Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

This site posted pictures from the "Farewell Stories Exhibition". The exhibit isn't due until January 22 but they apparently got a preview.

There is no sign of "FFVII Remake Boards" (which I assumed would be story boards but it could mean a number of things). We see some of the sketches used for the summons and monsters of the original FFVII, but I can't spot any new artwork.

From the blog:


Google Translate:
"Farewell tales exhibition" enjoying the visitors to wear headphones and matching the images and sounds that appear in the venue. The smartphone also handed over at the venue also works, and it plays the role of a guide. By answering works that have experienced playing before entering, the audio information changes, and lastly a list of game songs heard himself is handed over.


"FFVII Area" reproduces the "slum church" where the heroine · Aerith of FFVII and the hero Cloud met at the tragic end. I can listen to stories of memories of Aerith recorded for exhibition. Also exhibiting "FFVII Remake" image board under development. "FFXV area" imagines the "phantom wedding" of Lunafreya of the hero Noctis and heroine, and can enjoy a special "congratulatory" etc. of the main character.


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Eh. I may want to get the SNES classics on Steam, if I can figure out for sure I can remove that stupid smoothing filter they insist on using.

27/30. I screwed up only on FF XI questions.
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