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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


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Thanks for the reply, Sprites, it does clear up a few things. But about how Gumi can make their money in an alternative way, that's why I was saying drop the price of lapis and bundles straight to the floor. Do that and just about everyone will buy, and the far higher volume of sales will more than offset the lower price. And undercutting the resellers would seem to be the best way to get rid of them. If Gumi sells the lapis for less than they do, then people will go to Gumi instead of them.

I haven't had as much luck on the FFVI banner, I really want MK Terra but I've only gotten one rainbow so far (I'm on the 2nd step) and that was High Seraph Ultima. None of the free pulls have gotten me any rainbows lately, either. I haven't seen much difference in the rate up so far. And about the login 5*, again, you can only miss a day or three at most usually, or you've lost it. So it's still conditional and easier to miss than you might think. And not everyone has time to get 15000 EP for the other ticket or the bonus units to make it go faster. So one guaranteed rainbow a month that doesn't require constant logins or grinding would be nice.


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Ooohh boy @Jairus. I hate to be proven wrong but oh my god the FFXV step up is awful by a long shot, looks like the generosity and change for the better lasted all of 5 seconds...so much for an improvement on summon fest banners, i'm glad ive no desire to pull on it, the on banner summon rate is awful for it.
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