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Now the PC version is released, we will start to see Mods popping up here and there..

And here is the first one (already), Cloud in a dress mod.
Cloud in a dress mod gameplay video
It did not take too long for people to start modding the REMAKE.

Post any mods you find for the REMAKE here. (Hoping to see Zack replace Cloud Mod soon):excited:

Visit NexusMods.com for mods.
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There are a lot of mods released at Nexusmods

here is my favorite so far

EDIT: Alright, so I installed some Mods and tried them out.
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE 17-Dec-21 21_11_02.png FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE 17-Dec-21 21_20_34.png

It is so unfortunate that we can't mod PS5 games, especially Single Player games. :(
But oh boy oh boy, the price for freedom is steep. Excited for more mods:excited: (I feel like a little kid who got his Christmas presents early)
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Thank for for the link. It looks like AdventurerAdolChristin is making most of the replacer model mods, the dress mods, weapon mods, etc. They also made a dirt-splattered Aerith mod which I found funny.

Should be no surprise that I adore Wall Market OST Change by Altezeinid2 (https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy7remake/mods/53) which uses Beck's Badasses for Wall Market, changing the vibe of the town completely.
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It's really weird seeing Cloud's bare hands. Like, that's just not seen! :monster:

Crandifff got Barret using a Jenova tentacle

These mods are getting really, really wild.

LOL here's one with the dress

Also, LMAO, what the fuck did Sephiroth say?? That was weird and hilarious as hell.

Cloud's reaction to that random dub instead of Sephiroth's usual line makes that scene 100x funnier.

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I’m no expert on either PC gaming or mods, my only real experience of it being the incredible work that the modding community does on Cities Skylines, however I’m interested to see how far you could actually go with these!

I know it’s early days yet but I’m trying to figure out how far modders could go in changing the game and what the possibilities are. Could you fundamentally change the game, for instance…

- Create your own character models and put yourself in the game.
- Create new areas and environments to explore, even new sidequests with different enemies?
- Give Cloud a gun arm and give Barret his arm back so he could wield a sword.

Just thinking out loud there, I’m sure I could come up with loads more! I’m just curious of what is and isn’t possible…
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