Dirge of Cerberus: Online Mode Events 1-6

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The following script is from the Online Multiplayer Mode of Dirge of Cerberus.  Since it only exists on the Japanese version of the game, there is no English version of these scenes available.  The script was graciously translated from its original Japanese by Souya so that English-speaking fans can experience the events of Dirge of Cerberus’s multiplayer mode.

Please note that while creating your character for the Multiplayer Mode, you have the option to be either male or female.  However, for simplicity’s sake, throughout the script the player character will be referred to solely as “she.”



Opening Movie – A SOLDIER’s Awaking


A secret facility that was built underneath Midgar…
Even in Shinra, there was only a few who know of its existence.

That place… it ignores and defies all morals, asking the question,
“To what extent will humans go to become stronger?”
The experiments and research has been undergoing for a long time……

Those who are being abducted and brought to this place……
Those who are injured and being transported to this place……
Those who were here as far back as one can remember……
Those who appeared in this place on a certain day all of a sudden……
Those who knew what that place is……
Those who didn’t know anything……

Various people are gathered there.

Deepground…… Shinra’s Dark Secret……




*Scene switches to a battlefield in DG, the camera has a shade of red on top of it. Dead SOLDIERs can be seen lying on the floor with weapons next to them. Then the camera travels further towards a remaining SOLDIER, but he falls and dies after he gets slashed by something.*


*Scene switches to the Mako bath room, this time with a few more DG soldiers lying on the floor. An unknown figure who looks like Shelke walks in from the left corner of the screen towards the camera, while the person who is still conscious, and the screen, fades out.


*Scene goes to someone’s memory.*

Little Girl:  Big sister, help me!!!

*A few DG Soldiers fire at an unknown object.  The camera switches to another scene with more DG Soldiers firing at something.  A few more shots are heard, accompanied by the little girl’s screams and the screen go dark and white noise.  A few quick shots of bright lights and the screen goes black again.*


*Scene changes to somewhere inside DG with a core-like structure in the middle.  [Possibly someplace similar to Mako Reactor 0]*

Mysterious SOLDIER:  Welcome.  Do you know where you are?

*Camera zooms onto player’s character.*

Mysterious SOLDIER:  Heh, well anyway, this is Deepground, Shinra’s Dark Secret……  However, this place is fulfilling its sole purpose of creating the strongest forms of life possible…

*The mysterious SOLDIER notices the presence of another and he kneels with one of his leg on the floor to show his respect.  A man with black cape and mask comes into the screen.*

Restrictor:  Hah, a newcomer?

*Screen goes into the white static screen again, then flashes of a white screen with some blue neon glow before going back to normal.*

Restrictor:  Heh, it seems that you worked hard to survive, only to become a great specimen.

*The man in black walks away and the Unknown Male stands up.*

Mysterious SOLDIER:  That one over there is a Restrictor……  A unit that is not supposed to exist.  The lost force, SOLDIER’s 14th Unit.

*Camera zooms around DG as the mysterious SOLDIER is talking.*

Mysterious SOLDIER:  ……Do not try and fight those people.  They are the absolute existence in here.  No one can rival them.  Well… Perhaps the Tsviets……  But, that’s all I have to say.  What is left is for you to ask for instructions from the Instructor who stands next to the ranking board.  See you later then… that is if you can stay alive.



Opening – Intermission 1

Officer-East:  I am the one who is responsible for the level promotion exams.  If you want to raise your level, you need to pass through all the exams given by us, the officers.

*Then Officer-East goes into a thinking posture.*

Officer-East:  ……Is this the first time that I’ve met you?  No, in fact, before I bother remembering your face, there are many others who die before their face is worth remembering as well.  And then naturally, I’ve abandoned all effort in trying to remember them.  Let me know if there is anything wrong.

*Officer-East goes back to his normal posture again.*

Officer-East:  Well then, you’d probably know by now, in Deepground, strength is everything.  You have the right to keep on winning in order to prove your survival in Deepground, and that way, the roads will be opened for you.  That is the rule of this world.  It is good thing to know this from the start.

*Scene cuts as to another angle of Officer-East.*

Officer-East:  Then hurry up and complete the following battle three times.  We will know whether if you can go on and continue here from the results you get from your tests.  For everything, the “beginning” is essential.  First, go to “Beginners’ Battle” and fight, and then you will probably be used to how everything works around here.  If you’re not confident enough in yours skills yet, then try out the “Mission Mode” and train yourself from there.

*Scene cuts to a Terminal with a DGC Storm standing in front of it.*

Officer-East:  Go and head towards the battle entry from that terminal.  For a more detailed description, it is a good idea to talk to the DGC Storm standing next to it.

*Scene goes back to Officer-East.*

Officer-East:  Seiger!  P.S.!!



Opening – Intermission 2

Argento:  The thing that you will need here is strength.  What you are seeking for is a height that is far away.  [It’s just a poetic way of saying you are reaching for the top, which lies very far away.]

*Then a higher class DG SOLDIER runs pass Argento’s left side.*

Argento:  Me? I am Argento.  The ones who are strong disguise themselves as the weakest, and in effect we are too weak for you to battle with. Therefore, being like this, my role is to watch and observe everything.

*Camera zooms out form Argento.*

Argento:  There is a reason to why I do not fight and yet I continue to exist; however, this is not the time to speak of this matter.  I shall ask you.  Does thou seek to be the strongest?

*Ok or Cancel.*


Argento:  Very well.  Then during this time, I shall carefully show you the road towards becoming the strongest.  It is okay to forget this, however, until the day you’ve reached the far distant end of the road and meet with the Immaculate Emperor……



Event 1 – The Colorless and The Silver

Restrictor: Hn, have the Transparent and the Cerulean come with me. You too.

Argento: Hmm, understood.


*Shelke is seen with her eyes closed sitting on a chair receiving a Mako Bath when Argento walks in.*

Argento: Shelke. Restrictor is calling. It’s the same lowly business as always.

Shelke: Understood.

*Shelke sits up.*

Shelke: … That person, why?

Argento: ……well, she has not grasped the things in the sea or the things in the mountains. Perhaps, if one polishes one’s skills, then maybe one can enter……

[Note: I am guessing this is a Japanese idiom saying something like… Having skills that allow one to retrieve treasures from the depths of the sea and the mountains. Another idea suggested by vilaeth is that, it’s about the uncertainty whether if the player will carry out everything as planned and it’s too early to say whether if one’s performance will succeed.]

Shelke: Is that so… Still, this is how it will be from now on, no?

Argento: Yeah. This is probably the “beginning”……



Event 2 – The Risk of Triple S

*While Officer-East is talking to the player, he notices there are people coming. The camera then shows Azul, Shelke and Restrictor. Officer-East immediately kneels on one of his knees, but the player just stood there not knowing what to do. Officer-East nods to player and player proceeds to kneel. When the player kneels down, Officer-East starts to whisper to her.*

Officer-East: Tsviets……? Azul the Cerulean and Shelke the Transparent…… To come to a place like this…… Are they going to participate in a mission somewhere?

*The three walks pass Officer-East and player. Azul does not pay any attention to them, Shelke glances over, but when Restrictor passes in front of the player, she stands up.*

*The scene cuts to the fragmented memories of player and then back to present.*

Officer-East: H, hey!

*Officer-East drags her back to her knees again. When Restrictor is about to approach her, Shelke speaks up.*

Shelke: We don’t have time for this, correct?

*Restrictor turns to Shelke, then back to player.*

Restrictor: ……Hnn.

*The three walks away as Officer-East stands up.*

Officer-East: What were you thinking!? There are a countless number of Soldiers subjected to punishment because they ruined Restrictor’s mood.

*Player stands up.*

Officer-East: *sighs* That’s right, this is also the first time you’ve ever seen the Tsviets, isn’t it?

Officer-East: Tsviets, that’s the title for the strongest rank here. And above even that, only the most exceptional of Soldiers are assigned a “color”.  That’s what those two people from a moment ago are…  The one in the lead was “Azul, the Cerulean”.  Who knows how long it’s been since he was thrown down here, but he was promoted to Tsviets in almost no time. The researchers must be quite pleased.  His obsession with “power” is unusually high.  He’s the kind of Soldier that best symbolizes Deepground.

Officer-East:  And the one following him was “Shelke, the Transparent”.  She is special.  The color given to her isn’t a color at all.  Though, even I don’t know what that means…  She isn’t as young as she seems to be either.  She’s been in Tsviets since before I became a SOLDIER here.

Officer-East:  Additionally, there are other Soldiers that were assigned a “color.”  “Rosso, the Crimson.”  “Nero, the Sable.”  “Emperor Weiss, the Immaculate.”

Officer-East:  All three of them, within Deepground, have a risk rating of SSS (Triple S).  If you see them, I recommend you run away without giving it a second thought.



Event 3 – Azul and his Meal

*Two DG Soldiers walk past the player and Officer-East.*

Officer-East:  Those Soldiers became Tsviets earlier.  However, that is not to say that they have reached the top.

*The two DG SOLDIERS walks off the screen.*

Officer-East:  Also from now on, it shall be even more important to raise your level before you finish.  Not only must you become strong, but the number of enemies you will encounter shall increase as well……


*Scene cuts to the two Tsviets we’ve seen earlier. They are on a lookout/mission.*

*Camera zooms out of them and Azul is seen on the cliff watching them.*

Azul:  Those people over there, can I eat them?

Shelke:  ……That is not a problem at all.

Azul:  What is their class?

Shelke:  Both of them are Tsviets.

*Azul grins and the screen fades black.  Then he is seen again jumping down from the cliff which startles the two Tsviets.*

Azul:  Fellow Tsviets, don’t you think it is time to let the killing begin?  URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

*Then the screen fades black again.*


 *When the screen comes back again, the two Tsviets are lying on the ground.*

Azul:  You call these Tsviets with that kind of level?  How boring……  This just isn’t enough.  The next is……

*Azul walks away as the screen fades black again.*



Event 4 – Skills of Tsviet

Mysterious SOLDIER:  What?  You’re on this mission too?

*The Mysterious SOLDIER keeps talking as though nothing can interrupt him.*

Mysterious SOLDIER:  Oh, that’s right, you haven’t got my name yet.

Mysterious SOLDIER:  My name is Usher.  Nice to know you, as long as you’re alive.

*All of a sudden, the player grabs her forehead.*


 *The screen changes to the scene where a young girl is seen, the same one in the Opening.*

Young Girl:  Wooow!  Big sister, did you really become a SOLDIER? If that’s the case, then we don’t have to be afraid anymore…

*After a cut-in with some noise on the screen, the young girl is seen on the ground.*

Young Girl:  Help, big sister…

*As the young girl tries to reach out her hand, Restrictor’s shadow can be seen behind her.*


 *When the screen changes again, the player is back in the jungle. All of a sudden, the player is attacked (shot) by someone and falls.*

Restrictor:  Huh?  What’s this…?  Is this my prey?

*The screen turns black, this time it collides with the same image as the one before.  It seems as though Restrictor is the one who attacked the player.*

*Restrictor walks away and ignores the player.  Just as Restrictor is passing by, the player grabs Restrictor’s leg.  Restrictor sees this and kicks the player.*

Restrictor:  A failure?  Do you wish to be eliminated…?

*The moment when Restrictor is approaching the player, Azul leaps behind Restrictor ready to attack him*

*Restrictor turns back and blocks Azul’s attack with one hand.*

Restrictor:  Oh, so you’re still alive?  Is that what you are here to tell me?

*Azul continues to attack Restrictor.*

Restrictor:  HALT.

Azul:  Gurgh!

*Azul’s body is surrounded by light and can’t move.*

Restrictor:  Hmph, how boring.  Is this all you’ve got for being a Deepground SOLDIER, even one that is considered a Tsviet…

Restrictor:  While you are here, there is no point to raise your sword at me.

Restrictor:  Heh, very well then.  How many years has it been since it was put into you?  You’re the only successful case of the Metamorphose experiment.

Restrictor:  That power of yours, ShinRa…  No, it will be useful for the President.

Restrictor:  Keep on struggling and live.

*Restrictor leaves, and the camera goes back to the player.  Usher is watching the player who uses the boulder to pull herself off the ground.*

Usher:  Yo, looks like you’re still doing very well after all that kicking.

Usher:  Didn’t I say he’s the absolute existence here?  You must be crazy to grab his leg.

Usher:  Soldiers are nothing but pebbles on the road; no one will see or pay close attention to them.  That’s why, there is no need to feel sad when they die, we simply throw them away and forget them…

*Azul is still frozen.*

Usher:  Well anyway…  Looks like this is a test mission of our strength as a Tsviet.

Usher:  We are his prey…

*Usher explains this while he is looking at Azul as though they’re done for.*

Usher:  Azul the Cerulean.  As you can see from his name, he’s been given a color, a top Tsviet.  The strongest soldier here.

Usher:  Even so, as long as there are Deepground SOLDIERs, it will never be good enough for Restrictor…

Usher:  Well, if we are lucky, we might get to live.  Good luck and god speed.

*With a light wave of his hand, Usher leaves.*



Event 5 – In the Presence of Darkness

[Note: It can also be “The Origin of Darkness” or “Underneath the Darkness” depending on the translation of the word.]

*The player stands outside of an opened door and is seen looking inside.*

*All of a sudden, Usher walks inside without the player realizing it, and starts talking to the player in a friendly manner.*

Usher:  Haha, isn’t this an unexpected fatal attraction?  Wasn’t it said that you stand before that darkness, watching it as well?

*The camera turns into the room and Nero is seen hanging and bound to a pillar.*

Usher:  Nero, Messenger of the Dark…  He is the one who gathers everything in darkness and releases it.

Usher:  And because he is very dangerous, they restrain him like this.

*The screen displays Grimoire and the researchers in the dark with distorted faces*

Usher:  This is from about a decade ago, from the research left by a scientist named Grimoire, who found that a lifeform was created by the stagnation of Lifestream.

Usher:  And those researchers who were here at that time believed it.  By experimenting with the stagnation, they took the substance and injected it into children who were about to be born.

*The screen displays Usher and the player again standing before Nero.*

Usher:  Of course, this was all done without an understanding of how it was going to turn out.  Don’t you think this is similar to the Jenova Project?

Usher:  Though they did a few hundred experiments, it looks like he’s the only one that was successful… 

*A screen showing Weiss, Azul, and Rosso*

Usher:  Well, more or less.  Those with their names attached to a color are probably more of them.  The only few successful cases that arose from their many failures.

*Then back to Usher, player, and Nero.*

Usher:  As for his mother, it seems that she was engulfed by Nero’s darkness when he was born.

Usher:  They say she was an excellent mother.  No doubt, about it, seeing as Nero shared the same mother as the Immaculate Emperor.

*In the dark Nero and Weiss stand back to back.*

Usher:  Black and white, the opposite amongst brothers.  The older brother has been given the title of Emperor, and his dominion remains as Deepground’s strongest Tsviet.

*The camera shows a scene with Weiss with his eyes closed, before he opens his eyes smirking, then the screen cuts to Mako Reactor 0.*

Usher:  Do you know?  Although the Immaculate Emperor Weiss is very strong, his power and strength is being controlled.

Usher:  Other than the times when there is an experiment going on, he is chained to his throne within the Reactor 0, which is in the center of Deepground. 

*The screen cuts to Restrictor.*

Usher:  Moreover, if the signal from Restrictor disappeared, a time limit virus within Weiss will be released, and he will only have three days ahead of him before he dies.

Usher:  How convenient it all seems…

*Usher shrugs, and moves his shoulders a bit to stretch. In the next second, the camera zooms into the room in a fast pace and the camera starts panning up on Nero.*

*Nero opens his eyes and he screams as though he is in pain.*


*Darkness seeping out from Nero covers the screen, and after everything turns into darkness, before a young girl is shown.*

Young Girl:  Big sister, if you become a SOLDIER, then you can protect us, right?

*A breaking noise and the screen changes to a girl who looks like she is running from something that is chasing her.*

Young Girl:  Big sister!!!

*The screen is filled with white noise again, and it turns black. When the screen returns the player is seen sitting on the floor and Usher is looking over the player.*

Usher:  Are you okay?  You don’t look so good.

Usher:  Well, there’s not much you can do after you’ve came into contact with darkness.

Usher:  His darkness will seep and infiltrate your soul.  It is said that he can make you feel death, and even recall memories you don’t want to be awakened.

Usher:  What did you see?

*Usher turns away from Nero to look at the player and the screen turns black.*



Event 6 – Real Yet Fake

Este-D:  Ah, you came at the right time.  Come here a bit and lend me your head.

*After Este-D says this, she suddenly hits the players head.  The player loses her consciousness and the screen fades to black.*


*The camera moves to a monument that resembles some sort of ruins, where Rosso sits and looking like she’s bored.*

Rosso:  How boring…

*Rosso lets out a sigh, as Shelke approaches her.*

Shelke:  Rosso, people in the research facility are looking for you.

*Rosso doesn’t reply or made any gestures.*

Shelke:  Rosso?

*Rosso laughs all of a sudden and turns to Shelke.  Rosso rushes to Shelke and starts slashing at her.  Shelke looks as though she’s used to this.*

Shelke:  Again?

*Shelke lets out a sigh and in the next second, holds up her weapons.*

*The camera momentarily moves to the sky.*

*Rosso’s breathing can be heard, and the camera trails down from the sky to where the two people are.*

Rosso:  I’m tired of fighting with you.  Moreover, your body will weaken after using the Formless [Colorless] Mode, right?

Rosso:  Hey Shelke…

Shelke:  What is it?

Rosso:  Have you fought in any battles outside of Deepground?

Shelke:  No, because my body won’t allow me to fight for a long time.

Rosso:  Yeah, looks like it.  But didn’t you live outside before you came here?

Shelke:  Yes.

*The camera moves away from Shelke and zooms onto Rosso who is looking around at her surroundings.*

Rosso:  You know, I’ve seen this ever since I was born.

Rosso:  Sky made from projectory.  Real yet fake.

Rosso:  I want to go to the outside world, just once…  Why won’t they let me out?

*Shelke stands there, unable to answer Rosso’s question.*

*Dead bodies everywhere.  Throughout the ruins, there are a few 10-20 people who were killed by Rosso.*

Rosso:  Fine then.  I will kill every single one of them inside and get out of here.

*Rosso gives Shelke a strong look and leaves.*

*Afterwards, while Shelke is walking the dead body of a Deepground SOLDIER is rolling towards her.*

*Though the eyes are opened, the DGS looks like he’s dead.  The camera focuses on the dead body and slowly moving back to Shelke.*

*Shelke stops in front of it.  She holds out her hand and closes the eyes of the dead.  At the same time, the screen fades black and the view came back to the Lobby.*


*The player is seen lying on the ground with Este-D looking down at the player.*

*The player regains consciousness and wakes up.*

Este-D:  Oh, so you’re awake.  Anyway, what did you see?

*The player slowly rises while holding his/her head.  Este-D seems to ask again.*

Este-D:  What did you see?  Can’t you hear me!  Answer!

*The player can’t answer.*

Este-D:  Dammit, this is supposed to be an experiment where I obtain data from an abandoned mind, is there really nothing at all!?

*Este-D leaves the player, looking disappointed as though she has given up.*

Este-D:  Well, I see that you can at least regain consciousness.  Others have their mind.  Oh, nevermind, it’s nothing.

*Este-D swings her hands as though she’s trying to deceive the player that nothing major happened and she leaves.*

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