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Rebound? I'm not sure that's true. Especially when Aerith had no idea who Cloud even was, and when he got his identity back she'd already died. What was the entire VII timeline? A few months? A month at least had to have passed before the first mission to blow sector 1, because Cloud would have needed time to heal after Tifa found him half dead at the train station.
I did not know about the spammy convos between them though for affection points *makes mental note*
So I'm writing a first person POV from Cloud during and after Advent Children. I'm a bit iffy, because he's so bloody emo in AC. Anyone care to pre-read for me? I literally know no one who shares my FF love.
I just noticed this section of the forums and since I can't draw for shit, most of my VII fics are so far CloTi(/or subtly Clerifa) so, uh, here:

I also have CloTi (Zerith, too and the rest of the crew!) in a Sims 4 world of mine but they're just Maxis-Match style, not Alpha:
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Dinner with Denzel. Marlene lives with Barret because it kills me how the Smile novel/AC tore them apart. I get it was for plot reasons and all that, but still! (That's delightful nerd-glasses Shera knocking at the door :3 )
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Hey, good to know I'm not the only simmer. I keep Tifa and Cloud in my world and every time I see them while playing other sims they have like 25 kids 🤣 I can't let them die. I visit their house and age them down to young adults all the time.


Kept you waiting, huh?
I can't let them die. I visit their house and age them down to young adults all the time.
Haha, that's awesome! I generally can't bring myself to kill off Sims so I might have Aging on to get everybody to a certain age, but I quickly turn it off again so nobody dies (excluding accidents or pool ladders going missing :P) For awhile there, I set up a fresh save where they were teens which was fun but I eventually aged them up and I'm hoping for University to show up next year.

In the meantime, the main save I have them in also has some VIII characters (I might add more eventually), so I'm chomping at the bit for Rinoa to get her Sorceress on with Realm of Magic just around the corner.


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I never was a big LTD enthusiast, but I can't wait to see the whole segment that starts with the infiltration into Don Corneo's Mansion until the point where they leave the Train Graveyard behind them. The possiblities the Remake will give us with additional content, the new scene direction and conversations they could have in this wacky adventure the trio needs to survive through, is something I can't wait to see.

The first meeting between Tifa and Aerith in the 'Basement', their foundation of friendship/rivalry that is forming before our eyes and Cloud in the middle of it XD. For the fun factor alone, you guys can't believe how hyped I'm for this. I admit that I have a weakness for Cloti, the fighting through the sewers and graveyard will be a good way to show/confirm them as great power duo. I don't know why, but especially the part in the graveyard I see as something like between Scooby Doo and Resident Evil, could be absolute funny with a little bit of spook, or maybe very brutal and frightening, I hope we see both aspects.

It's definitely one of the more interesting scenarios, perticulary for the LTD, mainly because it's the only point in the whole game where this three characters are alone together (canonically at least). I'm sure SE knows about the fandom and I'm very curious how they will present their relationship in the Remake. We already know they will include a multiple choice system for the dialogues and it looks like it will be much more prominent than in the OG.
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Honestly, I don't really care about a conclusive ending, but the interactions between characters in general, especially the dynamic Tifa&Aerith I have high expectations in. The elevator scene with Jessie is a good example how much they improving the dialogues, and I would be surprised we don't hear interesting conversations through the progression of different locations and between fights. It's actually my most anticipated/curious aspect in the Remake, besides the possibility to explore all sectors of Midgar (DO IT, SQUARE!!! :@).
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Yees! I never expected that we'd get them front and center as the "face" of Remake for the Midgar arc. (That back-to-back image of them all over the place.) Barret and Jessie apparently curious about their relationship makes me so excited for the modern take of their romantic slow-burn:cloudball::tifaball
Oh my god that back to back! By the way that noise that totally sounded like a rabid banshee during E3? Totally me. My husband hid in the closet from mortification. 🤣

We played very different games then :wacky:!
Oh, I play "that" kinda game too ;). Do you guys have sacrifical mods in your game? Extreme violence? Sims piss me off and I take them out. I just can't do that to Cloud and Tifa. Or their scores of offspring!
As for the LTD, so long as we get those HD cutscenes under the Highland, I'm good. How long will we have to wait for that one you think? 47 years?
Wasn't the LTD resolved several years back when the 20th anniversary ultimania came out? Was it here? I might be thiking of something else. I'm strictly Cloti, but Aerith kinda pulls at my heartstrings. The bastards are going to make sure we're well and truly attached by the time she gets skewered.
^I think you've accidentally posted in the wrong thread, hun! @Shademp

Cool vid tho!

Stumbled onto this gif in slomo of Tifa fighting Aps and it does look like our girl can hop from objects that are in the way, in this case, Cloud's sword! This looks really great, and in a battle combo it's :3
that's not going to be the only time that she'll be hoppin' on his sword, if you catch my drift.



(in the last part of the remake projected to release in 2089)
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