Did you like Cait Sith?

Did you like Cait Sith?

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DLPB's fault I tell you.

Everyone's wanted a piece of him so the constantly posting of everyone is overwhelming the server :monster:
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Whew! Glad I missed that whole shebang! If I can be on topic for a moment, I'd like to throw in my two cents:

Cait Sith is a disappointment to me, but only because of his wasted potential. I quite loathed him from the getgo up until one moment in which he won me (and Barret) over: when he knocked out Scarlet in Junon. It was a total spit-take moment for me. And then came the revelation that he had been formulating the escape plan with the party behind Shinra's back for a week. And then he killed SOLDIERs with Barret until they called each other "partner" (which I assume is a poorly translated japanese word that means something more like "brother" because it had so much gravitas that I felt it in my arms.)

After that moment, I wasn't just on his side, I was desperate to see that part of the story develop. Was he on the level? Who was the puppeteer now? Who was the real person anymore? The character suddenly played into all the main themes of the game -- the blurred lines of identity, morality, kinship. I was super excited to see how those themes could be further expanded.

Instead, he's used as a plot device to direct you to your next destination. After that, he does nothing until he's revealed as Reeve and then the game is over. I think that's a lot of wasted potential.

I think a lot of FFVII's second act (post Meteor-summoning) is senseless padding instead of developing a narrative (see FFIX for good examples). Let's be honest, the huge materia missions are just busy work. A lot of the characters didn't do anything despite the plot providing them with ample opportunities. The North Corel mission had very little impact on Barret's character one way or the other. After Cloud comes back, Tifa, Nanaki, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Yuffie do absolutely nothing until Diamond Weapon shows up.

I understand that revealing Cait Sith as Reeve is a huge deal, and revealing it while Shinra was in such turmoil was (in my opinion) good drama. But because that revelation arrives so late, there isn't any time to develop Reeve/Cait Sith after that point, and trying to develop him before that point is less interesting because forallintentsandpurposes it's still a goofy robot cat until you understand who's pulling the strings.

tl;dr: Do I like him? Yes. But they coulda done more to make me love him.
But because that revelation arrives so late, there isn't any time to develop Reeve/Cait Sith after that point
You know this is true. I wonder if its a coincidence that Reeve also happens to be the character whose Compilation treatment is the most (as far as I can tell) well-liked?
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It's funny how everyone collectively bringing hell down on a moron brings out the best in people. Dacon and Tres especially; bravo, I mean, seriously. I have been on this site since literally the beginning, since the very first post of the very first day, (before that, even), and some of the best posts I've ever seen, in the history of this entire community, are in this thread alone.

You guys are gorgeous. I mean that shit.


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So I'm curious, how many of you read the whole post and how many of you just thanked :awesome:
I'll admit I thanked it before I read it, but I did read it :monster:
I read before I thanked :monster:

I was especially entertained by Tres cursing and being angry. Lol. It was my first time seeing him get angry.


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I think he added a good dimension to the party. He's very forward and up-front about what he says and helps move the dialog with his charisma and outspokenness. He can be there to make bold statements and make things clear for the audience.

It's also nice with the whole Shinra plot twist and acting as a double spy, as it brings Shinra back into the game a little bit while the party are chasing Sephiroth.

To be honest, I wouldn't remove anybody from the party, although Vincent was the weakest in the original game for me.
After all that happened, I feel that my post won't contribute much, but what the frick... might as well try.

Truth to be told, I found Cait Sith out of place the first time I played and not because of his nature (stuffed robot), but because of his function. Fortune teller??? Wat???? It was something unusual, to say the least. Now, this isn't a bad thing per se, but it did leave me with a "WTF?" face for some time.

Then, there was the excuse to join the party: "I need to see how my prediction comes true!" and... he is allowed to join. WAT????? My main issue with that was that it made the members of the group look idiots who are unable to put priorities. Here we are, looking for a psycho killer that did atrocities and has immense power, having the most powerful company on our heels, a company that in fact created said psycho and has no problem killing others to reach its goals and... we take along this thing like that? WAT????????????

At that time, I had no idea that he was a spy from Shin-Ra, and I facepalmed at that reason. He seemed so random, as if the writers had come up with him the last moment, just for some filler lulz. I didn't appreciate it.

Then, the moment of his betrayal came and I changed my mind. I was finding the story stalled at that point and Cait Sith made the plot moving again. I also vaguely remembered a Shin-Ra member that seemed to care about the world a little bit more than the others, and I started suspecting. Then, his sacrifice came and even though he was a robot, I couldn't help but feel emotionally touched, if only a little. It was then when I realized that Cait Sith was providing something necessary: comic relief (apart from the plot elements). And it was funny for me, because I always adore the comic relief characters in the stories I read and I value humor more than most story elements. Cait was just way too obvious and in-your-face comic relief, I guess.

His introduction might have been goofy, I still believe that, but in the story he became a integral member.

As for his existence ruining the sci-fi world... wat? Here we have aliens that are used to make super soldiers, a river that includes dead people... we're gonna get stuck on that??

And to be mean: DLPB reminds me the same people who complain about Puck in the Berserk manga. *rolls eyes*
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I did like him at the beginning, because I was nine years old and cute fluffy cat things were appealing back then, but as soon as found out that he was spy and he betrayed the party, it was like the Cait love was over. I haven't forgiven him for betraying the party since, for breaking a little young girl's heart. I've hated his guts since, so my answer is no.I don't like Cait Sith. Backstabber.:(

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Wow I wish I had come back to TLS a wee bit sooner. I coulda gotten in on this right here. Now, its likely far too late to make a difference and DLPB may not even see it, but still I am gonna participate. Its too good not to.

First, the fully on topic response: During my first playthrough of the game back in highschool, I despised Cait. Not because he broke the fiction, as this is fiction that can accomodate damn near anything we're talking about here. And not because he was too goofy, Cloud crossdressing and Barret's sailor suit mirror posing were just as goofy as he was. He was just the wrong kind of goofy for me, as I was then. I grew rather fond of Cait as I matured and acquired the ability to appreciate what he brings to the table from a story perspective (which many of you have already described quite well).

Now, a few other things from this thread I simply must address:

As usual you display your astounding ability to infer what people are talking about.

You supplied an opinion. Just like everyone else.


Talk about things going over peoples' heads.
Your facepalm is no longer strong enough for this one Bats. Lemme help a bit.

Why does this need a double strength facepalm so badly?

Yes, they are.


^Because responses like this are necessary. Opinion is opinion dude. They fucking are indeed. And what was that in response to again? Oh, here it is:

I am not the authority on fiction but the debate we are having is not opinion based. It isn't opinion that Cait breaks its own fiction and is a poor character or that he has a poor story. These are not opinions.

The criticisms of Cait are real and are easy to see. There really shouldnt even be anyone here arguing with them. You are free to like the character but not to tell me that the character worked in the fiction, it didn't. It is as simple as that.

After reading this entire thread (and doing my best to thank everyone who opposed this sort of nonsensical arguing about what is/is not an opinion and such, though I may have missed a few and desperately longed for a multi-thank option), that's the only response I feel sums up my feelings on this 12 year old level of butthurt I've been reading about succinctly enough to fit my late arrival. Well, that and "DERP."

Ah, one final note, Tres you gorgeous hunk of awesomesauce, your amazing rebuttal was simply too long to quote (and isn't really that far back in the thread from here anyway) but I am sure everyone knows it. It reminded me of a certain thread regarding whether or not Jenova Cells still exist in Cloud's body after he was healed at the church, except even more kickass was delivered here. It is one of the posts that made me long for the ability to thank something more than once. It inspired this post from ForceStealer:

Fire up your keyboards, shippers. I just fell in love with Tres all over again.
I only hope there is Tres enough to go around, cause this site doesn't need another LTD. Yes I am openly throwing my hate in the ring for the Tres love, that shit was so awesome I do not care anymore.


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Good post. Be sure to read his thread about the suspension of belief in fiction as well; that one may actually have gotten even more ridiculous than this one. Unfortunately it's closed so you won't be able to respond to it, unless some kind mod would go ahead and reopen it since DLPB is no longer banned and thus able to respond to it again.

edit: oh good, looks like you already did.

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Yes, yes I did. I was gonna complain about him apparently having departed in defeat before I got to enjoy the lulzy antics of such a deluded fellow, but about halfway through the other thread the lulz dried up and it got sad. Then he insulted people, smart, genuinely funny people, some of whom I count as good friends one too many times. Then the anger started to creep in, and when I get that mad about stuff on a forum like this I take some advice Tres gave me once and just walk away for a while. Still, when he started in on Quex (who was trying to be patient with him and for some reason downplaying her own abilities at the same time) I kinda wanted to at least loom up over him until he cowered, if not actually hit him. I get irrational when my "protect/defend the honor of my friends!" instincts kick in. So... probably for the best I missed out on that while it was going on.

Still, quite a few chuckles escaped me between these two threads, I about wore out my clicking finger thanking people so much, and it gave me a reason to make the post you commented on, so it worked out in the end.


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I didn't like Cait /is late. I didn't hate him nor didn't love him either - I guess, if there had been a "neutral" vote, that'd be mine. I could clearly see his role, and in the storyline itself, I quite enjoyed it - yes, we're talking about his role there, right. However, my gamer side absolutely hated playing with Cait in my parties, and his personality made me more go "WTF" than actually liking it. But, I had no complains concerning his role in the story or how SE handled him.

On all the rest: wow, shit happens ._.

/yes, I just noticed this thread
It's funny how everyone collectively bringing hell down on a moron brings out the best in people. Dacon and Tres especially; bravo, I mean, seriously. I have been on this site since literally the beginning, since the very first post of the very first day, (before that, even), and some of the best posts I've ever seen, in the history of this entire community, are in this thread alone.

You guys are gorgeous. I mean that shit.
Well don't kill the guy, DLPB don't deserve to be insulted like that, you are are saying it to just get reactions.
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