FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)


@looneymoon can't you temporarily ban websites from your browser or your phone?

Arrrgh, now I really wish I could still cancel my pre-order with stupid Square-Enix store, so I could just buy it somewhere else!! God knows when I'll get it! I feel soo cheated!! How is it possible that people who pre-ordered it almost a year ago have to wait longer than people who just ordered it from retail a few days ago??? Or, even better, grabbed it from some random store! I'm enormously disappointed!
So much for making sure, everybody gets to play it by the 10th. Even ignoring that the 10th is a holiday in many places. You screwed this, SE, virus or not.


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I've spent the past 10 days being a whiny child about not having this thing, and I just want to apologize to every for that, and thank you guys for putting up with me. I was in friggen high school 5 years ago talking with people I haven't seen since then about this game, and now its finally here! I've got so much catching up to do, so I'm just gonna jump right in! And to all my compatriots who are still fighting that good fight and waiting for their copies and avoiding spoilers,
And I'll see you on the other side!
I need some help.
I ordered a copy from FNAC but cannot now get it. I didn't pay upfront (they didn't ask me to) so it's effectively as if I didn't order it at all.
Therefore, I would like to download it from the Internet, but... this would be the first time I've bought and downloaded a game from anywhere other than Steam. I just don't like buying stuff on the Internet.
I tried to download some DLC from Nintendo for Fire Emblem, but couldn't access any store except their German one.
Am I going to have the same problem with FFVII Remake? Will I be able to access an English language version from Switzerland? When I download it, does it come with a complete suite of language options, or do I have to purchase the specific language that I want?
I could play it in French but I really don't want to.
Please help me.


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It has the full set of language options and unless you want to make a separate PSN account for the United States, you'll have to order it from your region's store.

But it's not hard to do at all. All you gotta do is go through the PSN store on your console, find the FFVII Remake, buy it, and then its yours. It'll just take a while to download since it's massive.

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idk why i am torturing myself looking at this thread

everyone is getting their deluxe copies except me :'(

even thinking about having it in the next 2 weeks is hopeful... it's probably gonna be more like a month, maybe 2 :'(

i'm so sad goodbye
Why might it take so long? Any chance of canceling and doing it digital tonight?


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I can't cancel or refund until the store reopens unfortunately... EB Games Canada is a shitshow right now. I am pretty adamant about sticking to physical releases for any game I get, and I really want all the stuff that's included in the deluxe edition to add to my collection.

At this point though, I am very tempted to double dip. That sounds really silly though when I could just be patient :'(
So, I just got my preorder DLC code email, and I no longer have the option of cancelling my order from my account. No email of shipping confirmation though. So it's happening potentially maybe?
I can now confirm that it has officially happened. Probably won't be able to play much today between work and other things, but I relieved to have it before the long weekend.

I hope all y'all that are still waiting get your copies sooner than you expect!
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