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actually, i am now more legitimately annoyed by the shinji/kaworu thing

i'm seeing shots from end of eva compared with previous translations that seem a lot more explicit ("i want to be with you forever! you're the only one for me!") and just so happen to be between a boy and a girl. but the guy who translated this is on twitter talking about how leaving things open to interpretation is more exciting, specifically in reference to relationships and character's feelings.

and i'm just

wow, making queer relationships ambiguous and open to interpretation. what a novel and innovative creative choice, i've never seen that before. love that.

i don't think this would suddenly make the scene plain romantic (because it's the kitchen scene from end of eva) and i don't know what the rest of scene is like, but it sounds mushier that the previous translations. instead of sounding needy and entitled, it sounds more emotional.

and it's not like people didn't interpret the shinji/kaworu scene so it wasn't so gay anyway even when it said 'love'. that's gone on for years.

also at the end of episode 24 the netflix version uses 'worthy of grace' where the japanese script says 'like'? so even if you were being more literal or whatever, it went the wrong phrase.

also i'm reading that it uses 'first/second/third children' in the singular? why. that's what it says in japanese and i can get past that, it's just a bit of a quirky thing i kinda like. but don't say that in english.

i've not watched it, i wasn't planning on watching the dub anyway, but honestly this sounds pretty disappointing. apparently the other language subtitles are based off the english sub and are also terrible and full of mistakes.
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What a disappointment. Good thing I have the DVD rips, although its a shame that an entire new generation of english fans are getting the shaft here.
They made one very minor change, that I doubt anyone actually notices but me. It's a weird thing to change, but it's very important to me personally.

In eps 3, when Shinji snaps when fighting the Angel, he starts screaming. In the original, his scream is primal and shrill. In the Netflix version, it's... toned down, and doesnt have anywhere near the same impact. It's just him yelling. Not a release of all his emotions built up over the years.

This scene, and the eps as a whole, means a great deal to me. Since this was the most accurate way of how I felt during high school I'd ever seen.
If you take piloting the Eva as an analog for life. You're forced to do something you have no desire to do, and people shit on you when you dont do it well enough. You're excluded, and berated, while you struggle to try and do it competently, but ultimately fail, or just barely succeed.
You have all this chaos and pain inside your head, but to everyone else, you just look stoic. Then the people that shit on you before, get a glimpse at what it's like in your head, the part you keep to yourself, how you're suffering. And they realize what you're going though.

So, it's an important moment for me. When Shinji just... let's it out. His scream is brutal, and uncomfortable. A reflection of the frustration and pain that's been building up. But imo, the netflix version runs that.


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i read they changed 'i mustn't run away' for the netflix version as well? idk if i want to watch it to check now tbh

(like if a comic uses a lyric you will see a bit of text at the bottom of the page saying ‘jasrac’ and the song’s reference number).
even though i was pretty sure about this, i couldn't think of any examples off the top of my head and started to doubt myself. but then i happened to see it in something i was reading

(from 'oyasumi punpun' vol. 1)

incidentally, the song used was 'tsubasa wo kudasai' which was featured in the second rebuild film
It's really disappointing to hear that Netflix's release has all these issues, particularly the literal translation (especially the Shinji/Kaworu thing) and the lack of Fly Me to the Moon. It's also worth pointing out that Netflix doesn't seem to translate all the on-screen text. I only watched episode 1, and the white text on the black background (the episode title, I think) is untranslated, I even tried changing from sub to dub, since people have said that the text on Misato's photo is only subbed when watching the dub, and still nothing. From what I've read online, it seems text in the later episodes is subbed, but this is still pretty poor (even if it's just, or mostly just, the episode titles - someone watching the first time wouldn't necessarily know that).

I also read that "I'm so fucked up" in EoE is "I'm the lowest of the low". More accurate, but it doesn't have the same impact, IMO.


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Yeah, I've always viewed EoE as a companion piece to the original ending. I really liked the original ending, because I don't tend to mind ambiguity, but I also liked EoE for the sense of duality. I'm not sure if I even want to watch the last rebuild, though, because I've been really disappointed with it - it seems like he doesn't care about Eva anymore, or maybe the team is not great beyond animation. That being said, I'll probably watch it anyway. :P I haven't checked out the redub yet.


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Original NGE TV series and EoE are masterpieces.

Rebuild... better than some shit made these days but not particularly something I found exciting.

Netflix re-release was unfortunate. If I was Netflix I'd have put the originals up with original voice cast and translations for sure.

Closer to the release of the final Rebuild film, I'd make the Rebuild films available — maybe they'll still do this.

But anyway. I also didn't know that 4.0 footage was out, will need to check that out.

It's make or break for the Rebuild saga; if they get the final piece right, the new films will have a reason to exist, something they currently lack since they fail to surpass the original series in any way — not even in terms of animation at NGE/EoE's high points.
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