Devil May Cry 5

First time I played the demo, didn't go very smoothly, and wasn't able to beat the boss. Mainly sighed, remembering my curse to love these games while also being lousy at them.

But over the weekend I made another attempt and it went so much better. I did unlock one additional skill for the boss which helped, but even on the mobs I was doing much better, getting S ranks and such. Mainly, I was more effective/confident with the Devil Breakers. Especially that one lets you warp up into the air and take a bunch of enemies with you.

Hopefully I can keep that momentum going into the full game :monster:


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Amazon gun fucked up my order.
Pre-orders the day one edition in plenty of time for release.
Estimated delivery date is day of release.
Day comes and goes and no game arrives.
Wakes up day after to email from Amazon saying they sold out of the day one edition .......
Hop on Amazon and search dmc5 and day one edition pops up again.
Call up Amazon to ask wtf and get told yeah they have lots and are unsure why my order was cancelled but they can send it out to me now. I ask about price and they throw another £6.99 for same day delivery, query the fact my free delivery was meant for day 1 release and they are like "sucks to be you"

Just beat this. It was perfect, everything I wanted for a DMC return-to-form. V is such a different character gameplay-wise, but still super fun. And it's really impressive that, while the game makes you feel like a badass with all three of the characters, it still finds a way to make you feel yet more badass still when you're playing as Dante.

Just...excellent all around. Maybe I'll have some more thoughts formulated later, haha. Also, the graphics were really, really good!
The great number of references to the series canon was appreciated.
There was so much more of that than I expected, I don't recall even 4 having that much. But this had numerous references to Nelo Angelo and Mundus, the events of 3 and 4, Mallet Island, the importance placed on the Devil Sword Sparda, etc. It was fun to hear and remember all that stuff, and just give little sidebars to Avec when something like that was mentioned. Just a ton of fun all around.
Blazed through it on Human because even having played 4, I didn't consider myself a veteran.

Well, I got my wishlist...

It wasn't quite as fun as I'd hoped, maybe because of my playstyle.

The plot is...basically the same as 3.

Maybe I'll get more from it in a second run
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