Double Growth
I'm not trying to be defensive of the remake one because I don't have a particularly strong feeling on this, I think they just look "different" rather than better or worse.
But I don't see how the Buster Sword looks heavier in the old one. It doesn't look particularly heavy in either but in the new one it is at least resting on his shoulder/deltoid. If anything it's "floating" in the old one.

If I have a criticism it's that we've lost his bright blue mako eyes
I assume these have spoilers in some capacity: some behind the scene videos.

I’ve watched two so far, ep 1 and 4. As far as spoilers, they show some footage of later game stuff, but I think they’re much tamer than like the launch trailer.

It’s great to see some solid promo content released after the radio silence. And I am thirsty for more FF7 and for interviews with the Devs so these were a real treat today.


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"I cannot allow you into Gold Saucer so armed, Barret Wallace. By order of Dio.

Your gun."

Oh. No, you would not part a disabled man from his...prosthetic."

staff reluctantly lets Barret through
Perhaps they’d tell him to expend all his ammo before entering.

Which makes me think of another question: How exactly does Barret never seemingly run out of bullets? Yes, he reloads but where do the bullets come from?


I believe the only time the social awkwardness of Barret's gun arm ever really comes up is Case of Barret.
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