all the various stats I wrote down about said items.

- Bullet 4
- Bullet 5
- Bullet 6
- Bullet 7

The available bullet types in the game are...
Handgun Bullets (Bullet 0)
Rifle Bullets (Bullet 1)
Machine Gun Bullets (Bullet 2)
Death Penalty Bullets (Bullet 3)​
I have not found the bullet types 4-7 to be associated with any gun yet.

- Phoenix Pinion: "Instantly restores all HP when user is KO'd. Has a success rate of 50 percent."
- Hero Tonic: "Nullifies all damage for a short period of time."
- Hero Tonic Gold: "Nullifies all damage for a limited period of time."
- Limitizer: "This serum is known for its ability to stimulate one's Limit Gauge. However, beware of imposters."
- Limitizer SP: "This serum is known for its ability to fully replenish one's Limit Gauge. However, beware of imposters."

Unfailingly the Phoenix Pinion only revived me with 20% of my max HP. Sometimes it would look like your HP was going to be fully restored, but then it drops right back to 20%.
Skull icon when Phoenix Pinion is active:


Both Hero Tonic items work. Icon when invincibility is active (ignore Phoenix Down icon) :


Limitizer does nothing post-JORG. I am yet to unlock and test these in JORG.

- Auto Scope: "Automatically locks on to close targets."
- S Auto Scope: "Automatically locks on to most targets, near and far."
Long-time followers will remember that these unused items can be unlocked by getting a corrupt save file. :monster: These auto-targetting scopes were used in JORG, but scrapped post-JORG and became a feature of the Configuration menu instead.

- SA38: [No English Description]
Enhances the strength of melee attacks even more than Power Cross &#947;!

Multiplayer Exclusives Unlocked!!!

- Motion Detector: "Detects the movements of nearby enemies and indicates them on your map."
- Item Radar: "Detects the presence of nearby items and indicates them on your map."
- Composite Radar: "Detects the presence of nearby enemies and items and indicates them on your map."
- Quickturn: "Press L3 when aiming to perform a quick 180 degree turn."
- Silencer: "This accessory reduces the amount of sound emitted when firing a weapon."

Motion Detector, Item Radar and Composite Radar have had no effect during my playtests.

QuickTurn and Silencer actually work! :D They do exactly what they are supposed to do. When you shoot straight into the sky with Silencer equipped, there is NO SOUND AT ALL from your gun!


- Cure Materia: "Materia infused with life energy."
- Blind Materia: [No English Description]
- Bind Materia: [No English Description]
- Grenade Materia: [No English Description]

I recognize Cure Materia and Blind Materia (presumably the one we know as the "Flash Materia") from the Multiplayer, but Bind Materia and Grenade Materia are new to me. No idea what the story is with them.

Your materia icon on the top left of the screen will be green when you equip the Cure Materia, just as it is supposed to be, and with the remaining three materia the icon is always grey. All the unlocked materia only fire a silent explosion that INSTANTLY lands on a target ahead of you, no matter how far away it is. The sound of the explosion happening is very dull, as though you were shooting something with the Silencer equipped.

All the unlocked materia consume 20MP per spell, no matter what magic level you have set them to. The shots can't destroy boxes and drum cans. They will only deal minimal damage to enemies, with Cure being the slightly stronger of the four. There is no way to heal yourself with the Cure materia.




I am in Unused Game Content heaven!

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I expect Bind is more likely a potential status effect like paralyze, but it'd be cool if it was an imperfect translation of Contain :monster:
Here are some of the unused items unlocked in JORG.

Phoenix Pinion


Hero Tonic


Hero Tonic Gold




Limitizer SP


Both Limitizer items do nothing in JORG. Especially not surprising if the Japanese text, too, is referring to a "Limit Gauge". In JORG, the MP gauge is used as a type of Limit Gauge, but for restoring MP you already have Ethers and Mako Points. I can only assume that the Limitizer stems from a very early point in Dirge's development, when it was not yet clear whether there would be separate Limit- and MP gauges.

Cure Materia &#12465;&#12450;&#12523;&#12510;&#12486;&#12522;&#12450;


Blind Materia &#12502;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531;&#12510;&#12486;&#12522;&#12450; (burain, lit. "blin" [blind without the d])


I did not expect this discrepancy. In the Multiplayer records, the Flash Materia is called "&#12501;&#12521;&#12483;&#12471;&#12517;&#12510;&#12486;&#12522;&#12450;".
Meanwhile, this "Blind Materia" is written quite differently.
JBedford said:
&#12502;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531; is the Japanese name of the Blind spell in the series.

Bind Materia &#12496;&#12452;&#12531;&#12489;&#12510;&#12486;&#12522;&#12450; (baindo, lit. "bind")


Yes, the texture for the Bind Materia looks unfinished compared to the rest.

Grenade Materia &#12464;&#12524;&#12493;&#12540;&#12489;&#12510;&#12486;&#12522;&#12450;


All the materia behavior in JORG was identical to as it is in DCFFVII:International. None of them do anything apart from causing an instant explosion and consuming 20MP.
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You're confusing &#12477; (so) with &#12531; (n). It's &#12496;&#12452;&#12531;&#12489; (baindo, lit. "bind") and &#12502;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531; (burain, lit. "blin" [blind without the d]) -- &#12502;&#12521;&#12452;&#12531; is the Japanese name of the Blind spell in the series.
Thanks J! Your input has been added to my previous post. =)

Went ahead and confirmed that Rapid Fire and Manaheart share the same Item ID. Ergo you will never find Rapid Fire in the post-JORG data, because they were changed into the Mana accessories.
Rapid Fire &#8594; Manaheart
Rapid Fire &#946; &#8594; Manamind
Rapid Fire &#947; &#8594; Manasoul​
After swimming around some in the memory region for the items, I did finally find Death Penalty. Even if you unlock additional copies of this item, no matter if you are in Vincent's normal form or in his Chaos form, you can't equip this item.

Alongside the Death Penalty I found the "Gatling Gun" item.



When you use the stationary gatling guns throughout the game they are not added to your inventory, so even if this item is the one referred to in the game data during these segments you never actually get to see it in your item menu.

The Gatling Gun does damage just as the Griffon, or the gatling gun stations. It consumes Handgun Bullets, but even when you reach 0 bullets left you can still fire away. You have infinite ammo. One shot equals one bullet, so it doesn't follow the Cerberus rule of one shot equals three bullets. The Gatling Gun can be sold in the shop for 10gil.

Even when the lower left corner of the screen says that you have 0 bullets left, the customization menu will say that you have 1 bullet left. You might also notice the discrepancy between the lower left ammo indicator and the upper right in the customization menu:
-1/-1 versus --/--

The weapon does not at all reach the firing speed of the gatling gun stations you use in normal gameplay, nor does it change your weapon icon and ammo indicator to this:

I wonder if the normal stations have their own Item IDs.
Realizing I had neglected to list the Cardkey item and explore its surrounding items in the data, I found three more unused items.

Mako Capsule


After Mako Capsule comes Cardkey, and after Cardkey comes...

Key 2


Key 3


Mako Capsule


After Mako Capsule comes Cardkey, and after Cardkey comes...

Key 2


Key 3


In JORG, the Key 2 and Key 3 items can be discarded or sold for 10gil each if you have more than zero of either in your inventory. You can only sell one at a time.

Observe as well that the icons are different. In JORG, Key 2 and Key 3 share the capsule icon of the Cardkey and Mako Capsule. Post-JORG, the icon is something greyish-white and mostly undefined.

EDIT: In JINT, International with Japanese setting, the Mako Capsule is without a description and the name has been reduced to "K0". Key 2 and Key 3 are now K2 and K3 respectively.


Hopefully I'll find a proper item list in the game soon enough. The current way that I find items is that I'm viewing the potential item slots in my Item Menu inventory: A total of 60 maximum slots, it seems. I can then observe the items I currently possess, then change that value to find other potential items. What we end up with is a series of "Item Islands" however, with no way of knowing whether we've discovered the full item list or not.
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MANY items have been found. Before I post the extent of my current item list, here are the highlights in picture form.

All headgear that have a name more complicated than "Mask <Number>" and which include a description.





















All five suits.






There are 35 Quest Items, 23 of which have unique names and item descriptions. Here are seven of those.


15 quest items are devoted to simply being the kits to upgrade this and that equipment.







I could be wrong but I think the Dandelion is the flower you give to Este-D so that you can get a Gasmask from her. There is also an item she could reject in your quest. Maybe those were the Fuzzy Seeds that Este-D got..."fuzzy" about.










The Broken Handgun is mentioned several times in the Multiplayer blogs. I think it's some type of quest item in weapon form.











I'm no fan of Dirge, but I absolutely have to pop in here and commend you on your dedication and talents, Shad. I mean, no doubt you've been receiving that kind of praise for a long time now, but I hope this well-wishing message still means something, at least considering I don't even like DC (or have I just made that sound worse? - I hope not :D)
The version I have made extensive item searches in is DCFFVII:International, with the console set to English. In total, used and unused, I have found 474 items. Here is a quick version of that list.

- Used
- Unused

Items are grouped into their own separate "islands" in which I found them.​

Handgun Bullets
Rifle Bullets
Machine Gun Bullets
Death Penalty Bullets
Bullet 4
Bullet 5
Bullet 6
Bullet 7

DG Soldier Mask M
DG Soldier Mask F
Gutlet Facemask
Shield Visor
Capsule Searcher
Tonberry Cap
Chocobo Cap
Moogle Cap
Moogler Cap
Mooglest Cap
Flat Helm
Combat Brain
Assault Brain
Tactics Brain
Mask 20
Mask 21
Mask 22
Msak 23
: The typo "Msak" is actually there, in-game.

DG Soldier Suit
Suit 1
Suit 2
Suit 3
Suit 4
Suit 5
Suit 6
Suit 7
Suit 8
Suit 9
Suit 10
Suit 11
Suit 12
Suit 13
Suit 14
Suit 15
Suit 16
Suit 17
Suit 18
Suit 19
Sniper Suit
Suit 21
Suit 22
Suit 23
Suit 24
Suit 25
Suit 26
Suit 27
Suit 28
Suit 29
Suit 30
Suit 31
Suit 32
Suit 33
Suit 34
Suit 35
Suit 36
Suit 37
Suit 38
Suit 39
Speed Suit
Suit 41
Suit 42
Suit 43
Suit 44
Suit 45
Suit 46
Suit 47
Suit 48
Suit 49
Suit 50
Suit 51
Suit 52
Suit 53
Suit 54
Suit 55
Suit 56
Suit 57
Suit 58
Suit 59
Magic Suit
Suit 61
Suit 62
Suit 63
Suit 64
Suit 65
Suit 66
Suit 67
Suit 68
Suit 69
Suit 70
Suit 71
Suit 72
Suit 73
Suit 74
Suit 75
Suit 76
Suit 77
Suit 78
Suit 79
Armored Suit
Suit 81
Suit 82
Suit 83
Suit 84
Suit 85
Suit 86
Suit 87
Suit 88
Suit 89
Suit 90
Suit 91
Suit 92
Suit 93
Suit 94
Suit 95
Suit 96
Suit 97
Suit 98
Suit 99

[Quest Items]​
Power Kit
Speed Kit
Weight Kit
Handgun Kit EX
Handgun Kit ULT
SC Frame Kit
Rifle Kit EX
Rifle Kit ULT
Machine Gun Kit EX
Machine Gun Kit ULT
N Barrel Kit
L Barrel Kit
S Barrel Kit
Materia Booster Kit
Auto Scope Kit
Control Ticket
Research Ticket
Junk Ticket
Mako Ticket
Crimson Ticket
Verdant Ticket
Fuzzy Seed

Mythril Plate: Increases defense against projectile attacks by 10%.
Orichalcum Plate: Increases defense against magic by 10%.
Adaman Plate: Increases defense against melee attacks by 10%.

Gil: This is apart from the normal Gil you accumulate. You can actually sell 1 "Item Gil" for 1 "actual" Gil.
Chocobo Coin
Shiva Coin
Bahamut Coin
Coin 4
Coin 5
Coin 6

[Single Player Restoratives]​
Potion: Restores 200HP.
Hi-Potion: Restores 800HP.
X-Potion: Restores all HP.
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Pinion
Hero Tonic
Hero Tonic Gold
Limitizer SP

Omega Report
Rusty Key
Model Gun
Silver Model Gun
Gold Model Gun
Ultima Weapon
Red Potion
Red Ether
Quantum Cerberus
Zero Cerberus
Feather Hydra
S Griffon &#947;
Sonic Griffon
Vital Rations
Spirit Rations
Top Secret Files
Gold Moogle Doll
Blast Machine Gun
Bayonet Rifle
G Report
Shinra Handgun
Mini EX Medal
Gigas EX Medal
Limit Breaker
Mine Detector
Silver Moogle Doll

[Restoratives: Online Mode]​
Potion: Restores 150HP
Hi-Potion: Restores 250HP
X-Potion: Restores 150HP
OI3: Restores 150HP
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Pinion: Restores 150HP. Does not have any of the effects seen in the unused Single Player equivalent.
OI6: Restores 50MP. Restoration matches Ethers in JORG.
OI7: Limit Breaker, pretty much.
OI8: Turns Vincent into a bomb. He will get hurt after a while, thrown into the air and damage surroundings foes and objects.
OI10: Restores 150HP.
OI11: Uses Gil/Money icon.
OI12: Uses Gil/Money icon.

Mako Capsule
Key 2
Key 3

[Frames: Online Mode]​
One Eighty
Three Sixty
Five Fourty
Seven Twenty
Miller Flip
Broken Handgun
Scarlet Custom


[Barrels: Online Mode]​
Vernis Prime
Vernis X
Rouge Prime
Rouge X
Parfum Prime
Parfum X

^I feel oddly..."fabulous" when reading these barrel names. >___>

[Scopes: Online Mode]​
Auto Scope
Auto Scope Revo
Sniper Scope
Materia Floater
S Auto Scope
: Is equivalent to "Sniper Scope+" in the Multiplayer.
OS6: Is equivalent to "Sniper Scope-" in the Multiplayer.

[Option Parts: Online Mode]​
Power Booster
Power Booster Revo
Auto Reloader
Rapidfire Unit
Rapidfire Unit Revo
Gravity Floater
Materia Booster
Materia Booster &#946;

The existence of items that boost your materia level is not consistent with what we know of the Multiplayer, since it doesn't use a level-based magic/materia system. These items herald back either to the Beta version or earlier than that.

[Accessories: Online Mode]​
Guard Relief: This accessory is never mentioned in the guides for the 2006 version of the Multiplayer.
Revo Guard Relief: Defense boost equal to Cerberus Relief.
Power Cross
Power Cross Revo
S Adjuster
S Adjuster Revo
M Adjuster
M Adjuster Revo
L Adjuster
L Adjuster Revo
Recoil Limiter
Limit Breaker
: "This accessory increases the duration of a limit break." Has no effect on Vincent.
Limit Breaker Revo: "This accessory significantly increases the duration of a limit break." Has no effect on Vincent.
OA21: Blizzard materia set to Lv2 by default!
OA22: Fire materia set to Lv2 by default.
Fire Materia
Blizzard Materia
Thunder Materia
Cure Materia
Flash Materia: Wooh, "Flash" instead of "Blind". Expectations finally met.
Bind Materia: Cure materia set to Lv2 by default.
Grenade Materia

[Online Turrets]​
Gatling Gun

^All four turrets above are identical in stats.

[Single Player Guns]​
Cerberus II
Cerberus III
P Cerberus
P Cerberus &#947;
Powered Cerberus
S Cerberus
S Cerberus &#947;
Hydra II
Hydra III
P Hydra
P Hydra &#947;
Gigant Hydra
S Hydra
S Hydra &#947;
Griffon II
P Griffon
P Griffon &#946;
P Griffon &#947;
Dueling Griffon
S Griffon
S Griffon &#946;

[Single Player Barrels]​
Normal Barrel
Normal Barrel II
Normal Barrel III
Normal Barrel &#946;
Normal Barrel &#947;
Master N Barrel
Guard N Barrel
Long Barrel
Long Barrel II
Long Barrel III
Long Barrel &#946;
Long Barrel &#947;
Nova L Barrel
Faerie L Barrel
Short Barrel
Short Barrel II
Short Barrel III
Short Barrel &#946;
Short Barrel &#947;
Gale S Barrel
Lucky S Barrel

[Single Player Scopes]​
Sniper Scope
Sniper Scope: Tutorial Mode Sniper Scope. Can't be discarded.
Auto Scope

Materia Floater
S Auto Scope
Materia Floater &#947;

[Single Player Option Parts]​
Power Booster
Power Booster &#946;
Power Booster &#947;
Gravity Floater
Gravity Floater &#946;
Gravity Floater &#947;
Auto Reloader

Materia Booster
Materia Booster &#947;

[Single Player Accessories (and M-path guns)]​
Motion Detector
Item Radar
Composite Radar

Cerberus Relief
Cerberus Relief &#946;
Cerberus Relief &#947;
M Cerberus
M Cerberus &#947;
M Hydra
M Hydra &#947;
Velvet Hydra
M Griffon
M Griffon &#946;
M Griffon &#947;
Starry Griffon

S Adjuster
S Adjuster &#947;
M Adjuster
M Adjuster &#947;
L Adjuster
L Adjuster &#947;

Power Cross
Power Cross &#946;
Power Cross &#947;
: Greater increase in melee power than even Power Cross &#947;.
Recoil Limiter
EX File &#9312;: Find in Extra Mission #1, "Zephyr Heathlands".
EX File &#9313;: Find in Extra Mission #1, "Zephyr Heathlands".
EX File &#9314;: Find in Extra Mission #5, "Deep Labyrinth".

Fire Materia: Tutorial Mode materia. Can't be discarded. Also found in Extra Mission #42, "Two-Handed".
Blizzard Materia: Tutorial Mode materia. Can't be discarded.
Thunder Materia: Tutorial Mode materia. Can't be discarded.
Fire Materia
Blizzard Materia
Thunder Materia
Cure Materia
Blind Materia
Bind Materia
Grenade Materia

Death Penalty
Gatling Gun: Coupled with the four "Online Turrets", this is our fifth Gatling Gun (or second, if you only go by the item name)

Unit Registration Fee: The fee required when registering a group as a squad.
Unit Adjustment Fee: The fee required when adjusting a squad&#700;s information.
Other 2
Other 3
Other 4

In the Deepground hub, these terminals were used for registering troops/units/squads.​
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