Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.


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Is anyone going to try pull any strings to have an attempt at winning the ability to purchase the Glenfarclas 30 year old whisky?!

Being a collectors item & my birth year...... I'm going to try freakin everything I can to get in the lottery!


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There's meant to be an autograph and talk session at the FF30th Exhibition today with Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi. The Japanese website teases at them ~maybe~ talking about the remake but I'm not biting :monster:

【第2弾】FINAL FANTASY のクリエイターとのサイン会&トークショー
第二弾は、FFVII REMAKEのプロデューサー北瀬佳範氏と開発リーダー浜口直樹氏によるサイン会とトークショーです。
二人が現在製作中のFFVII REMAKEの開発こぼれ話もあるかも?

▶日時:2月7日(水) サイン会 18:30-19:30 トーク 20:00-20:30

▶トーク&サイン 登壇者
 プロデューサー(FFVII等) 北瀬佳範氏
開発リーダー(FFVII REMAKE) 浜口直樹氏


【2nd】 Autographing with FINAL FANTASY creators & talk show
The second part is an autograph and talk show by Mr. Yoshinori Kitase and producer Naoki Hamaguchi, producer of FFVII REMAKE.
Maybe there is a spillover about the development of FFVII REMAKE that they are currently working on?

▶ Date and time: February 7 (Wednesday) Signing session 18: 30-19: 30 Talk 20: 00-20: 30
▶ Location: At the exit of the exhibition hall
Talk gather at the entrance of the exhibition space before hours

▶ Talk & Signs Exhibitor
Producer (FFVII etc) Mr. Yoshinori Kitase
Development Leader (FFVII REMAKE) Mr. Naoki Hamaguchi

※ Signs are limited to those who purchase brochures. The signature will be filled in the brochure.
※ For participation, an exhibition ticket valid on the day is required.
* Advance reservation is not necessary, but there is a possibility that we will refuse participation if the meeting place gets crowded.
I am not up to snuff with all the storyboards that have been released for the original FFVII, but this is the first time I'm seeing this artwork (I think). Presumably it's from the FF 30th anniversary exhibition.

Then there's a storyboard for (what I assume to be) when Squall saves Rinoa from the sorceress prison...and they are both SMILING! This looks weird. :wacky:

- Source

EDIT: Hang on, have I not seen a storyboard for the pre-credits FFVII FMV where we also get the unused line "Let's go back...over that mountain" in reference to Cloud and Tifa's story from their childhood when they went to Mt. Nibel? I'm starting to think now that I've seen the storyboard before but I don't know from where. :wacky:
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Don't know where to put this, looks like Cloud's design has changed again to be closer to the original. New screenshots were shown at the event, but photography was banned:

Some fans revealed that there has been a change in Cloud’s design. According to the development leader Naoki Hamaguchi, this new design received the go-ahead from director Tetsuya Nomura, and while it was a struggle for the team, the hard work seems to have paid off. Nomura went as far as acknowledging the new design as “the closest design to the original [Cloud design] up until now.”
A fan described Cloud’s new look as “more natural.” Nomura and Hamaguchi mentioned that “while Cloud may look this way, he was a dork. I believe those of you who played the original will understand what I mean by saying he’s a dorky character.” According to Siliconera, it’s likely we will get to see more of the youthful side of Cloud in FFVIIR rather than the always-serious one we’ve seen outside the original game.
I read on reddit that apparently everything has been remade since the 2015 trailer.
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I'm not surprised they'd tweak Cloud a bit, as he was very mature looking in AC.

The early trailers we saw of the remake made him very lanky and slim... meaning he still had some "leveling up" to do, basically.

Figure, Advent Children Cloud is Cloud Level 100 or so...
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